A desire of star to get moon episode 15 ”ek duje ke vaaste”

Hellooooooooo my lovley buddies oh i,m missing u all so much ;( and here comes a tight huggy to my sweeties welll suprise to see me??? Hehehe my exams are not over yet but these electricity issues sometimes are so annoying,,,huhhhh,, and i cant do anything for 2 hours in darkness except to roam here and there in home or to give u all next epi….

So i guess i,m writing epi 😉
and i,m so sorry for making u all so wait i wish i could hv type whole thing before but,,and these days makes me very tired so sorry plz
special sorry to silent readers and sorry in advance also coz i dont know when will be next epi :(……
Okkkk tooo much from my side so lets start with epi…


Epi starts..
Sharman eye lock is still continue
Sharvan,s pov
yeah!!! Thats how we are, like when sharman are together everything is just perfect. I complete u and u complete me.. We didnt talk much in school days but our eyes do,,, we can make out everything just looking in eachothers eyes, we dont need words to talk coz our silence talks much better….
And that becoz we are SOULMATES and thats the truth any theory or law is not needed to prove that soulmate exist they do and my soulmate is just in front of my eyes……
The day when u left india that day my soul also left my body,,,, somewhere deep inside there was deep emptiness in me…

That time i didnot knew y i,m feeling the pain which has no reason,,, y i,m feeling that the part of mine is missing,, time just freezes every second was passing with difficulty i never thought that life would be such painfull without u but it was,,, i was walking through the paths whose destination was happiness with u, but when u left i lost that destination,, appreantly everything was same,same school ,atmosphere friends everything was same but nothing filled that emptiness inside me..

There were just memories by which i was sorrounded,, there was just darkness surrounded me and the only thing which took me out of the never ending darkness was ”MUSIC” u left me in a path that hv no destination without u but music was path whose destination was u.. When ever i sing or play guitar ur smiling face comes before my eyes,, coz u love that, u really love to see me singing, and finally i got u, i was searching u here and there but finally i got u in music and ur bookworm travel the journey ‘journey from bookworm to rockstar’….

There was also time when i hate to sing but today i love to sing coz it filled that emptiness coz when i,m engrossed in music i,m actually engrossed in u, in ur prescence and ur that presence is in my thoughts now i,m not afraid to lose u coz when u live in my thoughts, in me no way to lose u,, u r safe there,, nothing can snatch u from me and now u r really with me nothing else is needed now..

Pov ends


Moving her hand before his face taking him out of his thoughts
sharvan:ahhhh yeah
suman: where u got lost
sharvan: in ur deep eyes (naughtily)
suman: huhhhh!!! I guess u had learn flirting with music as well….
Sharvan: yeahhhh i do this with urvashi sometimes 😉
here he takes urvashi,s name and there suman,s face turned red
sharvan:aheemmm aheemm something is burning

suman try to smell it
Sharvan:wowww u admit that u r jealous
suman:uhhhh noo seriously there is smell of burnig.

And when sharvan also realise that ‘oh shit’ and he rushed out of room

other side
vihaan is in hospital in his cabin studying case when he hears the knock on door ”come in” he was so busy that he didnot bother to look who is there
”ahm ahm doctor vihaan u allow me to come inside but i think i hv to get appointmet to get ur attention no???”

and vihaan smiles coz he had recognized that cute voice without looking up,,,
( its new entry )

precap:sharvan gave a tight slap to vihaan in public place. While suman looks on in disbelief….

I really dont know how was it.. So plz cmnt and let me know and sorry in advance if i dont reply to ur comments. and also sorry to those whom i didnt reply on pre epi
lov u all 🙂

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  1. Ufaaq

    Heyyyyyy anjo I just can’t tell u how happy I m to see u yar
    Plzzzzz b back naw
    And u also dnt reply to my msgs :'( sad
    The epi was damn ammmmmmaziiiing
    It was awesome the story is proceeding gud but slow its ohk studies r much important
    To kia bana ap kr MCAT ka????
    Best of luck for the tests yar
    Plzzzz be with us
    I heard u r leaving forever I was shocked sent u msg also BT no reply
    A cha ye btao kese ho???
    Studies nacha rae hain ya star PR nach rae hain ??? Hahaha
    Sorry for not commenting on last part but I read it
    Yar I really miss u contact m raha karo naw
    WO to bhala ho in bigli Walton ka thank u bigly walon
    Wese this electricity sucks parhne k time PR chali jati h
    Koi nae koi nae u wrote epi so that’s gud
    Epi was awesome
    Dnt u dare to say that it was boring ala bla dnt u dare OK???
    Gud girl
    R mama less hain???
    Parhai main apne health mt bhol Jana
    Take care of urself
    Best of luck for ur MCAT
    Be back soon
    Comment lamba hogaya sorry for that
    Ohk take care
    Love u

    1. Angel_pari

      Awwwwww uffi my sweetoooooo missed u soooooooo muchhhhhhhhh

      nooo worries baba will be back very soon lov u soooo much and what to do with this pm thing yar i didnt get ur any msg and also my cell didnot work to reply well well exams k bad pehle pehle yeh cell change krungi 😉


      thanku thanku glad u like epi awww i,m always here with u all mujhe kahen nh jana ek bari exams end hon then i,m here 🙂

      studyyyyy!!! Mere sar pe nach rahi h yar huhhhh struggle is so tuff man!!!

