A desire of star to get moon..episode-10 ”ek duje ke vaste”


Hello sweet hearts again here with fast updates coz this is 10th epi……
This is my first ff that i hv drag till ten 😀
see we hv reached till 10 so soon..i said we hv reached coz my ff is not that worth..ur cmnts make it worth only..
Sooooo a big thanks to all my readers though some r missing these day but without them this ff would be incomplete and if i hv any silent readers then plzzz let me know atleast once…..

affa api
sona di
shalini naicker
sharmans angel (riya)
miss aira
silent reader

thanku guyzzzz for support till now 🙂 i hope i had
not miss anyone if yes then u can throw tomatoes 😀

epi starts
there is complete darkness in sumo,s room only rays of moon light are scattered..and in that bright light she is turning the pages of past…the sound of that turning pages can be heard in that silence….sometimes silence gives us the beautiful pleasure.. Suman was feeling something like this only coz that silence was revealing her precious memories that she has forgotten in stressful life.. And in last she turn the last page of dairy,,,,,,,,,,
and then complete silence,,there is strom of thoughts in her mind now…
Suman,s pov :
howw howw can i forget him how can i forget those moments..those day which were priceless,,,my childhood!!!! But i myself try to get over it..coz that day i lose the most beautiful person of my life…my mom!!!
(her sobbing is spread like the rays of moon light )
it was my birthday and my last day in school as well coz we were shifting to paris next day when sharvan gives me that dairy i was very much excited to read that but i could not as when i reached home i got news of my mom,s accident…… We were shattered.. we were broken me and my elder sis preeti,,,so dad take us to paris and slowly slowly i remove all memories related to india except to my mom,s memories but this….
Pov ends
and she looks on that pendant…she wears it…
She stop sobbing and thinks
”but how that book worm has become musician…seriously?????? When ever i asked him to sing in school he used to give me the look that he will kill me.. So now what???? ”
thinking this she recalls her favourite place where she use to go in childhood that was the park besides her school sharvan also knew that its her fv8 place..and she leaves for that park though it was night but she didnot care
there is mobile placed on bed ringing caller ID
vihaan comes out of washroom rubing his wet hairs with towel
( guyz dont tell me that u were so lost in sharman that u guyzzz forgot that vihaan and shanaya are also in this ff )
when he saw her name he imediately pick the call..other side shanaya was standing beside window holding his puppy
vihaan: hey!!! Hiii whats up!!
Shanaya: (crying ) fever
vihaan: what u hv got fever??? Did u go to doc?? Did u take medicines???
Shanaya: aryyyy aryyyy!! My puppy has got fever…not me
vihaan:heennn??? Puppy!!!
Shanaya:yeah nd its already night what should i do now plz tell me some medicines u r doc na
vihaan:o hello i,m doc of humans not of animals
shanaya:yeah so what! What is the difference btwn humans and puppies both belong to same kingdom after all
vihaan laughs
shanaya:stop laughing yar tell me medicienes
vihaan:listen!!! I,m sending a doc for ur puppy ok..now spare me!!
Shanaya:thanku soo much
both cut the call
vihaan ”ahhh she will drive me crazy mad girl”
suman has reached park..its big park with many flowers..everywhere there is fragrance of those flowers..
Then she looks towards the big fountain of that park..but some one was already standing there she could not see his face as his back was towards her but he turns when voice of foot steps falls on her ears…he turns his both hands were in pockets of his pants… His eyes were looking here and there coz he use to come here daily and never found anyone there at that time and at last his eyes stops at suman…
Suman was shocked to see sharvan there and sharvan saw that pendant in her neck……
And suman could not control her self more,,so there she runs towards him and hugs him tightly sharvan turn his arms around her, slightly lift her up and spins lifting her…
epi ends….

Soooo how was it?????

U guyz must be thinking that story ends here but no story will start now 😀

Now plzzzzz plzzzzz dont ask me to post soon coz when u all ask me to post soon so sweetly i could not resist my self to write….. So plzzz han think abt this nanhi si jan 😀

lov u loads 🙂

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  1. Anushika

    The episode just rocks,Loved it Pls post Soon
    Lots of love
    Take care

    1. Angel_pari

      Thanku so much anushika 🙂

      post soon???? 😛 ok i,ll try to post soon tc lov u 🙂

      but hey we had not did intro yet!!! Would u like to tell smthng abt u 🙂

  2. Hey sweety
    Superb episode
    Ah shraman hug
    I actually forgot vihaan shanaya :p
    He he but seriously speaking its awesome
    N sorry BT m surely gonna ask to post soon coz I love it n cannot wait
    So plz post asap plzzzz
    Luv uh

    1. Angel_pari

      Hey anamika!!!! Thanku sooo much i,m glad u like it!!!!!

      Lov u loads

      hahahaha ok ji i,ll try to post soon…..

