A desire of star to get moon epi 12 (save edkv) ”ek duje ke vaste”


Heyyyy guyzzzzz here i,m with next epiiii but before that a humble request plzzzz sign up twitter and help in trending…. Okkk do i sound fiction addicted or obessed with a serial??????

No guyzzz i,m not i,m asking this cozz….hey guyzzz u remeb how we study whole night in our exams how we work sooo hard to acheive our goal then what we want in result of that night… good marks???????

This is a thing a actor has put all efforts to make a show best…not caring abt his health and anything…he hv shoot in nights..HIS HARD WORK GUYZZZZ plzzzz for the sake of his hard work is this result of his hard work??
ok now i,ll sound crazy for namik so yes i,m….. I love him from the bottom of my heart not coz of his looks but for his personality and humblness i respect him alot.i,ll not hesitate to say that i adore him more than srk or salman yes for me he is better than them………
I love parth no doubt his cute looks kill me but namik his innocence and sweetness kill me how cutely he interacts with his fans first i just saw edkv for time pass then slowly i start liking sharvan and after that i start adoring the person who puts life in sharvan that is non other than namik paul sooo pllzzzz its for him 🙁

and i hv nothing against niki mam dont take me wrong i respect her equally…….

And yesterday i did what i was not suppose to do at all that was i had send mails to them from at least 30 gmails i hv used family,frnds everyones id lol!!!!!

Ok now epi

SHARVAN!!!! Sharvan!!!!!!
Yeah that is the name echoing in air… A big crowd has gathered to listen him..and he is all set to sing when his eyes caught a veiw of his girl in huge crowd..A inocent smile sticks to his lips when sumo signs thumbs up..
And then he started to spread the magic of his melody

Ek din mohabbat odh kar
Ek din gali ke mod par
Teri hatheli par likhun mera naam tere naam


Phir tu taqalluf chhod kar
Phir tu jhuka kar ke nazar Rakhna mere kaandhe pe sar


Kuch to bata zindagi
Apna pataa zindagi..
Kuch toh bataa zindagi
Apna pataa zindagi..


Taaron bhari ek raat mein
Tere khat padhenge saath mein
Kora jo panna reh gaya
Ek kaanpte se haath mein
Thodi shiqaayat karna tu
Thodi shiqayat main karun Naraaz bas na hona tu,
Zindagi… Kuch to bata zindagi
Apna pataa zindagi..
Kuch toh bataa zindagi
Apna pataa zindagi..

He finished his song and whole atmosphere echos with a sound of claps…..
But his eyes were looking at sumo… Who seems to hear the cheering sound of crowd with concentration and then whispers ”wowwww” with a smile looking at sharvan

offcourse that whisper was heard clearly by sharvan from that far and he ends up smiling and looks down

it has turned night sharvan and shanaya are at outside of pub when suman and vihaan also joins them

suman:guyzzzz why here r we going to hv dinner here??


sharvan:we r gng to party here

and here suman fumes in anger coz they all lie and gives killer look to sharvan who winks at her

but her anger reached at heights when urvashi joins them….
A girl in black western dress high heels curly hairs black smoky eyes
and when she greet sharvan with tight hug suman turns her face at other side

shanaya:suman and vihaan meet urvashi bhai,s girl frnd

epi ends_____

ok guyzzzz done with this coz i hv to prepare for quiz and further i dont wana spoil it in hurry

and sorry i had not commented on any ff and had not reply on my pre post give me some time i,ll do it paka sorry han…

And yeah i was not talking abt to leave this site offcourse we will continue our reading and writing activity here but i was talking abt other site where we can chit chat freely…..
Think then tell me

and guyzzz i,m not able to pm so my twiter id is dreamy_angel123
and fb is alisha hassan ok

aruuuu i try to search u at fb but i didnot get it 🙁

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  1. Nikita

    What?? Bhai’s girlfriend?
    No-no-no-no.. Not posible..
    Di… Naiiiiiiiiii
    Anyways, loved the episode so much..
    Plus the song <333
    Loved it!
    Love you!
    And pls save EDKV guys..
    I've shared each n everything you guys can do, on one of my posts, link:
    Pllllsss save!

  2. WeirdSister

    Hey angel I m hell excited….!
    Plz plz post soon…

    Nd coming to #dontendedkv…. I hve signed d petition..
    I can’t make an account on twitter coz well I m in 10th and it will be u know distracting…but I will do whatever is possible from my side…

    Love u loads…
    Take care.

  3. Bhai’s girlfriend………..I guess something is burning
    btw loved it it was superb
    post soon
    can’t wait to watch sumo’s reaction

  4. ?????
    Nice episode dear..
    OK..we will.??

  5. Ariana

    Wait what??? Bhaiya’s gf!!! Did I read it wrong? Naaa I’m so confused. Solve this equation soon or else I can’t have a good sleep. Yaar post soon. Pls pls pls don’t keep me waiting….my request. And since u already mailed from 30 diff emails then can u pls sign in the petition from all those accounts. We need at least 5k signs to progress nd almost done with 4k. So pls pls pls help get us 1k more. I opened many accounts just to sign in so pls help,
    And best of luck for ur quiz.
    Take care sweetheart
    Love u sooooooooooooooooooooo much

    1. Angel_pari

      Aru i hv signed from diff mails yesterday dear using all 🙂

      but now i,m done with sony hell with them bhar mn jaen i wont request them any more…. I QUIT !!!!!

      And epi will be soon lov u loads 🙂

  6. When you are reading really calmly and in the end you read ‘bhai ki girlfriend’…. ??
    Loved this so much. Way too much curious to read further.
    Best of luck for your quiz.
    Post soon. Take care ?

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