A desire of star to get moon epi 11 ”ek duje ke vaste”




aryyyy wait do u all remeb me or not?????
Ary mn pari!!!!!

Haaa yad agaya na good 😉

ohhoooo!!!! Ande marne hn coz i,m late???
In case store ur eggs in fridge coz next time i,m gona post more late so abhi k liye tomatoes chalenge 😀

so whr were we.. sharman hug??
Lo itne din hogai abhi tk hug kr rahe hn hmare love birds come lets see what happens next!!!!!!

Epi start……
Anybody would be nesmerized by that veiw..
The veiw of two love birds hugging each other lost in their world…lost in the silence of moment..lost in the presence of eachother..
Soon it turns into morning..this was the very first moment of morning the dawn chorus echos in air..
Sharman broke the hug and look at eachother with wet eyes…….
Sharvan turns around and looks at that beautiful fountain….
Sharvan:so finally u remebered me
he takes the deep breath which raise his shoulders and he put his hands in pockets of his pants..
Suman takes some step towards him from his back
suman:u were never away from me though i hv killed all memories in my heart but still some memories of urs were alive in my heart..
I,m really sorry i did very wrong i did not even try to contact u……..
Thats all and her words which were heard by sharvan with much concerned got disturbed by weeping sound of suman
and he turns towards suman
his eyes just met with hers that are turned completely red
sharvan stepped towards suman and cupped her face
”heyyyyy!!!!! (saying this he wipes her tears with his thumbs) u r still a crying baby??? What yar i was not complaining to u… I was just asking that y u didnot recognize me at first met???
I dont want any explaination of past years… I know our bond can never be forgotten neither by me nor by u….(and he touched his forehead with hers both close their eyes to feel the moment )
nd then ”tring tring” sharvan,s phone rang
he picks the call meanwhile suman walks lil away she closes her arms in front nd rubs them with hands feeling that cool breeze…

Sharvan ”yeah!!!!! Ahhhh that concert ok i,m reaching”
he cuts the call and turns back to see suman who was looking at beauty of garden wind was playing with her open hairs he was mesmerized to see her….
Suman notice his gaze and asked ”what???” raising her eyebrows
sharvan shakes his head throwing out all thoughts..he smiles..and walks towards her
sharvan:actually i hv to leave.i hv a concert!!!
Suman:at this hour???
Sharvan:yeahhh morning show….but hey y u dont come with me like u r best frnd of great sharvan malhothra.., u r soo lucky u know (naughtily)
suman:nooo!!! Nooo! I hv no intrest to become part of headlines again so u go!!!
Sharvan:(laughs) sure???? So should i drop u home
suman: no i,ll manage u go
sharvan smiles at her and leaves he had just reached at his car when suman screamed
”but u hv not told me abt ur journey frm book worm to rockstar”
sharvan moves his eyes here and there to think of an answer ”its quite long will tell u some other time” he shouts and drives away……

suman is in hospital now working with files when she heard whisper of her interns at door she looks on that way..everyone was pushing other to go..
”say!!! What is it??? ”
she asked looking bck at her files…finally one girl manage to speak
”woooo!!! Doc actually we need leave for today”
”why????” suman asked and turns the page of file
and other girl start talking stupidily
”cozzzz its sharvan cncert…ahhhhh!!!! He is so amazing. Doc hv u heard him ever he has magic in his voice..and his looks….. She stops when she notice suman,s gaze
”doc plzzzz plzzz let us go” all made a combined effort and suman agreed….
Girls leaves happily and suman gets text
sharvan ”whats up??”
suman smiles ”dealing with ur stupid fans”
sharvan ”oyeeee!!! Dont u dare to call my fans stupid i love them”
suman” okkk okkk i hv no intrest to become a bone btwn u and ur fans…say why u text???? ”
sharvan ”yeah dinner with rockstar tonight??? ”
suman”nop :p ”
sharvan ”com,mon shanaya and vihaan will also join”
suman ” ok only for them ”
sharvan ”yeah yeah whatever so see u ”
both looks on happily…

Epi ends………

Okkkkk soooo how was it give ur reveiws over it…..i think i,m not able to put that charm these days coz of writing in hurry??? Anyways give ur opinion…
And silent readers do cmnt….

Take care love u all

and sorry if i cant reply to ur cmnts……

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  1. Look who’s back with a fabulous episode..
    Loved it. ShraMan’s conversation was amazing. Really enjoyed reading this beautifully written episode. Post soon. Take care. Loads of love ??

  2. That was fab hug..haha..??????
    Wt a long hug…they shared..????
    Well..episode was superb…
    Kya baath hai..jabh sumo ko paths chala rock star apna hi bandha hai tho…badi..hi..cool ho gayi…koi..anxitment nahi..usey milneu ki..
    Shayadh..soch rahi hogi ki..apna hi shravan hai..kaha jaayega..ha..???
    Vaisey..I missed shanaya..and vihaan?????

