A desire of star to get moon..episode-7 ”ek duje ke vaste”


Epi starts…..
Suman was awestruk by sharvan,s whisper…she was proud of him..even more she was proud of her self that she loves him…sharvan did not stand out as typical boy and save or fight for her instead he let her to deal with it assuring her that she is not weak…and if anything happen he will not take a sec to step ahead and save her…
Now suman hv to deal with goons, how a girl will deal with so many goons except to run….
So thats what she did holding sharvan,s hand she ran out from side door and goons ran behind them…

Sharman hv run quite far from goons now and there sharvan stops
sharvan:wait!!! wait!!! Y u just ran
suman:else what could i do, u only ask me to deal with it
sharvan:so u hv deal like that??
Suman:then what?? should i fight with them 😀
sharvan leaves a sigh and again goons approach them so suman holds his hand and run…and they keep runing..now they hv reached a street and suman saw a bike..she pointed out it to sharvan and came towards it.. Fortunately keys were inserted in bike
Now both were looking at bike and then suman looks at sharvan…

Who understood her gaze
sharvan:what????? I did not know to ride bike
suman:seriouslyyyyyy!! Ary yar what kind of boy u r
sharvan:o hello i,m not a college boy…i,m a musician man!!!! I travel in luxry cars..
Suman:okkkk so our great rockstar!! i hope u know how to sit on bike…
Sharvan gives an obviously look
suman:then sit na!!!
And she sits in front….sharvan also sits in shock 😉


suman was riding the bike very fast
sharvan: ok now what type of girl u r???
Suman:ohhh God y u talk so much.. When i first met u. U brought so many mystreies and now u hv brought that goons
sharvan:what??? I hv brought?????
And then they heard a screaming sound from behind… Both looks at back a guy was on cycle and screaming
boy: ohhh thts my bike!!!!!!

And when they look in front goons car was already their and their bike stops with a jerk….
Suman looks back at sharvan who widened his eyes and smiles….
By the time that boy reaches to them he was breathing heavily ” that,s my bike” and when he saw sharvan he become statue…
Suman: when did i say its mine???here(she gives back the keys)


now at one side are goons and other side sharman are standing and all around big crowd has gathered seeing sharvan there…
Sharvan looks at suman
sharvan:u tackle with it! Now let me deal with it in my way….
And then his blazer,s buttons got opened,sleeves got folded and watch got removed and he moves towards goons who have start sweating now,
and in that huge crowd offcourse anyone could came to help or call police but who would want to miss this live action of their beloved sharvan so no one did….
Then a goon came towards sharvan hesitatly as he knew that he is gone now…and there he got one punch and falls…just like that goons keep coming and at last, last one came who also could not stand againt his one punch…

Whole crowd is cheering for sharvan now, and echos can be heard in air of that cheer..
Sharvan,s head is down as he is panting, he has got wet but still looking a damnnnn handsome..that cheer is falling on his ears and he moves his eyes towards suman with a curve on his lips who was looking at him with a wide smile as her dream boy has fought for her and when their eyes met

epi ends
4am guys mujhe sona b to h…. Itna kafi h 🙂

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  1. Ariana

    OMG Sumo is sooo awesome! So is SHravan….but the best one of all is….non other than u! A wonderful epi. Superb. I’m going out of my words….I’m speechless! Love u nd ur epi from the core of my heart. Stay blessed nd post soon.

  2. Superb epi
    Mzaaa ayaa after reading hehe
    Loving ur ff
    Post the nxt part asap??
    Luv uh

  3. Lovely…oh..god…
    Enjoyed a lot..????????

  4. Anushika

    Loved it to the core,it rocked

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    OMG !!!! Awwwwesome awwwwdorable fantabulous fantastic ep … ohhhhhh .. words hi khatam ho gye apki tareef me .. ab kya kahun .. ??
    Post very very soon ..
    Take care ..

  6. Nikita

    Oh my god Sumo’s just so awesome man!! Amazing episode..
    Shravan rocked !!
    Amazingly written..
    Claps and applauses to you !!
    Post soon !!
    Loads of love,

  7. WeirdSister

    Hey angel…loved it..
    How Shravan dealt wid it..in his own way…
    Luv u loads nd loads..??
    Plz read my chp 3

  8. Marie

    Hey angel API….!!!
    OMG Frst of all toh thank u so so so much fr ur sweet wishes….!! <3
    Them d ep…!!
    It was damm amazing ep…!!! Everything was so perfect
    !! The fight I was imagining it !! N it's great….!!!
    Fantastic…!! Fabulous !!
    Thank u so much fr posting such a beautiful ep….!!
    I really really loved it…..!!
    Love u sooooo much API….!!
    Take care of urself….! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    By by

  9. Prettypreeti

    Park di awesome as always
    Loved it
    So nice
    Going good di
    It was nice one
    Post soon
    Take care
    Loved ig

  10. Such an adorable and awesome episode. Loved it. You write really amazingly ?

  11. Ruchi

    Hey Pari ..
    Amazing epi..
    Loved it..
    Shraman rocked.. 😉
    Post soon..
    Lots of love..
    Ruchi.. 🙂

  12. ......Kaya......

    Hey……. amazing.. awesome….update just loved it……….shravan just nailed it……loved that part………mind blowing update interesting and you write it just perfectly…….your ff is really very interesting… loving it.. seems interesting…… please post soon.

  13. Silent reader

    Wat an ep yaar it was just awesome loved the epi so much and love u too?
    U write so well pls post the ep asap

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