Desire for love (Intro)

Hi guys!!!!
I am Rishi18 and I’m here to write a fan fiction on ishqbaaz so here is the intro

Lead Characters
Shivaay Singh Oberoi- A young, dashing business man and married to Anika.( Eldest brother)
Omkara Singh Oberoi – A young, handsome artist.(Elder than Rudra and Prinku but younger than Shivaay)
Rudra Singh Oberoi- A young, handsome hunk always flirts with girls married to Saumya (not known by the family).( Youngest but elder than Prinku)
Priyanka Oberoi- A sweet girl , youngest of all oberois and the most pampered child.
Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi- A young ,beautiful , chirpy girl married to Shivaay.
Saumya Tendulkar- same as in the show
Sahil- He is a cute , little ,lovable boy ,brother of Anika .
Ranveer Randhwan-A hot and handsome police officer ,playing opposite Priyanka Oberoi.
All other characters are same as in the serial .

New characters
Ishana – A beautiful girl she is a dancer by profession. She would enter in 3-4 episodes
Mona- She is younger sister of Ishana and will play a major cupid in Ishkara’s love story.
Some more points
There is no past of Prinku and Om
There is no Swetlana in this FF and Tia and Daksha will make an exit in few episodes. They are just to spice up the drama.
This FF will start just before the kidnapping scene.
Ishana will soon make an re- entry . I would continue the story from thereafter it had stopped and Ishana is played by Vrushika Mehta.
Anika has a past which would also be shown in later episodes
Parallel stories of all the pairs would go on.

So guys, how was the intro??

This is my first ever write up. I am not new on this page I was a silent reader of all the fan fictions and thought to use my imagination and write my own fan fiction. So guys tell me should I continue or not. Drop your comments on the comment box below. All chamelis and chandanis are accepted.

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  1. Sairan

    Interesting start
    Write ur first part asap
    Looking forward to read it ??

    1. Rishi18

      Thank you it really means a lot!!!
      and I would try to post next part asap

  2. interesting
    post soon

    1. Rishi18

      thank you and I’ll post soon

  3. Misha

    That was a really interesting intro.
    And I’m glad reading a clear and good intro of your story.
    First time but amazingly written. Keep up the good work.

    And I loved your last sentence Haha. Excited to read further.

    1. Rishi18

      Thank you Misha for you encouraging comment

  4. Its good…
    Update nxt part soon…. 🙂

    1. Rishi18

      Thanks Bhavana

  5. Intresting…update soon

    1. Rishi18

      thanks and I’ll post next chapter asap

  6. Interesting… Waiting for the next episode…

    1. Rishi18

      thanks and I’ll post the next part soon

  7. Shivika

    The interesting …amazing….brilliant start…liked the intro a lottt…….post soon….eagerly waiting

    1. Rishi18

      thank you so much Shivika

  8. Interesting

  9. Nithu

    Nice start

    1. Rishi18

      thank you

  10. Sat_9492

    Intresting.. continue plz…..

    1. Rishi18

      thank you

  11. Seems interesting. ..plz carry on..

  12. Ruksy

    Love it

    1. Rishi18

      thank you

  13. SamSun

    very good start and plot. it is very interesting so do carry on.

    1. Rishi18

      thank you

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