Desire for love (Part 2:The guilt)

Hello guys this is Rishi18 and here is ur 2nd chap

Scene 1:

Dadi enters the pool side with Saumya beside her, anger and disgust was clearly visible on her face. She looked at Shivaay and spoke “This was not expected from u Shivaay, I am ashamed to think that u had such thoughts for Anika,that pure soul had started trusting u and u broke her once again. I think u forgot what u did with her even then she started forgiving u and instead of apologizing u started doubting on her character.” Shivaay looked perplexed and said”I did not understand what u are saying” “Shivaay u still did not understand what I am saying then Saumya will explain “said Dadi. Saumya started explaining how she was scared that day and Daksha called Anika to help her. Dadi continued how Anika applied for a loan of 15000 for Sahil’s education and she helped her. Shivaay’s eyes fell down he did not know how to react, he felt like killing himself for doubting on HIS Anika’s character. After saying this Dadi with Saumya left him in a pool of guilt. Omru sat there as they knew Shivaay needed them but none had the mood to speak to him. After some time analyzing the situation and when Anika’s word came back to him” And one more thing Mr. Oberoi u are soon gonna regret saying this” He fell down on his knees with a thud and sat down on the ground. Omru came to him but kept mum as they let him regret his words.

Scene 2:

Anika was strolling about the mansion thinking about Shivaay’s words her tears had dried off, she was not showing any emotions and was walking moodlessly when someone came from the back, grabbed her shoulder shoulder. She turned back and her eyes widened, she opened her mouth but a hand covered her mouth preventing her from shouting. She tried protesting but soon darkness crept over and she lost her consciousness.

Scene 3:

Outside the mansion a man was shown taking Anika inside the car with hands, mouth and legs tied. Anika’s hands were dangling outside and her chand bracelet slipped of her hand and fell on the ground.

Scene 4:

5 hours had passed after the incident , Shivaay was sitting in Om’s room. He was still not showing any emotion. Omru had gone to Dadi’s room and sitting alone he was feeling all the more guilty. Suddenly Rudra entered and spoke” Shivaay Bhaiyya have u seen Anika Bhabhi? She is not seen anywhere inside the mansion, Dadi is worried for her and O is searching for her. Please help us in searching her.”As soon as he heard him he stood up shocked, his heart sank thinking maybe Anika left him. He was feeling uneasy and felt someyhing was not right. He quickly ran outside the room and started searching her.he was running around the mansion calling her name madly. Each passing minute he was dying of guilt. While passing by his room he heard some murmuring. He quickly ran there thinking of it to be Anika but saw Sahil sitting there fiddling with his phone. Shivaay went up to there and asked Sahil what he was doing. Sahil with a crackling voice and tears in his eyes said” Anika Didi is not picking up my call, she never goes out without telling me, 5 hours have passed and she still did ot call me, I am worried for her, what if she is in danger. You know what I am feeling very uneasy since morning as if something bad is gonna happen. What if something happens to her.” With this he burst in tears Shivaay not able to see him like this hugged him telling” Don’t worry nothing will happen to ur Didi I will always protect her” His tears were threatening to come out , with this he left the mansion.Seeing him rushing out Omru followed him.

Scene 5:

Outside the mansion

Shivaay saw something shining, he picked it up and saw Anika’s chand bracelet. He kept it close to his heart, closed his eyes and said” Nothing is going to happen to u as YOUR Shivaay is coming” .Saying this he kept the bracelet inside his shirt pocked safely and headed inside the car. Omru too entered the car Shivaay wanted to send them off but he knew it was useless as they were his tadibaaz brothers. They went off to Anika’s old house.

Precap: Shivaay reached Anika’s house and gets to know about her location. He heads to save her from devil’s clutches.

First of all thank u for the lovely response I am overwhelmed and never expected this. Each and every comment is precious and close to my heart and a heartly gratitude to each and every viewer.

I am sorry to all rikara nd rumya fans as their track would start after the kidnapping track.

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