      But hey in which class u r and frm where (hope u wont mind me telling that )..

      Take care….

  3. Khushi

    Do this was a khidki Tod episode
    Di m so sorry for not commenting for so long and still u remember me and comment on my ff di plz apni stupid pagal choti si sis KO maaf kardo
    Aap kehte ho toh main sit ups bhi karne KO tyaar hun plz di m sorry
    Now coming to the episode the episode was fab but the last hug wala part took away the limelight I love u and ur ff di shanaya is so cute
    Ohh god ab Kya hoga di hug wale part ke Baad di I want to read next soon but aapne kaha ki post soon nhi bol na so ok I will say post araam se but do think of ur fans here di
    Love u so so much
    Btw how r u di??
    Sumo di toh Kahin dikh hi nhi rhe
    Lots of love di

    1. Angel_pari

      Khushi!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

      miss u miss u sooo muchhhh!!!!!!

      Awwww my sweeto will look sooo cute doing sit ups 😉 but no need hehehehe offcourse i understand u yar school and study u must be busy
      so its completely fyn 🙂 🙂

      no complaints with my sweetheart!!!!!!!

      And i,m soooo glad that u like epi and i,m also happy tht u read my ff till now

      lov u 🙂

      i,m super fyn how r u….. And yeah sumo!! Pata nh kahan h yar….hope to see her here soon…..

    2. Angel_pari

      And no fans only sweet sissy and cute frnds 😉

  4. Ariana

    Take a gun and shoot me. I’m already dead though after reading the epi.
    1st—-Congrats my sweet fairy. 10 epis…Party toh banti hai yaar. But the epi u gave us. BOMB!!! Such a rollercoaster ride. Starting with emotional flashbacks, then funny romance and then….muhahaha….huggies!!!! Awwwwww…. Loved it from the core of my heart.Wonderful. Brilliant.
    Take a 1000 huggies and kissies from me.
    Love u alllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooootttttttt
    keep rocking
    stay blessed
    all the best with ur ff. Keep planting more bombs
    take care
    byeeeee sweeto

    1. Angel_pari

      Ahhhhhhh i,m already dead by ur cmnt……….. Itnaaaaaaaaaaa
      sweet cmnt hayeeeee mere chocky se b zyada sweet tha yeh to 😀

      and thanku soooo much
      i,m glad u like the epi

      lov u alotttttttttt se bhi zyada…..take care stay blessed 🙂

  5. WeirdSister

    Hey angel…
    D epi was short and sweet..
    Sorry for a short comment..
    I have to study
    Love you
    Take care

    1. Angel_pari

      Hey ws…thanku so much and its completely fyn as study first u take out some tym to read it..thats enough… Do well in exams all the best 🙂

  6. So..sweet..pari..
    ??????ut was enjoyable….???

    1. Angel_pari

      Thanku sooo much di i,m glad u enjoyed and try????

      Hahaha aage ka mn samajh gai…. Lov u i,ll definetely try,,,, 😀

  7. Nikita

    I did not knew pari di, that you would like to see me dead… Cause this part killed me.. And probably this is my 0.1% of life writing this comment..
    Di.. Firstly, Congratulations !!
    And this episode was amazingg..
    Suman remembers! Wow..
    Oh, she lost her mother, I’m sad and happy!!
    It was so great di..
    Specially Vihaan and Shanaya scene was epic..
    Loved it loads..
    Aahhh, HUG <33
    Okay, I won't tell you to post soon..
    But kya karu! I'm damn exciited..
    But do post soon..

    1. Angel_pari

      I,m alread died by ur cmnt seriously!!!!!!!!!!
      I,m smiling too hard now and mom is looking at me like..what????

      😀 😀 😀

      and thanku shoooooooooo much lov u more n more and i,m glad u like the epi!!!!!!!

      Ok baba will try to post soon 🙂

      take care

  8. pretty preeti

    Hey parish diiii
    Jamaal ka epi that I really liked it u made it dear
    congrats for urrr epi 10
    I m happyyyy
    Really it is very nice
    Today epi really killed me it WS too gud that I have no word s
    Di precap toh de dete
    Lekin lovely epi
    Lots of luvvvvv
    Post late
    Why late cause I have pprz so I might will not able to read solo
    Wait u can do one thing more can provide me links
    Ok bs love uuuu

    1. Angel_pari

      Awww thanku sooo much for such a sweet cmnt preeto!!!!!!!!!!

