A desire of star to get moon promo ”ek duje ke vaste”


Sorry guyzzzz plzzz maf krdo
🙁 my speech in last but first hv a promo…promo means yeah this ff will go and i wont leave…


vihaa,shanaya and sharman hv reached at pub

suman:are we gng to hv dinner here?????



sharvan: we r gng to party here 😉

vihaan and sharvan gives hi5 to each other laughingly and shanya giggles

and here suman fumes in anger coz she dont like these types places

and inside in pub she gulps few shots in anger



Dance dance everybody

Getting hot in the party

Common common start feeling

Dance dance everybody

suman,s cute unconcious dance is coming r u guyzzzz excited?????????

Promo ends

now lets come to point

I,m soooooooo sorry.sorry is just a small word for
what i was gng to do…
Plzzzz fogive me………
Actually i guess i went out of my
sences…almighty has blessed me with such sweet frnds than how can i leave them…
Sorryyyyyy and all thanks to
neeti…. U knw u just wrote in ur cmnt that if i,ll
leave than u will
never forgive me…. Thn how will i forgive myself,,, i cant hurt u all……. Sorry
Not only neetu but everyone else sorry plzzzz forgive ur stupid frnd…. U
wont belive guyzzzz my hands were shivering and
i was almost at a point of
weeping when i chked tu…. I,m blessed…i,m blessed to
hv u all than how can
i avoid this blessing.or han sharman ya manan k lye nh i,m bck only for u all….. Okkk okkkkkk enough of senti talk my dear

readers i,ll continue my ff and
that also…regularly so take this as my appology
…… And yeah my all frnds can i request a small thng
to u all can we all switch
to any other social site as well like mails,fb,twitter
anything which is COMFORTABLE FOR OUR WHOLE GROUP and in last again sorry i forgot that great line k ”k
ab dosti kri h to
nibhani to paregi 😉 ”

cheer up darlings and edkv ending ahhhhhhh esa lag raha h life has come to end!!!!

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  1. Khushi

    Yayyy my di is back acha hua aap vapas Aa gye varna Humara Kya hota batao???

    Allah ka shukar hai ki unhone aapko right path dikhaya ab kabhi humse door jaane ki baat bhi mat karna varna main gussa ho jaungi

    M so happy di m so lucky to have u as a friend when u told me that u r leaving I cried so much that night and didn’t get proper sleep ab dekho pimple ho gya mujhe dark circles nhi Aa gye hai very bad di
    But anyways as u r back now and m happy I will not let u go again never ever

    Coming to the promo its superb can’t wait for the khidki Tod dance of sumo plz try to post soon I know u have exams but still Kya karun aadat se majboor hun

    And di no need to say sorry bade choton se sorry nhi mangte so plz its ok di no sorry vorry love u so much

    And di pray for edkv just hope it don’t go off air

    @guys di is right plz come on Twitter we will make a grp there so that we can connect anytime what say??

    1. Angel_pari

      Hehehe thankGod i,m back warna ese cmnts kahan se milte :p

      aryyyy nh nh no gussa kbhi nh krungi esi bat pari,s promise okkkkkkk

      awwwww love u shooooo muchhhhhhhhh

      hahaha yeah that epi is cmng soon….

      And yeah hope edkv dont end 🙁

      lov u shoooo much it will b fun if all join twitter 🙂

  2. WeirdSister

    Omggg angel…!
    Thank god u r back…
    Otherwise everyone was saying that u hve left d site…!???
    I was so damn shocked nd sad…
    Thank you so much for being back…!
    This pg will be there even after d serial goes off air…in d past shows section…so we can all still be together????
    Promo was nice..
    Eagerly waiting…
    Love u loads..??????

