A desire of star to get moon..episode-5 ”ek duje ke vaste”


Epi starts

sharvan left at once after removing her pin

suman,s pov

ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Sharvan…this feel to hv u close is smthng beyond explaination….y u left????? I,just want to keep u close to me…. So close that we can never get apart…….the time when u were close to me i feel that i hv got my whole world…that something which was missing i feel lyk i hv get that.. i just wana tell u that i love u sooo much that none can love to someone, more than my life u matter to me.. but if i,ll tell u it wont be new thing for u as u meet daily million fans which do love u….but after meeting u i hv realised that the feeling which i,m hving is not for ur status its for u only, just for sharvan not for sharvan malhothra …….

Pov ends

and she goes out looks at sharvan who was laughing with vihaan and shanaya on something and he was looking dmnnn handsome,,,she just kept looking at him




She was continuosly looking at sharvan…and when sharvan while talking saw her he just stop for while..that moment…that time suman was standing lost..her eyes was fixed at him which was filled with love deeper than ocean and sharvan his lips was showing that he was speaking some word but that cant come out becoz the veiw infront of him was the thing he never wanted to let it go…………


and slight wind blows which make both of them to feel eachother………….

___________________________________then she goes towards them and stands besides shanaya

sharvan:shanaya how u got these scratches?? (he caresses her elbow)

suman and vihaan also get conserned

shanaya:ammmm bhai wo actually,, (she remebers that how she fall while trying to escape from goons )…. I didnot know may be got somehow..its ok its not big one..

Sharvan:its ok??? Yeah right!!! Come i,ll do dressing

sharvan was abt to take her to room but vihaan interupts

vihaan: one sec!! How will u do dressing? U r not a doc but i,m so i,ll do 😉

sharvan:fyn but take care of her…

Shanaya and vihaan leave and then a SILENCE an awkward silence was there btwn sharman….

Though this silence was never expected as sharvan never thought that when a girl for whom he had waited for so long, when he will meet her he will get nothing to say.. Nothing to talk

and suman, does she think ever that when she will meet with SHARVAN the guy whom she fall in love just seeing his pic…with whom she will meet will not get a word to say???

Both were standing quietly meanwhile many guests come and meet sharvan and suman was just standing there quietly

other side

shanaya was sitting on bed while vihaan comes with first aid box

shanya: it will hurt??

Vihaan: no baba give ur hand

vihaan just her elbow and shanaya shouts

vihaan:aryyyy i had not apply medicene yet !!!! Y r u shouting

shanaya: ohhhh….no nothing.. Continue ( and she close her eyes tightly )

vihaan finishes dressing and when he looks up he was mesmerized seeing shanaya she had kept her eyes close yet and she is looking so cute.. A smile sticks to vihaan,s lips

vihaan: done!!!!

Shanaya open her eyes

shanaya:ahhh thank God

both aheads to leave but shanaya,s foot slips and he was abt to fall when vihaan holds her shanaya was staring at him



vihaan:y r u so heavy yar what u eat??


she frees her self and start beating him and vihaan run out and she goes behind him


vihaan shanaya and suman was standing together where sharvan was busy with guests

and waiter comes to them trio get their drinks

vihaan and shanaya,s mouth were left open when they saw that sumo has taken glass of wine

And from other side sharvan was coming towards them busy in his cell phone he did not look up till now but when he reaches he feels water on him
sharvan ”rain fall” and he looks up.. Offcourse suman has just spit out wine and sharvan came in front..
Sharvan:what the..
Suman:hell… Ywkkk what was that…
Vihaan:wine!!! I was abt to tell u but u already drink that
shanaya: and look what hv u done (she giggles)

and suman looks at sharvan in guilt ‘i,m so sorry’ sharvan leaves a sigh and goes

now its time for dance everyone is on floor dancing shanaya and vihaan are dancing but suman is alone though shanaya forcefully pull her on dance floor but she has no partner….and here hero makes a heroic entry

sharvan forwarded his hand and ask for dance, she gave hand…

here their hand touches and there music plays

and when sharvan pulls her towards him, her other hand turn over his neck…

Again having her that much close… He cant resist to look at her…and they dance slowly slowly

Kisi shaam ki tarah

Tera rang hai khila

Main raat ik tanha

Tu chand sa mila


Haan tujhe dekhta raha

Kisi khaab ki tarah

Jo ab saamne hai tu

Ho kaise yaqeen bhala

both get apart and move around on floor holding one hand of eachother they didnt want to see anything else so their eyes were fixed at each other…..again sharvan pulls her,she spins holding his hand…his hand has rounded over her waist now and her head was on his shoulder and she move her eyes slightly at back to look at him and a cute eye lock comes

Toota jo kabhi taara, sajna ve!

