A desire of star to get moon..episode-4 ”ek duje ke vaste”

Hey guysss so here is the epi u all wanted from long tym….
Hope u all will lyk it……

And i,m extremely sorry i couldnot reply back to ur comments i,ll try to in this……

Epi starts

Suman and shanaya were
holding each others hand and the goons start moving towards them both were completely trapped and there was no way to escape morever the terrible laughter of goons was making both girls hell scared
and then a sound is heared from behind ”DONT U DARE TO TOUCH THE GIRLS”
that sound was known to suman so a relief was shown in her eyes..
And goons turn backward there was vihaan standing with a cute smile..
Goon: uhhhh these mumbai youngsters thinks themselves as hero… Come boy i,ll teach u heropanti 😀
and he move towards him but he cant stand against even a single punch of vihaan then other goon comes and again single punch of vihaan was enough….
Goons were coming one by one but vihaan stops them suddenly nd suprisingly they got stop :
vihaan: what guyzzz i dont hv that much time come together
by hearing that suman smiles bit and shanaya burst out in laugh which got notice by vihaan and he lose his heart in first look
vihaan,s pov
ohhh my GOD is she a girl or angel ..her smile ahhhhh one can forget all worries while seeing her smile… Her hairs are amplifying her beauty when they flew,, and her eyes i want to get lost in them for life time…… And y my stupid heart is beating so fast my heart always slip seeing beauty around but that raising heartbeats!!!!!!
Vihaan was lost in shanaya, mesmerized by her beauty but came into sences when got a punch by goon and that what, was needed only to make him voilent
then a great dhyshm dhyshm and goons run away…..
Shanaya:thanku soooo much guyzzzz u were a life saviours seriously.. But r u fyn??? (she ask to suman)
vihaan: seriously yar i hv fought so much my hands are paining and u r asking her that is she fyn???
Shanaya:ohhh i,m so sorry i didnt mean that……….
She was talking when suman cuts her
suman:aryyyy its okkkk dont get worried he is mad 😉
vihaan:ahhhhh if that mad did not reach on time then think what had happen
suman: o hello we can manage!!! But how u came early u hv night shift na
vihaan: not intrested i was sleepy so i ask another doc
suman:uhhhhhh lazy fellow
vihaan: nd y u take my car haan how could i get back to home
suman: my car was not working so what i can do
vihaan: u can call for mechanic
suman: aryyy yeah i didnt got that idea!!!!! Mechanic is my uncle na that he will come to repair my car at 1am
their kit kit was continue when shanaya interupt
shanaya:okkk guyzzzzz ok u both fight like tom and jerry i guess u both r good friends
vihaan:its like that she is trouble maker and i,m trouble solver (and suman gives him a killer look so he change the topic) ammm but u what r u doing her that time???
Shanaya:actually my car,s tire got punctured
vihaan: ohhhh no worries we will drop u saftely and trio leaves in car
shnaya and vihaan was sitting in front while suman was at back seat and they reach shanaya,s house which was big enough like palace and fully decorated
shanaya: ohhhh i forget there is party today…. Hey y u both joined plzzzzzzz i,ll make u meet with my bro u both will love to
suman:ahhhh na some other time
shanaya gets sad
vihaan: no no its ok lets go
suman: but
vihaan request her by his expression
shanaya gets happy and trio goes inside while throw parking suman pulls vihaan at a side
suman: o hello hero are u trying
to make her ur 50th gf
vihaan: ammm may b but no their is smthng in her,,something special and they hear shanaya calling so vihaan leaves
and suman ” this guy wont change now what will i do in that party” she also goes in

Suman,s pov
ahhhhh y my heart is beating so fast…its beats are reaching at my ears making me deaf for the crowd…….
There is so big crowd everyone is busy in chit chat but not a single word of that noise i,m able to hear….. Just my heart is whispering something secretly…. My eyes wants to search for someone but for whom??????
Ahhhh stop it sumo,,,,,stop ur weird thoughts shanaya is calling u..
Pov ends
Suman goes to shanaya and vihaan
shanaya: where were you
suman:ahhh just here
shanaya:come i,ll introduce u with my bro u both will get super happy
vihaan:is that so!!! Ok lets go then…
Trio goes to a tall guy who was greeting guests he was standing and his back was towards them
and he turns hving a smile on face that one can die for it….specially suman her dream boy was in her front….
”sharvan malhothra”