  3. Ariana

    Pari!!!! My sweet Pari is back!!!! OMG girl u killed me with ur comment on last epi. I was already very sad for the show ending news nd when Neeti gave me the jhatka, I was left sobbing. Idk wht happened nd possibly idc coz now u r back. Pls don’t do like this in future. I’ll kill u.
    Now the promo is killing me. Super excited for it. Drunk party!!! Ooookkkkaaaayyyy
    I’m waiting for the epi
    And ik TU will remove EDKV corner after the show ends so we all should switch to another site. I’m okay with anything u guys prefers so just let me knw abt it.
    Btw sry for not letting u knw (coz u died for a while) I did already post the intro of my ff which u were waiting for. So sorry!!! U can check pg 2 of EDKV corner u’ll find it hopefully. I did mention “by Ariana” so if u wanna read go ahead. But sorry again dear for not letting uk abt it. I was certainly unaware of ur comment on previous epi till then when Neeti commented on the Intro saying u left. So sry again!!! Pls forgive me
    Love u dear
    Take care

    1. WeirdSister

      No Ariana..
      TU will not remove d edkv corner..
      It will move to past shows section…
      I wrote a mail to them so they replied this only..
      We can continue wid our ffs nd shots..
      So no need to go somewhere else..

  4. Hello friends and sisters
    I am new here
    Actually I m new to you all but you all are not new to me
    I m here since June and read all your ffs os and ts and they were really wonderful
    I just wanted to ask that even if the show ends can’t we all be here only
    Is it necessary to leave the site
    I really love you all and your ffs and want you all to continue it is a humble request
    Plz continue here

    And about the ff…
    This is wonderful di
    I always loved it

    With love

    1. Angel_pari

      Heyyyy milky dear
      firstly a warm welcome dearie 🙂

      awwwwww u were a silent reader thanku shooooo much from everyones side loads of love

      and we will not leave this site at all even show ends we will surely continue our ffs

      i was just asking for other site where we can make group and chit chat freely we will be here 🙂

      and thanku sooo much i,m glad u like it 🙂

      love u loads and thanku for leting us know tht we hv a silent reader named milky

      stay blessed 🙂

  5. Nikita

    Ohh! Finally you’re back!
    Man you killed me for a second when you said that you’re leaving TU.
    I was ‘blo*dy shocked’ [Shravan ka dialouge :p]
    Di, aap aisa keh bhi kaise sakte the?
    But you’re backk!
    Aghh, I couldn’t be happier..
    Now don’t go anywhere..
    And I swear to god I’d kill you if you say that you’re gonna leaves us for forever..
    Cause, this TU pg would not be removed, as you’d surely have it in the finished serials section.
    But di, we are EkDujeKeVaaste-ians..
    Kyuki aap jao ya hum,
    Milke ke rahenge,
    Jo bane hai ek duje ke vaaste..
    After all, we fans were the support system of each other!
    So love you di..
    And post soon

  6. Pari….
    So..u r back again..yes..we can b in contact..but tell me WHR? When? And how?..
    So..that I can also join…????
    U will b the group admin then too..as now
    Well..promo..is damn hot..make it as majedhaar as u can..OK??????
    All the best for ur exams dear..??aur ha..agli baar humey chodkar jaantey ki baar mqt karna??

  7. hey milky even I m new here for all
    btw Ariana can’t wait for the epi
    plz post soon

  8. Yayyy you’re back. I’m so happy rn. 😀
    My heart sank and I couldn’t believe that you just left this site when i read your comment.
    But now you’re back so *happy dance* xD
    Coming to this promo.. it was amazing. I loved it. Waiting anxiously for your episodes now.
    Loads of love. Take care. ??
    And please don’t even think about leaving this site forever.

  9. Neeti

    I will not talk to u. U made me cry. U gave me tears as advance bday gift. Why did u say u r leaving us forever? U never considered as family na! I was so sad bt y will u care, who am I to u?!!!
    Now forget all this nd post the epi soon. I am waiting. Nd yeah, I dont hve any acnt in twitter only hve in fb, whatsapp, imo, gmail. U can pm me ur fb id. I dont wanna survive aftr hearing d news of Edkv, they even confirmed d news:-(;-(.
    Luv u- Angti (angry+Neeti)/Sadti (sad+Neeti)/Hapti (happy+Neeti)/Leeti/ Neeti

    1. Angel_pari

      Awwww neetu i love u na le kaan pakr liye sorrryyyyyy

      plzzzz mafff karde 🙁

      phr esa kbhi nh hoga i luv u yr u r my jan 🙂

      ok ok krdia post ab parh lena ok


      fb id alisha hassan 🙂

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