Desire for love (Part 8: Sweet gestures)

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Scene 1:
Anika woke up and saw Shivaay sitting beside her and doing some work on his laptop. Seeing Anika woke up with a start. She was going out of the bed when a hand stopped her. She saw Shivaay holding her preventing her from going anywhere. She jerked his hand tightly , freeing her hand. Anger could be clearly seen in her eyes.Shivaay’s words were again haunting in her ears “ Tumne Daksh ke saath iss chhat ke neeche raat guzaari hai”. She had already bore enough now it was beyond her capability to hold.

She went from there stumbling, Shivaay ran behind her and came in front of her to stop her. She stopped in her tracks and looked up to see Shivaay  looking her with pleading eyes “ Please Anika give me a chance to talk, I promise u can give me any punishment u want but talk to me , ur silence is hurting me more than anything” Anika saw him tears brimmed in her eyes. She said” What more is left to talk , after tagging me as a gold digger and character less woman what more u want to add” “ I know Anika I was wrong but give me a chance”said Shivaay. Anika was full of rage now “ CHANCE , u need a chance , how many more chances u need . I have already given u enough chances to prove urself but u are not worth it. I hate u for coming in my life and making me weak . Yes, weak that is what u make me. I   don’t know why I  can’t hate u and always forgive but this time I am not going to surrender to my weakness” Saying this she pushed him out of her way and moved away.
Tears made their way in  Shivaay’s eyes. He could not understand the depth till which he had hurt Anika but he decided to make up for it in best possible way.

Anika came back in the room after having her breakfast and saw a chit on the cupboard. The chit had a sorry written on it with a cute smiley. She picked it up and tore it clearly showing her anger. Shivaay was seeing all this but was still keeping a hope that maybe her anger would melt by these gestures.

Next Anika opened her cupboard and saw a small box with a ribbon on it with a sorry chit on it. She opened the box and saw beautiful earrings in it but kept the box away and went inside the washroom to get freshen up.
As she went inside the washroom and saw SORRY written on the mirror but ignored it.

Scene 2:
Anika came out of the Mansion and saw Shivaay talking on the phone. She went there and snatched his phone and threw it away. But the next thing she saw shocked her to limit. She saw Shivaay smiling sweetly at her.  She looked at him with open mouth. Shivaay pulled her cheeks with both his hands shocking her further more “ My tadibaaz Anika is back “ Saying this he moved aside to show something more shocking. She saw a bat and 5 cars parked, few buckets filled with water kept beside it. Anika moved forward and picked up the bat and CRASssssH the windshield was in pieces. This happened with all the 5 cars. She saw Shivaay thinking now he would me mad in anger but saw him smiling wide with his teeth all shown.She could not understand what has got into Shivaay. “ If u want 5 more cars can come ready to bear Ur anger. If u want u can even use this bat on me. I am all urs.She gasped. He understood what he said and to ignore her stare he looked away. Then again saw her, he could see by her face that she was melting but something more was left. Shivaay held her hand and took her forward to the buckets “ These are in Ur custody madam.

You can empty all these on me, I have asked Khanna, some more are on the way. She picked up the bucket and Splassssh , all the water was empty. As Shivaay wiped his face he saw a thing he had missed the most. A smile adorning her face making it more beautiful. He saw her smiling victoriously and he could swear he could empty twenty more buckets on him.  Anika was being merciful and did not empty any more bucket. She turned around and was smiling or rather say giggling on his way to apologize. But little did she know there was more to it. Though she had already forgiven him but she had started to enjoy the game. So, she looked back and gave him a glare telling him, he was not done yet.

Precap: His surprise

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