A desire of star to get moon..episode-3 ”ek duje ke vaste”


Its a beautiful bright morning sun has casts his rays all aroud, the dawn chorus,that cool morning breeze is providing a bliss to suman who is still in bed and veiwing that morning veiw from window of her room with a sweet smile…
But that smile widened when her gaze shift from window to pics of sharvan..
On every wall of her room there was his pics only, that much change in just a night??????
It has been a month now that sumo has came to india here she is also known as great neurologist and in that month vihaan was always there for her he was great support for her and always ready to trouble her. In that small period a beautiful bond is created btwn them ” a bond of friendship”

suman was lost in sharvan,s pic when a door bell falls on her ear,and her eyes get closed in disbelief and she leaf a sigh
” vihaaaaaan”

she gets up and open the door there he was standing in pink blazer and white t.shirt
suman goes inside without saying a word which gave a strange feel to vihaan and he gets in….
He sits on couch and asked: all ok??? Y r u so quiet???

Suman lay down on other couch while yawning and gives no response

vihaan: (laughing) dont tell me that ur morning eye lock got disturb by me even today

suman: (throws a pillow at him) u r such a…..
Vihaan:such a handsome? I know that (wink)
suman:in ur dreams 😛
vihaan:okkk now enough of our fights get ready we hv to go hospital else mr,sinha is gng to throw us out 😀
suman: not me only u he is only ur enemy
vihaan:yeah yeah i know u r his fv8 now plzzz go….

Suman gets ready and they leave for hospital after a whole busy day they got free at night around 1am but vihaan got a call for night shift and suman was returning back alone. On the way to home her eye catches a veiw ”some goons were teasing a girl” and she stop the car
suman:ohhh god its so late and no one is here how should i help her…….

Some how she got strength and gets out of car but she was not able to see that girl as goons were infront she slowly moves and hits the goon with stick who has holding the girl,s hand and he fall down and there a girl was standing a very bubbly and charming girl in blue jeans and black top wearing big earings her dark black eyes were filled with fear

shanaya imediately hugs suman… Suman could not hug her at once as she was stranger to her but after a while she reciprocate hug which make shanaya comfortable but they broke hug when both hear a goons laughter. goons hv surrounded both girls from all around……

And here epi ends i know bit boring short and waste of time but it was needed for progress of story but next part is….,,,, i wont tell becoz if i do then there will be demand to post soon 😀

but what u guyzzz think who will save the girls???????

And sorry if any typing errors……

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  1. Sharmansangel

    Shanaya is shravan’s sister sumo will take her to home and their she will meet shravan awesome yaar loved it

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Very nice ep .. nd I think either vihaan would help them r they both will help themselves ..
    Post soon ..

  3. Hey..pari..
    Helly shah and varun kapoor….???
    Lovely pair…superb part of ur ff..
    OK..don’t say about the next part..?????
    We won’t talk to u till then..??????
    Aur dhono..hero’s mey sey koi bhi aaye..kisi ski love story ki shuruwaath tho ho hi jaayegi..???☺☺???????

  4. Nikita

    Hi di !!
    Kaise ho?
    Long time !!
    Amazing episode!!
    ViMan bond was amazing !!
    Shanaya Malhotra !!
    Wow !!
    Maaybe Shravan would come and save them !!
    Post soon..
    The episode was amazing
    Loads of love,

  5. WeirdSister

    I would still say post soon angel….
    Loved it…
    Luv u???

  6. pretty preeti

    Very nice epi
    Pari di u nailed it
    Loved it
    Love u too

  7. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hey pari di! Well..um..i guess ki either our shravan will save them kyunki wht was shanaya doing there in the middle of the night!(only if shes young. How old is she??) Are u manan fan di?? Pls post soon and do reply dear. Lots of love. Keep writing. P.S.- how old are u?? Only if u dont mind… keep writing.post jaldi.
    Your younger sis

    1. Angel_pari

      hey nandini sweeto hru i,m soooo sorry i could not reply to ur cmnt on my pre post as i,m suffering frm high fever and cough anyways…. Yeah manan i,m totally mad abt them parth is my love yar i jst love him to the core of my heart and manan they are priceless best best couple….wbu u also manan fan????

      And my age i,m 17 yar y would i mind…..
      Stay blessed sweety……..

      1. Nandini aka Nandu

        Yes, even am one too- I would prefer u to cjeck my comment on the previous part. Get well soon?? Do reply and post soon. Lots of love.

  8. hey its nt boring… at least you r posting epi di. is she Shravu’s sis bcs her surname’s malhotra and if I’m nt rong Shravu will save them
    I liked it soo much..bt yeah nxt epi should be big
    love love love you- Neeti

  9. Ariana

    Wow!! WHt an epi. Loved it. Post next part soon

  10. Sumo

    pari … it was beautiful … although short..
    m waiting .. ❤❤❤

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