  3. wow…..superb
    I am glad u r back with wonderful epi. loved it
    so plz post soon….
    u nailed it with ur creativity…………post sooon

  4. Pari the epi is awsm and post nxt prt soon n tumhre exam kaise chl rh h

  5. WeirdSister

    Hey angel…!
    No no I won’t throw tomatoes???
    I love u very much…!!??
    What an epi…!
    Loved shraman today..!
    They were so cuteeee!!
    Love u loads..
    All d best for ur papers..
    Take care..!

  6. Ariana

    Finally u r back!!! Uhhhhh u made me starve for this moment for soooooo long! But worth waiting. Such a sweet epi!!! I’m out of words. After last epi I thought now it’ll b all romance nd u’ll end ur ff so I was kinda sad but no!! U r taking their relationship in a slow pace!! Fantastic….That means more epis nd more u!!! Oh yah!!! Now as for the epi ending, it’s killing me!! A double date!!! Awesome….really excited.Pls sweetheart post soooooooon. I’m waiting!!!
    Love u soooooooooooooooooooooo much
    take care
    and best of luck for ur remaining exams

  7. Nikita

    Yahayy! Angel di…! Finally you’re back!
    I missed this ff so much!
    And I love you!
    The episode, man it was beautiful!
    Everything was so beautiful about it..
    And don’t worry, it has not lost it’s charm..
    That remains within..so chill..
    And di, I loved it so much..
    You are taking everything so ssmoothhllyy!
    And for the double-date thing, I’m damn excited..
    So try to post soon!
    All the best!
    Love you loads,

  8. Rukhsar

    I also have shortage of time as i m sitting in class right now but still I’ll comment it was really good it was small yet it was cute and sweet epi

  9. Angel_pari

    @sona di

    thanku soooooo much i,m soooo glad u like it…….

    U guyzzzz are sooo sweet

    lov u all

    but my journey on online sites has come to end i swear i,ll not be able to forget any of my frnd i hv made here u guyzzzzz will be in my heart forever all my tu frnds weather the reader of my ff or my other frnds i love u all may b u guyzzzz forget pari but pari will remember u all

    as thing are gng very hectic and all sooooo i,m not able to be part of online world

    so its bye forever from angel_pari

    i love u all that lov u all hv given me i,ll never forget

    1. Angel_pari

      May u all hv great life ahead stay blessed

      and plzzzzz plzzzzzzz forgive me for leaving that ff in mid

      i know u all will get angry but try to understand plzzz sorry han

    2. Angel_pari

      Bye take care all of u 🙂

    3. Angel_pari

      I know i,m being very stupid at this moment but forget my this stupidity and remember those sweet moments i hv shared with u all…….

      Lov u all

    4. You must be kidding.. I mean… Did I just read forever???? Nooooo please don’t leave this forever.. You said you’re busy so you can come back when you get free but please don’t say bye forever.. I’m gonna miss you so badly.. And your ff, i love it Please don’t leave it rn.. please be back after the things get sorted..
      Please don’t go..

    5. Neeti

      Hw easily u said bye ha! Nd forever never di. Pls di u can take ur own time. Ap kuch din, kuch hafte, kuch mahine ya kuch sal mat aiye bt pls dnt say forever. I will do evrything u say bt pls b back. Ok u dont wanna cntinue dis ff ,ok den bt pls hamare touch mai rahiye. Fr d sake of Manan nd Shraman, pls. I can do anything just cme back. I will wait till d end of my life. Pls pm me wen u r back. I am crying since I saw dis cmnt. I have also posted a note fr u named ‘please come back Pari di from all Edkvians’. Pls check it. Pls pls pls do cme back even if u come back aftr 10 yrs, I will wait, I will wait even aftr 10 yrs.
      Just remember 1 thing di, if u say u r gonna leave us forever den I will never forget u nd will never forgive u
      luv u vry much, kav alvida na kehna phir milenge chalte chalte, tc, cme back soon, ur lovely sis -Neeti, Cryti (cry+Neeti), Sadti (sad+ Neeti)

    6. Ariana

      hold on what happened? R u kidding? What happened can u pls pls pls tell me? I’m really confused. Girl u have any other social media through which I can contact u? Pls anything!!! Like anywhere I just need to talk to u I guess for the last time.
      And if not possible then atleast read this part. Have a great life ahead. Love u so much honey. May u b blessed with happiness nd success forever. Stay loved and cared. All the best for ur future. If ever u wanna contact me pls PM me or just reply anywhere. I’m PMing ur my fb ac so if possible pls check tht nd try contacting me atleast once.
      Love u soooooooooo much

  10. Neeti

    Woah woah, itna bara hug. Kya bat hai. Kitne ghante, kitne din, kitne samay tak hug kiya :-D, barai cute tha.
    Yaar Shravu kya vao kharaha tha, itna bav to Entertainment v nahi khata Pari di. Bt Sumo kya bat hai, Shr ke fans v kamal kai hai. Sumo ko parishan kar diya.
    Luv luv luv, luv it. Pst nxt 1 soon
    luv u, tc, bye- Neeti, Leeti (late+Neeti)

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