Tujhe Rabb se maanga

Rabb se jo maanga mileya ve…


sharvans turns her

Tu mileya to jaane na dunga main

now their faces was towards eachother nd some romantic & passionate steps ….

Then sharvan bends holding suman in his arms her hands were over his neck

Haan maine suni hai

Pariyon ki kahani

Waisa hi noor tera

Chehra hai tera ruhani

he straighten up and sumo aheads to go

Aa tujhko main apni

(aaja meri) Baahon mein chupa loon

he pulls a her and lifts her on his palms

Haan apni iss zameen ko

Kar doon main aasmaan bhi
he rests her head on his shoulder
(both hv closed their eyes to feel the moment)… Zindagi rok doon main ab tere saamne

Pal do pal jo ruke tu mere sath mein(and when he make her down her hairs flew on his face) Toota jo kabhi tara sajna ve

Tujhe Rabb se maanga

Rabb se jo maanga mileya ve…

Tu mileya to jaane na dunga

and again they start to dance facing eachother

Itni bhi haseen main nahi, o yaara ve!

Mujhse bhi haseen toh tera ye pyar hai

Haan itni bhi haseen main nahi

O yaara ve!

Mujhse bhi haseen tera pyar…

their dance hv become so passionate that every one just back off only they two were there

Ke tera mera pyar ye

Jaise khwab aur duaa

Haan sach kar raha inhe

Dekho mera Khuda… Toota jo kabhi taara sajna ve

Tujhe Rabb se maanga

Rabb se jo maanga, mileya ve…

Tu mileya to jaane na dungi main

music stops and they come out of their world…..

epi ends….

Precap: suman saw her pic with sharvan in news paper and gets call from vihaan.
Vihaan:ahaaaa so sharman is in headlines
Vihaan:shr for sharvan and mana for suman sharman

And their suman recalls that diary

suman:sharman!!!!that diary!!
Vihaan:what dairy?
Suman: i,ll talk to u later…
And she rushes towards dairy,…..

So past revelation is comimg and second meet of sharman also and that will be adventrous enough of romance 😀

So how was it…. Short one? Sorry i got only that time and tom my class test so posting it today…..

Lov u all

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  1. Sharmansangel

    Aab meri aatma hi saare ff padhegi

    1. Angel_pari

      Hann?????? Y saying so itna bura tha??

      1. Sharmansangel

        Di sabne itna suspence de de kar jaan nikal jayegi to meri aatma hi padhe GI na

    2. Angel_pari

      Oh….. Hahaha riya u r such cute…. Lov u

  2. Marie

    Jan leli aaj meri……!!! ur imagination is beyound d world…..!!! Its was a wonderful ep……!!! Loved it !!
    N abt d song it was a beautiful song….!!!!! N d way u described it was epic….!!!!!!
    Plzzz post soon cause i knw upcoming ep will be a bang plz plz plz post asap asap asap..!!
    Love u api
    take care

    1. Angel_pari

      Ohhh meri cutiee pie itna tareef b mat karo yar i start flying 😛

      thankuuu soooo much my lil angel luv u ……

      Yup i,ll post soon….

    2. Angel_pari

      But ur dp is awsome….

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Waooooo !! Fab ep .. Nd that dance was just something out of this world .. just luv that dance sequence .
    Post soon ..

    1. Angel_pari

      Heyyy fatima thanku so muchhhh….. How u doing sweety, clg started????

      1. Fatimagulesarfraz

        Not yet .. from 1st sep

    2. Angel_pari

      Ahhhhhh still days to relax… Enjoy jii 😉

  4. Love u too today’s epi was dhanso superb thanks yarr ap ne mera fav song use kiya

    1. Angel_pari

      Thanku naina i,m so glad u like it how u dng?

  5. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hi pari di! Well, yeah Sab toa ongoing track ke baad sirf sapne late hain…meet he impossible sapne.. Lots of love. Keep writing dear.

    1. Nandini aka Nandu

      But di ek doubt hai.. May I?? Like shravn knows Ki sumo is her bestie from childhood but sumo only knows Ki Shravan is a rock star and doesn’t know Ki WO uske bachpan ka dost hain??? Yahi hain na?? Post soon. Lots of love dear.

    2. Angel_pari

      Hello how is my sweeto dng all good?????