And as sharvan turns avoiding every thing his eyes just came into contact with suman,s eyes and there a strange eye talk star
sharvan,s pov
these eyes.. these eyes are the one for whom i was searching for long same deep black eyes…. Looking at them i hv passed my childhood ”the eyes of that small girl came in fornt of his eyes” yeah she is the one…… Ahhhhhh i was right my cute girl has become a beautiful angel….. Her lips there is no smile on them now she seems to be in deep thoughts but that smile has power to change my world……. How should i pay thanks to GOD That i hv got her back
pov ends

and suman,s image in sharvans eyes gets bit blur becoz his eyes hv filled with tears……….

Suman,s pov

DREAM……my beautiful dream is in front of me the face with which my morning starts is in front of me,,,,,,,,

i hv always see him in pics and today i,m seeing him in front so y i,m feeling that i hv some connection with him

the connection which is not new,, which is from ages i,m feeling that i hv got my whole life in that one moment……………….

And that intense sweet deep eye lock which none of them wanted to break got break by vihaan when he came close to suman and ”ahem ahem”

sharman through out their thoughts

Sharvan: shanaya where were u
shanaya: so sorry actually my tire got punctured….. Not my my car,s tire
sharvan:thats y i told u to take driver but u never listen (he cups her face) u know na u r only reason that i,m alive today after mom and dad we both were for each other only

shanaya: aryyyy i,m fyn now dont get senti now meet my frnds… New frnds they gave me left here
sharvan shakes hand with vihaan
sharvan: hey buddy thanks alot
vihaan:thats fyn u know i follow ur music u r really amazing…. But u know there is some one completely crazy abt u……….
Vihaan was saying but just then a girl came
girl: omggggg (she was jumping in excitment) sharvan i,m ur big fan i love u soo much(and she start stupid talks) …. Almost 5/10 mins that girl stick to sharvan like glue 😀 finally poor sharvan somehow got free dom from here
suman,s pov

ahhhhh thats my condition also i wana jump in excitment but that girl was looking so stupid… Ahhh no no i hv some personality after all i,m doc….,, sorry sharvan i,ll not tell u how much i love u else u will think me like ur crazy fans
pov ends….

Shanaya:and she is suman
sharvan:(after hearing suman immediately ”sumo” comes out of his mouth)
and that whisper was heard by suman
suman:did u say smthng

and sharvan shakes his head ”no” with quite smile

suman:ok we should leave now
sharvan:hey party is just gonna start..we will be glad if u both join
sharvan: com,mon sharvan malhothra is requesting u
suman: ok mr, malhothra (as she never wanted to go so she agree easily)

then shanaya and suman went to get ready
and sharvan take vihaan to his room for change

sharvan,s pov
soooo madam did not recognize me… Seriously hv she forget me??? Whose memories i hv kept saftely from ages hv forgotten me??
If she is heart then i,m its beats then how heart can forget heartbeats?!!!

Sharvan,s pov was interupt by
vihaan: hey buddy thanks for that!!! I look pretty good in ur blazer
sharvan: ok now come

they both go to girls and both boys were mesmerized by their ladies
vihaan could not take off his eyes from shanaya when he saw her in that white gown and her open hairs were increasing her beauty…
Then how could sharvan hold his heart seeing his sumo is that pink gown her hairs were set in bun..

Sharvan:ready princess
vihaan:u r looking beautiful
sharvan: she is my sis
vihaan: so when did i say tht she my sis
shanaya: ok ok now lets go
vihaan and shanaya leaves
sharvan was abt to go when his eye falls on suman who was bit uncomfortable and some kind of hesitation was on her face
sharvan was abt to ask but then the mirror in back of suman caught his veiw
in which her back was shown and he came to know that her gown is slightly low from back which is making her uncomfortable
and he starts to move towards her which make suman more uncomfortable and she take steps backward

and music starts to play in bg there suman stumble with table and sharvan comes more close to her they were so close that both can hear eachothers heart beats

(hoton p tere shikwon ka shor h)
sharvan was looking at her lips…
her lips were moving but not a single word come out due to hesitation

(per yeh nighaein kehti kuch or hn)
and when he looks at her eyes both didnot want to take of their eyes

(jo hn mile lamhe kahen chot na jae hath se)
sharvan moves his face towards her and her eyes get closed
(mil jane de dil jo bane ek duje ke vasteeeee)

suman eyes were closed hving sharvan that much close to her.. Her mind was expecting something but she feels that her hairs fall on her back and she hear his voice ”now perfect”
in a sec suman open her eyes but sharvan was gone and when she looks at her back from mirror her back was now covered with her hairs which sharvan open by removing pin from her hairs……….

