Desired to b separate (part 1)

Hi frnds…
This story is just my imagination on royal background…

Jasmine – karthikeya r our lead pairs

Chatrukiya s a villian and karthikeya’s cousin bro..

Yashika s jasmine’s elder sister..
Let’s start wit character introduction

Jasmine – she s a bold and strong women..she can tolerate anything except a word against her sis or father..she jumps in war in the place of her father everytime… she s like a child to everyone in kingdom..she never behaved like a princess nor frm a royal family… she s also educated vry well in asthras..she like painting and dancing

Yashika- she s exactly opposite to Jasmine..she s vry Shy type..

Jasmine and yashika r princess of rathinapuri kingdom and daughters of rathinput…they lost their mother at vry early age..they also hav one elder bro (he I’ll b introduced later)

karthikeya and chatrukiya r sons of kesar and dhaniya who r kings of kesariti and dhaniyam respectively..

Karthikeya and chatrukiya charec I’ll b introduced later..

Jasmine s shown practising fight in ground while her father watch frm distance and got angry at her..

Hi frnds..
This s just my imagination story..pls comment to write it r not..

Outline of story:

Yashika got kidnapped by someone on her marrige day.Jasmine cannot able to track her before muhurat..she leaves her frnd gauri in her place when she left to track her sister because her father asked to take place of her sister yashika in mandap. ..while she s trying to track yashika Jasmine got late to reach mandap on time and gauri gets married in the mandap by covering her face..
The story I’ll then follow the reason of yashika kidnap..swaping of brides and consequences tat led to fight and revenge between 2 kingdoms and love scenes between our pairs..

Hi frnds..
I promise I ill not make story bore..and i I’ll and tis story within one month..

Pls leave ur comments to continue my writing…

Credit to: Sukanya

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  1. Hi sukanya, really nice plot .it will be interesting.please update asap.

  2. quite interesting plot sukanaya … loved it…. yaa eager to see the consequenceses ….
    great going dear ..:)

  3. nice one 🙂 plzz continue 🙂

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