      Or or mama is fyn as ever she is enjoying her shopping thing these days:D

      appp sunao ji kya hal chal studies and all how is familyyy

      hahaha point h pak ke light system ka koi jawab nh 😉

      missss u sooo much will try to be in touch plz create fb or twitter account if u can i know not good for study but use it rarely na we can talk tthere will be back soon take care 🙂

  2. awesome……………..lovely

    1. Angel_pari

      Thanku so much 🙂
      stay blessed

  3. Prettypreeti

    Anjo u don’t know it was superb.
    It wasn’t boribg.it was too coolyaar loved it to the core.
    How r u itni der baad post kiya.
    I m angry.
    But itna aacha post kiya.
    I m happy.
    It was marvellous.
    U and maro both came I m in seventh sky.
    Doing bhangra.
    Uffu is soo happy.
    Its fab .
    Post soon.
    Logs of luv

    1. Angel_pari

      Sachiiiii was it nyc? Ok ok 😉

      glad u like it miss u hru???

      I,m pissed in my exams yar so sorry delay 🙁

      will be back soon but i contact u on twitter no reply??????

      Yayyy mario is back 🙂

      take care

  4. WeirdSister

    Hey angel….
    I was waiting for it from when…!!!!
    The star of the epi was that Shravan’s POV…loved it totally….so beautifully expressed nd written…
    M so damn excited for d next epi…nd to know who is d entry…!!!!
    All d best for ur exams….
    Love u loads nd loads…
    Take care..
    Study hard…
    Nd take rest!!??

    1. Angel_pari

      Heyyy so sorry to make u wait but glad u like it thanku so much will try to post soon lov u load take care

  5. Missing u friend..
    Come back soon???
    Take care..??
    Mujhey precap..sabsey badiya..laga..I mean don’t misunderstand..I’m saying its spicey to hear..and excited???????

    1. Angel_pari

      Awww will try to be back soon u too take care.hehehe no worries glad u like precap will try to make it more spicy 😉

      take care 🙂

  6. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey angel api …
    Welcome back dear ..
    I am soooo happy u came ..
    Coming to the ep .. it was awesome fantabulous awwwwdorable one ..
    Take care ..
    Love u .. ???

  7. Ariana

    slap no. 1- u said this wonderful epi boring. How could u?
    slap no. 2- u don’t knw when u r posting next. I have to wait for an unknown no. of day!!!! *_*
    hug no. 1- Shravan’s pov. I was all flat after tht. Hella soooooooooo good
    hug no. 2- The words od destiny. <3 such mature words!!! U should grow up to b a writer
    hug no. 3- the burning part. That was sooooooooo hilarious
    Now coming to the epi…….superb! Fantastic! Marvelous…I'm out of words…How can u write so good?
    btw I'm counting days for ur exams to end. It's soooooooooo annoying to miss u like this. It's taking test of my patience. Now, study hard nd obv my warm wishes r with u
    we can talk on twitter when u r free
    all the best
    love u
    post sooooooooooooon

  8. Yayyy you are back ? *happy dance*
    This episode was too good. Shravan’s POV was too cute. Loved this episode a lot. Precap makes me way too much curious. Though I’ll surely wait for your exams to end as studies come first (and i should get back to study too now xD) Best of luck for the rest of your exams. Can’t comment any longer so I’m sorry for that. Take care. Love you ?

  9. Rukhsar

    Hy pari….i m sooo happy to see u back i was missing u alot and now u r here so am happy and the epi was really great….don’t dare to say it boting aur bakwas u know na these ffs always connect us with each other so u have right to say boring ………oops sorry zayada ho gaya ????? Actually i am mad at u guys every writer here writes so well and still says that its boring its bakwas thats not fair u should give urself some credit na so i just got angry after reading that line plz forgive me if i hurt u and do not ever say its boring or bad if i would ve in ur place i would have praised my self sooo much ????????thats why i m not at ur place ?????? ok bye take care

  10. Hey Alisha.., OMG itna acha likhne k baad u r saying its boring..no dear it is nottt att alll boring,,acha popat kiya Shravan ka..something is burning..haha n ab kisse flirt karega ye Vihaan..excited to see
    Post soon yaar
    luv u..
    bye take care

  11. LogaMegan

    Hey angel how r u dr missed u so much
    The episode was amazing loved shravan’s pov
    And also post the next epi ASAP
    Lots of love from Loga-Megan

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