A desire of star to get moon episode 14 ”ek duje ke vaste”


Ok it seems that i,m updating quite fast coz there are less cmnts like u guyzzz getting difficulty to read it ..
If yes thn should i post on alternate days????

And preeto i know u hv asked me to provide links but i,m not providing coz ur exams r gng on, dont wana distract u.. U can read when u r done with exams ok so lets start it

Epi starts
Sharman hv a cute eye look..
Sharvan was looking soooo cute that suman can gaze at him for years, she wants time to stop there..
That moment was perfect no one wants to let it go and that silence was making it more beautiful that is the thing some times we feel pleasure in silence..
But then sharvan speaks ”i know i,m handsome stop starring at me ”
and when his words strike her head she comes out of that moment ”shut up!! And answer my question”

”why r u soo curious by the way and what happen with ur long hairs princess rupanzel how they become so short ” sharvan asked

suman glare at him in anger
”okkk then listen!! Sharvan said and walks toward window he was looking outside ”Who told u that she is my gf??? Do i??? No yar she is not offcourse there are rumors like we r in relationship nd shanya teases me sometimes but there is nothing like that.. U know abt glamorus life too much rumors and all..we r just frnd..no.not frnds even”
he finishes

and their suman get some relief ” ok what abt next story??? ”
sharvan turns towards her
”now which one??”
nd walks towards her who is siting on bed
”journey from bookworm to rockstar” she said with a glow on her face..
Sharvan looks at her and for a while he kept looking at her and leaves him self on bed jumping over it…
And laying down straight making his arm like a pillow below head and looking at roof and then at suman who was sitting at a side lying her head over head board..
And again eye lock with silence makes it perfect….
Then sharvan moves his eyes toward a book laying on bed, book related to MBBS and he takes it and start to read laying straight

”u dont hv manners na!! Get up from my bed or i,ll throw this lime water over u” suman said..

“do that then dont complain to me abt ur headache” sharvan said being busy at book…

Few mins passes in which sharvan continue to read book and suman drinks lime water and now busy in cell phone but suddenly sharvan speaks keeping book at a side ” u remeb how much i hate to sing in school days??”

suman smiles ” i do!!! U always give me killer look when ever i asked u to sing”

and there a page from dairy strikes their heads


suman,s pov
i was moving here and there worriedly it was time of our performance in function but the boy who was gng to sing is missing now… Every one is waiting now what to do..and then i saw a saviour just passing by me ”sharvan!!!.” i screamed and he stops…

Sharvan,s pov
that time ur scream iritate my ear… U was looking confused and worried.. I was ready to do any thing to make u smile but was not willing at all to do what u asked ”can u plzzz sing!!! Plzzz ” ……

Suman,s pov
and it broke my heart when u deny ”plzzz sumo u know i dont like this i cant!!! ” and walks away..
I was left with no choice so i went to stage with other band members….
And start to perform without knowing how will i continue

Hello… Hello…
I feel the world around me go
Hello… Hello…
It’s tellin me to hold you close

and i started to play guitar

Hello… Hello…
I feel the world around me go Hello… Hello…
It’s tellin me to hold you close

sharvan,s pov
and i still remeb that smile of urs when u heard my voice from behind and turns

Kaafirana dil,
Isey duniya ka kya hai pata…
Hai fakira dil
Ye Khuda bhi mill jaaye to kya

and that cheerish of crowd was giving me pleasure but over to it ur smile was precious

Thodi manmaaniya ho
Thodi nadaaniyan ho
Ho shararatein bhi thodi zara
Thodi beimaaniya ho
Door pareshaniya ho
Jaake duniya se keh do zara…

at that moment i easily heard my voice echoing in air

Befikra bhi hona zaroori hai
Befikri mein khona zaroori hai
Beimaaniya ho door pareshaniya ho
Jaake duniya se keh do zara…

and then it was ur turn.. Offcourse this time ur voice was reflecting happiness

Hello… Hello…
I feel the world around me go
Hello… Hello…
It’s tellin me to hold you close
Hello… Hello…
I feel the world around me go I feel the world go around me
So Let me say Hello… Hello…

suman,s pov
i was happy coz i knew that u will come and u prove me right but at moment when u walked from stage to crowd and joins them happily .. First time i feel something…

Udne lagaa dil, teri hawa mein
Jeene laga hai, teri adaa mein
Udne lagaa dil, teri hawa mein
Jeene laga hai, teri adaa mein

then u again jumps on stage and stood just in front of me

Ho.. thodi chhedkhaniyan ho
Dil ki meherbaaniyan ho Karte jaayein hum manmarziyaan Thodi beimaaniya ho
Door pareshaniya ho
Jaake duniya se keh do zara…

we both look at each other with a smile and then at crowd who started to sing with claps

Befikra bhi hona zaroori hai
Befikri mein khona zaroori hai
Thodi beimaaniya ho door pareshaniya ho
Jaake duniya se keh do zara…

flashback ends

sharman looks at eachother and smile….

