Desire for love (Part 4: Anikaaa..)

Hey guys  this is Rishi18 back with ur 4th chap.

Scene 1:
Anika is seen unconscious on the base of the glass box.She is barely breathing. Seeing her condition Daksha was laughing madly. Anika’s condition was worsening by each passing minute.
Here Shivaay with Omru reached Daksha ‘s hideout. He ran inside the building without any delay.As he reached there and saw Daksha laughing looking at something. He looked in the same direction and saw his Anika unconscious in the glass box. He shouted ANIKKKAA…

Looking his Anika unconscious his heart stopped, he just ran to the glass box and started banging it vigorously , tears were continuously flowing, his mouth was not stopping calling his Anika to wake up. Just then he saw the water flowing with more pressure which had stopped some time before., He saw Anika shifting her position because of the force of water. He immediately looked back and saw Daksha with a wicked smirk. He ran to him and slapped him tight across his cheek. Shivaay held his collar and banged him on the nearby pillar. Daksh was smiling wickedly and spoke” You can beat me as much as u want but remember ur punishment would be received by Anika.” He showed with the increasing force of water”  Shivaay left him immediately not able to see his Anika in pain. He very calmly asked Daksh to let his Anika go and give whatever punishment he wants to him. He was ready to bear any punishment for his Anika.

Seeing Shivaay’s dilemma Daksh was enjoying more he thought to take more fun by in increasing the pressure. Shivaay was not able to see his Anika in this state. His anger had reached its peek, he started beating him hard . It was like his heart was bleeding seeing his love in this state and a wounded lion is more dangerous. Daksh was also fighting back and both were equally passionate in killing each other. Daksh had started overpowering the match and was going to punch Shivaay just then two hands stopped him they were obviously our Omru , anger was clearly visible in their eyes. They had just come back after informing the police about the situation and were shocked to see their brother fighting alone this devil.

As they were fighting Daksh , Om signalled Shivaay to save Anika and they would handle him.
Shivaay immediately ran towards the box. His mind had stopped working on how he would break the glass. He banged it, kicked but it remained rigid. Suddenly he got an idea to break it with a rod which was lying beside it. He quickly brought it and with all his might broke the glass in a single blow.
For a few minutes there was silence all around. Nothing could be interpreted by anyone there. Then after a sec water came out with all force. Shivaay stepped back seeing the flow of water and in a blink of eye he saw his Anika on the floor shivering with cold, bruised all around, glass pieces stuck on her body and her clothes torn. He ran to her shouting ANIKKA and fell on his knees near her. He picked her shivering fragile body in his strong shivering arms. It was like he was picking up his wounded and broken life.

He rested her head on his shoulder and checked her pulse which was close to dead. Afraid, he started patting her cheeks, pleading her to get up, begging her to forgive him and not leave him.He said” See Anika Ur Shivaay has come to save u ,now nothing would happen to u, no one will touch u. Wake up Anika ,u know I can’t see u in this condition, please wake up . He checked her breath and was shocked to find her not breathing. He checked her heart beat by keeping his head near her heart but feel nothing. Now he started crying and shouting more asking her to get up and threatening her that he would throw her in the pool. But it seemed nothing was working. He just hugged her, giving his warmth to her, feeling his Anika with him he said” Anika say something Billuji, bhagad billa Woh kya kehti thi time kanjhi aankhon wala, just say something dammit.. say something. He was crying all the while and was becoming more vulnerable. As he said all this, his tear drop fell near her cheek.

He eyes started moving, her fingers started moving. It was like his tears reached her soul. Her lips moved and SHIVAAYY.. His breath stopped he looked down to see his Anika opening her eyes slowly. Not able to process anything he just hugged her protectively not letting her go anywhere. He sighed in relief and it was like he breathed first time in these few hours. He again looked down but saw her unconscious. He got worried and then saw the innumerable wounds his wife was suffering with. Suddenly he felt two hands on his shoulder. He looked back and saw his brothers. He saw them in a way of pleading and said” See Om what has happened to Anika, she is not opening her eyes, see how much blood is flowing, she is punishing me by getting hurt. Ask her not to do this else I will die.. Saying this he started crying more. Not able to see their brother in this condition, they hugged him. Om said” Listen Shivaay nothing will happen to Bhabhi, she is a fighter and would fight all this, she is our khidkitod Bhabhi God will save her. You just take her to the hospital.” Listening Om Shivaay calmed a bit and picked Anika in his arms and carried her to the hospital.

Precap: Anika critical
Shivaay crying and asking forgiveness

I think it was a long chap.
Now coming to this chap I am very bad at expressing emotions that to sad one so forgive me. Please comment even if u found it bad as I wrote it with all my efforts. All chamelis accepted.

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