Desire for love (Part 1)

So guyss!! This is again Rishi18 with the first chapter of my ff Desire for love. Thank you guys for your comments. You guys are really encouraging and supportive. I would like to tell that I read all your fan fictions and all are beyond appreciation and I don’t think my ff would stand before any of the fan fictions but still I would share my views and pen them down before you people. So enough of my bakbak and here is the first chapter .

Scene 1
Oberoi Mansion
Shivaay’s room
Anika: Your eyes are telling something but you are not saying tht . Please tell me once and I would clear all your misunderstandings. (Pleading)
Shivaay(fuming): You know everything Anika and stop acting.I can’t speak those words so don’t force me to do so.
Anika(with tears in her eyes):Tell me what are your eyes blaming me for .(raising her voice a little)After tagging me as gold digger and road side garbage what are the other tags given to me.
Shivaay fell silent listening his own words but his rage was clearly visible on his face which was increasing by each passing minute.

Anika(raising her voice): Tell me Shivaay!!!! Your silence is choking me.
Shivaay with increased rage narrated the whole Daksha incident .
Anika with loss of self – control raised her hand to slap him but that hand stopped in mid-way.
Anika(with full rage and tears in eyes): I don’t want this hand to become impure by even touching you. How could you stoop so low and think of me like this??. I was a fool thinking you changed but you are still that SSO who values bloodline and lineage more than anyone’s life. Why am I even talking to you .
Anika turns to leave but turns again and comes closer to Shivaay
Anika: And one thing more Mr. Oberoi

You are soon gonna regret thinking all this.
Saying this she leaves like a storm.
Shivaay who was till now standing like a statue was shaken by this rage . Anika who was always calm had taken a new avatar. Shivaay didn’t notice that he had already started regretting about all his words . Shivaay thought that was Anika right , maybe she knew nothing about the Daksha incident and Daksha was lying. But why would Daksha lie he was his best friend and after all Anika was just a stranger.
Thinking this he left his room.

Scene 2
Rudra’s room
Saumya: Rudy what do you think about love?(while asking this she was immersed in her thoughts)
Rudra: I think that it is friendship like ours (and does logic wala sign) but then realizes what he said
Rumya have an eyelock
Then to cover it up he says that
Like friendship love also happens accidently like ours
Both Rumya again get engrossed in their thoughts

Scene 3
Om’s room
Om was making sculpture and suddenly gets thinking of all that happened few months back (Ishkara meeting etc.)Ishana’s eyes when he first saw her and her dance unknowingly a smile creeps on his face but soon it disappears after remembering the betrayal and the last major fight they had. Subsiding these thoughts, he again started with the Ganesh ji sculpture he had been working on since days and which was near completion.

Scene 4
Near the swimming pool
Shivaay was sitting immersed in thought and was sitting beside the swimming pool.
Omru came to meet Shivaay and saw him sitting immersed in thought. They came and sat beside Shivaay but he didn’t notice them.
Rudra- Bhaiya……
Shivaay didn’t notice

Shivaay didn’t react
Now Omru together shook him and shouted Shivaay/Bhaiya
Shivaay by this sudden act came into his senses and said
When did you all come?
Rudra- When you were lost in your dreamworld
Om (to Shivaay)-Where are you lost Shivaay?

Shivaay- nowhere just some business problems
Om- Shivaay you are hiding something, we can clearly see on your face (Rudra nods), tell us what are you hiding, you can tell us after all we’ll help you.
Shivaay now felt weak and told everything to Omru
Omru stood up shocked
Om- Shivaay how could you think so? Anika can never do this ,she is pure by soul. You should have cleared this misunderstanding with Anika.
Rudra- Yes Bhaiya, Anika di can never do this.
Shivaay-But Om….

Shivaay is stopped by Dadi
Dadi enters with Saumya
Screen freezes on Shivaay’s confused face.

Precap: Anika is kidnapped , Shivaay learns the truth, O’bros together on an mission.

So that’s all for this part. Hope you all enjoyed and thanks for reading and don’t forget dropping your precious comments in the comment box below. Remember all chamelis and chandanis are accepted.
Signing off Rishi18

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