Epi ends

ok guyzzz if less cmnts this time also then next part will be late take ur time 🙂

love u loads and load 🙂

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  1. WeirdSister

    Hey angel…
    Loved d flashback part..
    Post whenever u r comfortable..!!
    Leaving for school..
    Take care.
    Love ya.

    1. Angel_pari

      Thanku soo much love u take care 🙂

  2. Hai angel,nice episode
    What ever you think you write.when ever u free u post it.
    Take care.

    1. Angel_pari

      Awwww!! Thats so sweet of u thanku sho much

  3. Ariana

    Omg girl it was sooooooooooooooooooo damn cute!!!! Their eye locks!!! Awwwwwwww…… I’m glad Shravu has no feelings for tht urvashi. He is only SUmo’s. The flashback was soooooooo nice. Shravu always manages to be beside his girl.
    Now I’m really enjoying ur quick updates. I would prefer quick posts coz I’m greedy 😀 however u can take ur time and post whenever u r comfortable. Love u sweetie. Post soon and take care. Love u!!!

    1. Angel_pari

      Awww so some one is there to make me blush again by her sweet cmnt 😉

      lov u loadsss thanks alotttt

      and yeah when u join twitter let me know ok join faster we all r there

      and post next part of ur ff soon naaaaaa

  4. Hi! I have read all your parts and they are just awesome
    n plz..post soon

    1. Angel_pari

      Awww it means alot thanku soooo much i,ll post soon 🙂

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey Pari nice epi loved it ?

    1. Angel_pari

      thanku sooo much jo 🙂

  6. lovely episode
    loved it
    njoy shraman’s moments
    fab…………post soon

    1. Angel_pari

      Thnku shoooo much means alot i,ll post soon 🙂

  7. Nikita

    Awwh! It was so cute!
    Their eyelocks!
    My feels!
    It was adorable!
    And finnalyyy she wasn’t her gf..
    Man, the flashback was very cute..
    Lovee youu!!
    Nikita 🙂

    1. Angel_pari

      Thanku shooooo much lov u nik!!!!

      Take care 🙂

  8. Pari…
    It was dng cute..yaar…
    So lovely….
    I’m also travelling…with them via their povs??????
    I always there to comment even its daily or on alternate days..???

    1. Angel_pari

      Awwwww diiii ishilye toh i lov u shoooooo much

      u never missed to cmmt on a single epi 🙂

      acha ap twitter per kab arahe ho some of us are there plzzzz jaldi jaldi aao and when u sign up do tell me ok lov u 🙂

  9. Awsm epi. Eagerly waiting to know shrvu journey from bookworm to rockstar

    1. Angel_pari

      Thanku sho much it will be revealed soon 🙂

  10. Park di u write amazing
    Plzz write daily
    Luv u

    1. Angel_pari

      And here smile makes me smile 🙂 lov u loads thanku

  11. This was soooooo cute. Loved it so much.
    Post soon please. Take care. Love you ?

  12. Angel_pari

    Thanku so much zainab lov u shoo much i,ll post soon

  13. pretty preeti

    Anjo meri behen not need of links I have read ur epis thnku for thinking .
    Now my xams over so I m here to comment.
    U na meri behena write superb.
    In last to last epi when u end on saying bhaiya girlfriend wala scene it was amazing.
    How r u .
    Loved it to the heart
    Soooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee.
    Keep posting.
    Love u

    1. Angel_pari

      Awwwww preeto u hv a long life!!!! I was missing u badly how r u

      exams kese rahe?????

      Aryyyy epi parhe chalo good lov u shooo much

  14. Affaa

    Haiiii Anjuuu do you remember this appi… I know u may forgot me… But can’t such amazing writer… Anjuu how ur doing this…. Itni cute epi… I enjoyed it lot…. i missed u and ur ff lot…. U once again proved ur great writer…. Epi was beautiful thank you for updating… Love you lot take care…

    1. Angel_pari

      Appiiii i miss u soooo much kahan chale gae thy ap u dont miss me na 🙁

    2. Angel_pari

      I was missing u badlyyyyyyyyyy how r u how is gng life apii all good????

      Nd if u r on any other social site like fb or twitter plzzzz pm me ur name agar ap phr gaib hogai to mn kese dhondongi????? Plzzz

      and api abt ff awww u r such a jan ur cmnts make me blush lovvvvv u sooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh

      now plzzzz dont go anywhere okkkkk warna mn rongi ;(

    3. Angel_pari

      Nd plzzzz forgive me i,m not able to reply pm sorry

      1. Affaa

        When ur going to post next epi… And I’ll not go anywhere… My baby and u know can’t reply it’s OK… I have only WhatsApp and hangout that’s it… Give ur email id… OK… When I miss you.. IL msg u… Love lots baby mmmmhhhaa

  15. Alina

    Hey Alisha..how r u??
    Pls come back soon yaar..I hav read all episodes eagerly waiting for next part..soo much excited to know how shravan became singer from book worm..plzzzz plz plz post soon

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