Desire for love (Part:11 Starting of a new journey)

So guys this is Rishi18 back with 11th chap
Scene 1:
Om reached Bareilly by his car. He was impressed by its simplicity and people’s helpful nature. People were kind enough to tell him the routes and help him, he easily mingled with people there. After coming there , he had felt a certain kind of relief and peace which was certainly missing for quite a few days from his life. His schedule for the day was fixed , he would first take some rest in the hotel and then visit the exhibition at night. Next day, he would go to the location and sign the deal. After coming here , he had started enjoying the peace so he had decided to extend his stay for a week.

Scene 2:
Rudra ‘s and Saumya ‘s college
Both were standing in the auditorium where all the students were given locations for their assignment. They were nervous as they wanted a place near Mumbai but luck did not favour them and they were given Nainital.
Both were worried as Nainital was far away from Mumbai and more than that it was a hill station where it would already be too cold . Both of them were not used to the cold and did not want to get sick during their assignment but still they did not have any other option .
They were to start their journey from the next day. They were to present a presentation about which they would be told after reaching their destination and were to look about their own accommodation as it would make them self independent which was one of the aim of their assignment.
After all the instructions Rudra and Saumya met at the cafeteria to discuss about the assignment. Of course there were other teams but only they were going to Nainital which was new to both of them. Rudra was never used to be self independent as he was always under the shadow of his brothers whereas Saumya had already been away from this shadow and knew how to stay alone but still she always stayed among people who were known to her.
Though the discussion was not long but they were still sitting there out of anxiety. They wanted to talk about their fear but were not able to express themselves. Saumya was sitting playing with long string attached to her top and Rudra was fiddling with his phone. Then after battling their hearts and finally” Rudra/Saumya I am scared” they said together. And both looked down. Then Saumya said “ Whatever happens we will stay together “ Rudra nodded. They came back to Oberoi Mansion.
Next day would be the starting of a new journey for them.

It was already night. Om had already attended the exhibition. His mind was preoccupied by some painting which had struck a string in his heart. It was made by an anonymous artist. The painting was of a girl stuck in the middle of a windy night. It had bold strokes of brushes which defined the confidence of the artist but the inner depth of the painting defined something opposite. He could feel the gloomy heart. He could feel an unknown connection with the artist and his feelings. He was eager to know about the artist but could only find that it was a girl who made this , who did not even come to see her painting exhibited.
He wanted to meet her but still did not have any clue how to get to her. Little did he know that next day would be the actual starting of his journey.

Shivika  ‘s room
Anika was folding her clothes smiling crazily. Just then Shivaay came and saw her working, he snatched the clothes out of her hand and kept them aside “ What are u doing Shivaay” “This is the question I should ask , can’t u take care of ur health and just rest, it is not even two days and see yourself” Shivaay shouted. Anika was shocked by his sudden outburst , she replied calmly” I am fine Shivaay , I was just getting bored now step aside and let me do my work”This was enough for Shivaay to burst out in anger”  Can’t u understand in simple language just go and rest” saying this he took her hand and took her to the bed, made her lie down, covered her with the duvet. Anika could not understand Shivaays behaviour “ Pata nhi kya ho jata hai inko beech beech mein kabhi kuch aisa karte hain ki lage ki yeh badal gye hain phir kuch der baad apni tadi dikhane lagte yeh apni ankhon ki tarah rang badalte hain” thinking this she slept. Shivaay smiled contently. “Tumhare liye tadi bahot zaroori hai” and went out of the room.

Scene 5:
Somewhere in Bareilly
Gauri was in her thought” I  don’t know what turn my life would take tomorrow, Kali Thakur has sworn to make me his and the land is also getting sold tomorrow. I just hope Shankar ji helps me in tackling my problems and starting the new journey of my life.

Precap: Rikara meeting

So guys this is the end, sorry if u found it boring.
Thank u guys for supporting me till this point. I hope u will like it further and I have lately been getting some ideas in my mind.
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