a desire of star to get moon promo ”ek duje ke vaste ”


Hey guys there is promo for u all i was not supposed to post it but Tu has rejected my post so in it there is promo + post read it till end
and i,m so sorry no epi this fri sorry next week paka….


A big house is shown fully decorated with lights and flowers…..
Suman step inside house and her heartbeat raises and from somewhere wind starts to blow her raising heartbeats were signing that he is somewhere here only… and yeah there she mets with sharvan her dream boy

sence 2
suman is in some room in baby pink gown looking beautiful as always and sharvan in black shirt and white blazer he is slowly coming towards her and she is taking her steps backward and finally stumble with table and sharvan comes more close to her both were lost in each other eyes there was a silence but their eyes were speaking….

Promo ends

So here is that post…

IS ANGRY NA????? Sorry….. Okkkk so before to start lets make up ur mode
light which i had spoil being and late and delaying epi with
a song….

Yeh meri zindagi h kya
kuch b to nh h
yeh bin tere
yara ve
kya h kuch yahan esa
jo h hassen dosti se yara ve

yara ve….yara ve…. Shukriya yara ve yeh zindagani
kuch b nh bin tere
yara ve

wohooooooo.o.o ahaaaaan aaaa aaaa

kya hu mn bin tere tujh mn he to rehta hn mn
tujh se he ho yeh din shru tujh sang e to yeh dhale

kya h kuch yahan esa jo ho dosti se pyara ve

yara ve……yara ve shukriya yara ve yeh zindagani
kuch b nh bin tere yara

aye khuda shukriya pae h mn ne ese yar
na h koi khwaish ab meri jo ho inse juda
hogai h pori hr dua ab meri,
pake tumhe yara ve

yara ve……yara ve shukriya yara ve yeh zindagani
kuch b nh bin tere yara

again happy frndship day to my all frnds i,m
blessed to hv u all i really
missed u all on that day sorry for being late but i
dont think that i can
show my love for u all on only one day is that so???
No na 😉 and yeah i know i,m such a bad frnd that i,m not
commenting at any ff at
all but sachi muchi i read all sumo khushi niki pihu
di maira riya…….
And yeah preeti they were really amazing as
alwayzzzz did i miss any?????? And affa di and ufaq ur os was out of the world
loved them,,.. And abt frndship day
frndship is most beautiful relation on earth, what i
belive is that if u put
the magic of frndship in every relation then there
perfection arises
i do completely believe in frndship and some says that true frndship does
not exist but for those if u guyz are true frnds then that means true
frndship exist inside u…… I never thought that i would get such a amazing
family here i,m blessed to
hv u all in my life if i,ll take names so might i forgot some to
write so that was for
my each and every frnd on this site………. And i know that u all know that i love u

but still I LOVE U ALL SOOOOO MUCH ………

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  1. WeirdSister

    Happy friendship day to u too angel…..!
    I miss u like hell…
    I m going to start a new ff…d intro must hve been published….so plz take out some time…for this friend of urs…nd read nd comment…when it starts…????

  2. WeirdSister

    D promo was very nice….I m vry excited for that part…hope u will not keep me waiting….post soon…
    Luv u???

  3. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hey pari di! First of all happy belated friendship day dear! Its so sweet of u to dedicate us a song!:):) how are u? I was sad when i didnt see ur post but after all this TU drama what are the plans for the next update. Atleast u posted a promo, warna these 2 days had hardly any updates. And as u said, am not at all angry with u dear.( aapko family ka part maanke maaf kiya;) ). Friendship indeed is one of the most beautiful relationships. God bless you dear! Keep writing and posting.
    Lots of love,
    P.S.- i always had a question after seeing ur dp, are u a #PaNi or #MaNan or #KY2 or Parth fan??? Coz am one too!!!:):)

  4. pretty preeti

    Park promo awesome
    Song superb
    Happy friendship day belated
    How r u my sissy
    Ty for such a sweet friendship song
    I don’t thing have miss my ff
    I just love u
    Ur Next epi will be interesting as always u r marvellous
    Will wait for it
    Post soon
    Not angry on u
    Love u
    Love u
    Love u

  5. Love to pari…
    Yaar…we all are missing u a lot…
    Once again happy friendship day…?
    I’m mentioning once again as I already wished u on that day..on actual written uodate of edkv
    Nice pro.o..loved it..
    And pls..try to b regular…at least for one time in two days dear☺☺☺☺

  6. Hi angel pari dont be sad yar bcz yahan sirf tum hi late nahi ho ma b ho and ma b sab se kaan pakar k maafi mangti hon and mery taraf se happy friendship day to all of u i know i m late but friendship itna acha relation ha isy celebrate karny k liye kisi special day ki zaroorat nahi hoti right friends

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awwww ??? .. promo was gud bt ur post .. ohhhhhh it was just out of this world .. luv u too to the core of my heart .. May Allah bless u with great health..wealth nd lotzzzz of happiness .. nd a belated HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to u too ..
    Stay happy nd blessed ?

  8. Ariana

    Hold on!!! No I can’t hold onj either. I can’t wait!!! Happy friendship day… but the promo… When r u posting the epi? Don’t kill me with suspense. Post the epi asap. Nd it was brilliant. Love u

  9. Nikita

    yaar.. dont give these promos.
    i might die of excitement, and if i don’t i might die,
    waiting for the episode!
    post soooonn
    loads of luv-

  10. Sumo

    promo promo..
    luved it.. wait is on.. ✌

  11. Ufaaq

    Belated happy friendship day anju
    Its OK for being late koi. Nae its part of life
    Thank u for liking sweetu
    Missed u badly I know u will become free in august right??? So be regular and ya liked the song promo was also gud
    Take care
    Love u

  12. Otis Mourning

    Whether you are a man or a woman, this New Moon offers an opportunity to tune in to this powerful and driving force. It supports tantric practices , s*xual healing, and can help release self-punishing and negative beliefs. This New Moon can guide you to reclaim sensuality by clearing emotional blocks. Sometimes the creative power of Bharani can feel difficult to handle, as it may bring up darker issues of addiction and obsession. Be careful not to over indulge on this New Moon in food and drink, as well as s*x.

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