Desire for love (Part 5; Saved her)

Hi guys this  Rishi18 back with the 5th chap

Scene 1:
Shivaay enters the car with Anika in his arms. He sits on the back seat with Anika in his lap. Omru sit on the front see with Om driving. Shivaay was continuously patting Anika’s cheek. He saw Anika shivering very badly, he quickly took out his coat and wrapped it around her. Still seeing no improvement Rudra also took out his jacket and gave it to Shivaay. Shivaay quickly took it and smiled with gratitude, and wrapped it around her. Anika was somewhat stable but still shivering, so Shivaay hugged her tightly and was continuously murmuring” Nothing will happen to u. I will not let anything happen to u. Please don’t lose hope. I am with u, nothing will happen to u” His tears were not stopping. His condition was more disheveled with messy hairs, tears stricken cheeks and bloodshot eyes.
Meanwhile Om applied sudden break as they had reached the hospital. Shivaay came out with Anika in his hands. As Om had already informed the doctor, a stretcher was waiting for Anika. Shivaay carefully placed her on it and held her hand and rubbing it. He was continuously asking her to keep a hope but in reality he was asking for hope for himself. As the doctor checked her pulse he informed them that her pulse was very faint .  He quickly took her to get all the tests done . As Anika’s stretcher went and her hand left Shivaay’s, he felt that he was loosing his life.
As the stretcher went out of sight Shivaay felt weak on his knees, he left from there. He went near a pillar , leant against it, cupped his mouth and fell on the floor. He started crying very badly. His tears were not stopping in any way. He could not process anything, he felt that his life had scattered in million pieces, which could not be picked up and rejoined in Anika’s language “Bahot bada raita phail Gaya hai air sameta Nahi  ja Sakta.
Omru could not find Shivaay with them so they started searching him as they knew that he could not be left alone in this condition.

After searching him everywhere and they found him in a condition they never wanted to see him in. He was sitting in the same condition crouched in a corner. He was crying like a little kid. Our Rudy boy, not able to see him in this condition, went near him and sat beside him he said” Bhaiya u know I have never seen anybody stronger than my Bhabhi. Although she doesn’t have six pack abs ,she is stronger than anyone. I know nothing will happen to her. She is a fighter, see she is the first person to challenge the great SSO.” Seeing his little brother talking like an adult both Shivaay and Om smiled a little. Rudra continued” Bhaiya she is my khidkitod Bhabhi she promised me that she will always remain my partner in crime . U know her pinky promise never breaks.” Saying this our crybaby himself started crying who went to console his brother.
Seeing both his brothers crying like babies Om went and sat on his knees before them and hugged both of them tightly. His tears were also flowing but he had to remain strong for both his brothers. They sat there like that, no words were required. They understood each others emotions very well and knew how they needed each other.
Soon the doctor came out. Shivaay saw him first and rushed towards him. He poured all the questions” Doctor how is Anika? She is fine na. Nothing is gonna happen to her. She will get fine and talk to me.” His questions were not stopping. Seeing him the doctor said” Mr. Oberoi first u should calm down. See Anika had lost much blood because of the nails and her body is full of small and major wounds. Over that she was kept in water for almost 30 min in which her lungs too got filled with water. Although we have removed the water, still she is not responding well to our medicine.” Listening this Shivaay got a mini heart attack after asking for the permission he went inside Anika’ s ward. He saw his Anika lying on the bed lifeless with numerous machines attached to her body. An oxygen mask was attached to her mouth. Her face was pale which was so unlike our chirpy, chubby, bubbly Anika. Shivaay went and sat beside her. He kept his hand on hers. He saw her covered with bandages all over her body. His heart aches to see her in this condition. He held her hand tightly and closed his eyes, fresh tears started coming out “Anika…” were the only words he could speak. He moved forward and caressed her hair. “Anika get up see I saved u, now u will get fine” “ get up Anika…” He could not speak more and his tears fell on her hands. Her hands moved slightly and she spoke “Shivaay….” Shivaay immediately looked up and saw Anika’s eyes half open. He immediately called the doctor by pressing the bell as he was not allowed to shout as it would cause discomfort to Anika. Doctor came running inside and checked her. He smiled a bit seeing Shivaay and told him that she was fine but..” He told him to meet him outside the ward.

As Shivaay came outside Omru enquired about Anika he just nodded and smiled and went away to talk to the doctor. “ Mr. Oberoi u have to understand one thing , she is very weak right now. I think she has not recovered from her previous stroke of fever and all this happened. I know u will take care of her but remember even if she recovers from physical injuries she would require time for mental one’s. She is very weak to even move her hand to take water so leave about walking. She can talk but don’t let her shout. Nothing is more dangerous than stress. U have to become her support and take care of her, she needs u the most.” Saying tis the doctor went away.

Precap remains the same.
For all those who don’t want Anika to forgive easily, wish granted. Shivaay would be punished. thank u for all the likes and comments.
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