      Lov u

      i,m so glad u like it…….
      Oppsss i forgot to add precap sorry,,,,,,

      ahhhh ok ok no worries do well in ur exams study comes first……

      And i,ll try to delay it.. Though i,ll be happy 😀

      but if in case i post i,ll provide with u links 🙂 🙂

      all the best for exams 🙂

  9. I love your ff.Hey can you share link of 8epi.

    1. Angel_pari

      Thanku so much… 🙂

      and i hv provide u the link below in reply to ur cmnt 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Rukhsar

    Hi pari i m back….. How r u? All good???? Well today’s epi was bang i loved it to the core specially the last hug part

    1. Angel_pari

      Hey naina i,m super fyn how r u???? Glad to hv u back…

      And glad to know that u like it 🙂

      lov u 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Rukhsar

        I’m also fine u tell what’s going on now a days

    2. Angel_pari

      Ahhhh these days…. Prep for eid are in heights 😀

    3. Angel_pari

      Ahhhh these days…. Prep for eid are on heights 😀

  11. LogaMegan

    Hey pari amazing ep dr
    Congrats for 10 th ep
    Ending of the ep was awesome But y did u end the ep like this
    We will be waiting for ur next ep so pls try to post soon
    Bye Tc

    1. Angel_pari

      Hey loga and megan i,m glad that u guyzzz liked it….

      Lov u 🙂 and
      Thanku sooo much…hehehe actually i was bit sleepy so i end at a point 😛 i,ll try to post soon….

      P.s u both r sisters or frnds???

  12. Angel please post next ep fast.I was a silent reader,but after this i couldn’t stop my self.I love this ff

    1. Awww dear i,m glad that u like this…it means alot and thanku soooo much that u commented 🙂 🙂 i,m thankful

      and here is the link of 8 epi


      i,ll try my best to post soon 🙂

      stay blessed

  13. Angel please post next ep fast.I was a silent reader,but after this i couldn’t stop my self.

  14. it was amazing than the word itself . finally a shraman hug . i am patiently waiting 4 d next epi. post soon

    1. Angel_pari

      Hey deotima”
      i,m soooo glad u like it thanku sooooo much….
      Ok i,ll try to post soon 🙂

      stay blessed 🙂

  15. Zuha Fatima

    Okay so I am late! Missed 5 episodes but reading them altogether was a bliss 🙂 Enjoyed a lot 🙂 And the hug was so amazing. And Angel api I have completed my Twinj/Sidmin FF if u wish to read it so the link is here for u ?;


    Keep going and reach heights ?

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    Love ya!


    1. Angel_pari

      Hey my princess how r u?????

      Wohhhh!!!!seriously u read all epis a time…that so sweet of u ….lov u loads…..

      And i,m glad u like the hug part thanku sooo much

      and thanku sooo much for link i,m surely gonna read it…..

      Lots of love 🙂

      1. Zuha Fatima

        I am good as always 🙂 What about you? How’s life? I hope u are doing well 🙂 And also Eid is nearing, heartily wishes for u and ur family 🙂

    2. Angel_pari

      All good…. Everything is fyn….yeah eid 🙂 how is gng prep….?????
      And same to u princess heartily wishes to u and ur family……..

      1. Zuha Fatima

        Well no certain preps yet, as my common test will end tomorrow! So then my cutooo goats will come on weekend most probably and I am so excited?? Well thanks for the wishes Api! Love u sooooooo much!

  16. I can’t get over this beautifully written amazing episode ??
    Loved it even beyond words ?
    It was more than amazing.
    It was wonderfully explained.
    Though I didn’t want to say but can’t control my heart rn so… post soonnn xD
    Can’t wait to read more.
    Loads of love. Take care ??

  17. Angel_pari

    Hey zainab!!!!
    Awwwww ur cmnt is much more great than my ff 🙂

    thanku sooooo much lov u loads 🙂

    ahhh!!!!! Hahahaha ok i,l try to post soon stay blessed t,c

  18. Ufaaq

    Hey anju first of all to I m really v ery sorry for being missing on ur ff Bt seriously I read all epi
    Last epi as usual was ammmmaaaaazzzzzziiiiiinnnjnnnggg
    Ur two shot was also very gud infact too gud Bt u will post on eidd haaaaa sooooo late plzzzz post asap
    Now epi was also ammmmazing awesome anju how u wrote it ur way of description iss too gud infact ammmazing
    And u said u r angry on me I mmmmm erryyyyy soooorrrryyyy actually u r right I dnt care about myself my mom also say that acha sorry
    Anju I heard about ur fsc result omg anju 96% seriously anju u r ammmmazing now do ur mcat on merit dnt even think about self anju congratulations. Yar congrts
    Y r u thanking us u urself is amazing so dnt thank us ok???
    Love u
    Take care

    1. Angel_pari

      Awww its completely okkkkk read it….its enogh and omg i,m blushing by ur cmnt 😀 thanku sooooo much.

      Asha maaf kiya is bar now take care…. Ok…..

      Yeah fsc result are finally out i was so tensed abt it…but now happy 🙂

      IN SHA ALLAH it will be on merit keep praying loads of love take care…,,,

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