And here it ends soooo how was it???? If u all lyk than do comment but if a compare my promos with epi there are very less cmnts so plZz honestly tell me if it is boring than i should stop becoz in start when i use to write like ff love in paradise and when i start this ff as well i was excited as it was new thing but now if i,m posting though being busy all day thats for u all only and only…. So plzzz let me know

ary but precap toh bhool gai

precap:romantic dance sequence of sharman on toota jo kbhi tara (if u guyz had not hear tht than do listen u guyzzz will love dance part then)

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  1. WeirdSister

    How dare u say..that u will stop!!!????
    I will kill u ..even if u think abt it….
    I loved it….
    It was amazing
    Mind blowing
    Waiting for next epi
    Post very very soon!!
    Now it feels good!!

    1. Angel_pari

      Who say!!!! I didnt say 😉 ok ok dont kill me i,ll not even think to stop it……

      Hahaahahah thanku thanku sooooo much u r such a sweet heart lots of love……

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey !!!! No no no dear this ff is just fabbbbbbb .. awwwwesome .. y r u saying that it’s boring .. it is fantastic .. nd this ep was just tooooooooooooo good .. too good .. nd that ShraMan eye lock .. ahhhh !!!! Just can’t get over it .. just too good .. keep updating .. nd yess we want to read ur ff .. it is not at all boring .. got that …
    Post soon ..
    Take care ..
    Nd yesss A very Happy Independence Day ..

    1. Angel_pari

      Ok ok ok i,ll not stop……. I,ll go with it thanku sooooooooo much i,m glad u r liking it….. Will post soon

      lots of love

      p.s a very happy independence day to u too sweetheart

      stay blessed…….

  3. Nandini aka Nandu

    Pari di aapne to a sachhi naraaz kar diya! Well, I am here to comment??lots of love. Keep writing. And yes maybe u didn’t read my reply on ur previous part but yes even I am their fan. I can talk abt them for hours???lots of love

    1. Angel_pari

      Aleee aleeee meri shweet nandu naraz hogai sholiiiii plzzzzz forgive me seee u also manan lover and me also so forgive ur di :P……..

      And i saw ur reply on pre post i,m glad u r also manan fan 🙂

      1. Nandini aka Nandu

        Achha Ji manan – Manan maafi huh???? challo maaf kiya??? but post soon haan. Even am glad that even I got someone mad For them???? lots of love. Keep writing. U from India only na???

    2. Angel_pari

      😀 😀 hahahahaha haaan ji manan_manan 😉

      ammm hmmm i,m frm pak.. See manan has spread their magic over pak also but i would love to come india once 🙂

      haan ji soon soon
      but u frm india???

  4. Marie

    Hyyy angel di…..!!!!!!
    Wat can i say abt it….?? It was a perfect…perfect ever ep…!!
    N m desprerlyyyyy waiting fr nxt 1 after such n amazingg ep…!!
    Plz plz plz post asap asap asap its a humble request n yeah i listned toota jo kabhi taraa its n amazing song….!!
    I will definaty enjoy d dance sequence 🙂
    Love u
    take care

    1. Angel_pari

      Hey baby doll……
      Ahhhhhh such a sweet comment thanku soooooo much maira….. Love u

      i,ll try to post soon……..

      Yipeeee u hv heard the song thats nyc 😉

  5. It was beautiful angel… keep it up ?

    1. Angel_pari

      Hey mona!!!! Thanku so much commenting first tym… I,m glad u did……. Thanku keep commenting………

  6. Ariana

    too good. The last part. Loved the whole epi. It was amazing. Pls post next part soon. I’m waiting.
    Love nd blessings

    1. Angel_pari

      Hey ariana thanku so much yup i,ll surely try to post soon………

      Lots of love 🙂

  7. Sori…pari…
    WS had stolen all the pretty words in this world to describe ur ff..????
    Im left with none..??
    But..I just want say..its chakkass…
    Adhurs(superb) in Telugu..??????
    Happy independence day

    1. Angel_pari

      Awwwwww di thanku soooo much…. Hhahahaha no worries ur one word was enough for me….. Love u loads…..