      Thanku so much i,m glad u like it and ammmmmm yeah nyc guess yar… I,ll post soon lots of love

  6. Oh..god….?????????
    Really wanna see that moment when…the past flashes before sumos eyes…????

    1. Angel_pari

      Hahahaha diii i also wana see that moment 😉

      lots of love how u doing

  7. WeirdSister

    It was just omg…nd d precap was ….
    God plz plz post soon…otherwise I will not be able to sleep…..d epi was way beyond WONDERFUL ….Loved it…nd love u….!!??

    1. Angel_pari

      Thanku soooo muchhhhh love u 🙂

      aryyyy no no go and hv peacefull sleep next chapy is bit late……

      Stay blessed

  8. Mind blowing episode..
    Loved it to every bit of it ?
    Your song choice ?
    Post soon pleaseeee
    Loads of love. And best of luck for your test ??

    1. Angel_pari

      Hey zainab thanku sooo much and by ur wishes my test went very nyc…. May i know abt u like frm where u r and in which class????

  9. Ariana

    uhhhh sooo romantic. loved it to the core of my heart. wonderful epi. post next part soon. lots of love nd blessings

    1. Angel_pari

      Thankuuuu soooo much lots of love i,ll try to post soon…..

      But hey we did not hv intro till yet in which class u r and frm where????

    2. Ariana

      Oh yah so let’s have an intro.
      Hi it’s me Ariana from Bangladesh. I’m 14 years old nd am studying in 9th grade. U can call me Ariana/Aru or whtever works for u. Btw wht’s ur age?

      1. Angel_pari

        Awww aru sounds cute 🙂 so i,ll call u aru and i,m frm pak 17 years old……..

  10. Nikita

    Oh di!
    The epiode was mind blowing!!
    Ky likhte ho!
    Specially the dance..
    Precap.. Wow!! Sumo will finally realize about ShraMan. Post soon..
    Can’t wait..
    Looads of Luv,

    1. Angel_pari

      Heyyy nikki thanku so much i,m so glad u like it…….

      Yeah i,ll post very soon lots of love to my cute baby doll stay blessed 🙂

  11. Ufaaq

    Ohk hi anju what’s up
    First of all sooooorrrrryyyyyy for not commenting on previous episodes I was ill and can’t use tab for much time but now I m fine how r u!???
    The epi was a super duper hit u should b a novelist the way u describe is wonderful amazing I loved it
    Acha anju u r from which province???
    U r doing MCAT on self or merit????
    Love u
    Take care

    1. Angel_pari

      Hey ufaq its ok baba first take care properly ur health matters more……..

      Thankuuuu soo much omg novilest no yar i hv no intetion to become a novilest 😉
      itne bare bare books kon likhe or parhega kon 😀

      ahhhh i belong to sindh and wana do it on merit after all there is my hard work of two years or else then private……

      But how r u now and a wht abt clg???????

      1. Ufaaq

        I m gud alhamdolilah
        College yoppe not yet started yeeeehhhh
        Best of luck anju sindh oh god I m from punjab

    2. Angel_pari

      Hmmmmm thanku sweet heart 🙂

  12. Sumo

    dkho na, wo rockstar phr v usse yaad rha ar ye bhul gai..???
    loved it pari.. finally sumo ko yaad aa gya.. ???

    1. Angel_pari

      Ary vahi to ese kch yad e nh koi nh jaldi yad ajaega 😀

      thanku soo much sumo hru and where is khushi yar missing her do u hv any idea?????

  13. Amazing FF,loved it to the core.Can’t wait for the past relevations.Please post ASAP.

    1. Angel_pari

      Thanku so much anushika…i,ll post soon hru dear but hey r u the one who has started new ff hatered to love???

  14. Neeti

    sry Angel di, mera data khatam ho gaya tha so late ho gayi kan pakad ke sry
    bt soo cute romantic amazing epi, hope Sumo gets to know that Shravan Malhotra is her Shravu
    the dance prt ws best…Toota jo kabhi tara my fav song…thank you di…
    luv u soo much- Neeti

    1. Angel_pari

      Hey my chutki how u doing… Ary no worries for being late u read abd comment that is enough lots of love

      stay blessed 🙂

      1. Neeti

        fine di…
        ap kaisi ho

  15. pretty preeti

    Di it was superb
    Loved it
    Sorry for late comment
    Loved it
    So sweet
    Precap interesting
    So good

  16. Angel_pari

    Aawwww my preeto its ok… U r not that much late sweety i,m glad u like it stay blessed…..

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