      And a very happy independence day…

      Keep smiling 🙂

  8. Neeti

    Angel di I love you..such a beautiful epi..
    Were they friends (ShraMan)
    you know currently toota jo kabhi tara is my fav song..I keep changing my choices so its “currently”
    why isn’t Sumo confessing and she forgot Shravu????
    so many questions
    post it now
    Toota jo kabhi tara
    Angel di..
    rabse ap logo kohi manga hai (after all sab meri di he)
    love you firse akhri sas tak

    1. Angel_pari

      Luv u toooooo….
      I,m glad u like epi hahaha same pinch my choices also keep changing 😉

      u will get ur answers in upcoming parts sweetheart………

      And we all love u too after all u r our sweet naughty sissy…..

      Stay blessed….

  9. Oh my… This was the best episode I’ve read so far.. loved it.. pleaseeeee post soon <3
    When will you post the next episode???
    Much love xoxo

    1. Angel_pari

      Hey zainab hru!!!! Thanku soooo much commenting for first time i,m glad u did….

      Thanks and next one within this week… On fri hopefully…

      Stay blessed….

  10. Nikita

    Hayy di!!
    Kya likhte ho yaar..
    Aapne bohot accha likha…
    I was blushing the whole time..
    Specially the scene when “Sumo” came out of shravan’s mouth..
    PlZ post soon
    I love the song..
    Plzz post sooonnn
    The episode was mind blowing,
    Aand damn above my expectationss..
    Lots. Of love

    1. Angel_pari

      And i,m blushing while reading ur comment hehehehe…… Thanku soooo much…… Will post soon and i,m so glad that it laid on ur expectations love u sooooo much

      stay blessed 🙂 🙂

  11. Amazing didi Loved it

    1. Angel_pari

      Hey anushika i,m so glad u like it…….. Keep commenting i,m glad u commented for first tym…………

  12. Oye hoye
    M to gone crazy now
    So mesmerrizing
    Their eyelock
    Their understanding ?
    Their connection?
    Tht was so awesome
    Loved it from the core of my heart
    Post the next part asap plzz☺️☺️?

    1. Angel_pari

      Hey anamikaaa i,m having ur comment after long tym….. And i,m soooo glad that u like it………

      I,ll surely try to post soon….. Stay blessed :)…..

  13. pretty preeti

    Park di how u dare to say it a boring ff
    Say sorry
    The epi was fab
    Loved it
    Love u

    1. Angel_pari

      Ary mn ne kb bola borig 😀

      bola kya????

      Acha sorryyyyyyyyyyy

      meri sweet preeto

      love u loads thanku 🙂

  14. first of all pari di d epi was mesmerising. especially i loved d part when shravu turned back and sumo saw her dream boy in front of her. i could feel what was going inside her. who is ur fav singer ???? well mine is arijit singh and atif aslam. waiting 4 d next epi i heard d song yesterday. a lovely song. make d dance full of romance and describe their feelings at every move. waiting tick tock tick tock tick tock!!!!

    1. Angel_pari

      Hey!!!!! Thanku soooo much…… Seriously u like that part??? Chalo i,m glad u did……

      Mine fv8 are offcourse atif aslam and other is armaan malik..
      Arjit has also melodious voice……

      And frm where r u (hope u dont mind me asking this)

      superb u heard that song i,ll try to describe it in best way…
      Lots of love……

  15. Wow wonderful such a nice epi….plz don’t say that u gonna stop it we won’t let u stop it so continue like this

    1. Angel_pari

      Hey naina hru i,m glad u like it ok baba i,ll go with it

      lots of love 🙂

  16. Sumo

    woooooaaahhh… I toh completely loved it…
    specially Shravan.. he recognised her.. amazing.. such a sweetheart he is..
    loved it pari .. ???

    1. Angel_pari

      Hiii sumo!!! Pehle toh yeh btao when u r posting ur next part post soon na

      and u like it????? I,m glad yar
      thanku soooo much 🙂

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