Desire for love (Part:10 agreement)

So guys this is Rishi18 back with the10th chap??
Anika unwrapped the box with trembling hands, and the next thing what she saw made her eyes wet, she cupped her mouth and started crying profusely, she sunk to the ground. Dadi and Saumya got worried seeing Anika and stepped forward but before anyone could step Shivaay came forward. He sat before Anika and looked at her, he lifted her head from the papers and made her look in his eyes. Anika could not control an just hugged him tightly leaving the papers , he smiled being content and reciprocated. Anika was crying loudly on his shoulders and was continuously mumbling thank yous in between her sobs.
Dadi on looking at Anika was confused, she picked up the papers from the floor and smiled seeing the papers and passed it to Saumya and stood there adoring the paper. Saumya who could not contain her excitement exclaimed” Sahil ‘s custody paper” Everyone present there smiled.
Anika who was still in his embrace was crying out of happiness. Shivaay was caressing her hair. She had calmed a bit realizing that he asked”You are happy, right” Anika broke the hug and nodded like a child. Shivaay smiled” Then why are u crying, just wipe these tears or u know what SSO can do” Anika smiled and wiped away her tears and said”Thank u Shivaay for giving my brother to me, u know u have granted my life to me” “Stop these thank u ,  I just gave ur rights to u and considering what I have done to u and ur brother, this is nothing. I still regret each and every action of mine so stop thanking me.” Anika could not understand how Shivaay changed so much after Daksh incident bit little did she know it happened just because of her .
Shivaay added “ This is not it, there is more in the box”Listening this Anika again looked inside the box and saw a paper. The paper was handwritten in a average handwriting. Anika did not have any trouble in recognizing it as Shivaay’s writing.  She read it loud” AGREEMENT TO NEVER REMAIN SILENT”. She along with all the members laughed out loud. She saw Shivaay standing with a sheepish smile which made her laugh more. She again looked at the paper and saw all the condition
1) Never remain silent(written in bold)
2) Fight back when required.
3) Never avoid me.
4) Every right to throw water and break glass.
5) Always be tadibaaz.
Next was his  Shivaay’s signature agreeing to the bond and a space for Anika’s signature.
Anika without thinking much signed to the bond thus, concealing it. Shivaay smiled heartily seeing his agreement ratified. By this time everyone present in the hall had read the agreement and were laughing the hell out by seeing Shivaay’s buisness mind. Anika was also smiling on Shivaay’s cute act and could not help thinking how her silence had done an havoc in his mind.
Everyone left the room leaving Shivika alone. Anika was also leaving when Shivaay caught her hand. Shivaay gestured her to stay back. “Something more is left now” asked Anika. Shivaay nodded and dug his hand in his pocket. He took out Anika’s chand bracelet surprising Anika. “I thought I lost this during that struggle.” She grabbed it and said “You know this is my heart and u returned it back to me, thank u so much.” “No need to thank me Anika it is very close to my heart too. I will never let u loose it and protect it with my  heart”said Shivaay( indirectly saying that Anika was close to his heart and he would never loose her and always protect her)??

Scene 2:
Shivaay was talking to Khanna “ U know Khanna I cant come as  foreign investors are here and Bade papa has also gone to Goa.  Just postpone the date or cancel the deal” saying this he declined the call and threw it away. Om saw all this and came to Shivaay” What happened Shivaay , you can share it with me” “Nothing just buisness problems, tell me what took u here”said Shivaay. “ Why  can’t I come to see my brother, just tell the problem Shivaay, maybe I can help u in this” said Om. “ Om, u see Papa and Bade papa both are not here and foreign investors are also here. We had to buy a land in Bareilly to establish our business there and we had selected the land too but we need a representative there to sigh the deal. The representative should be a shareholder of our company. I  don’t know whom to send.” “ If that is the only problem, then u can leave it to me. I was going to Bareilly to attend an art exhibition and now there is one more reason to be there. If u give permission I can be there as I am a shareholder too.” Listening this Shivaay brightened up and said” You solved all my problems brothers and U dont need any permission. I am happy to have someone there whom I can trust more than my life and do not worry  I will be there after completing my work here”. Om said “ Then it is done , I will sign the deal there and attend the exhibition too. By your leave sir” Shivaay hugged Om and they bid farewell.

Scene 3:
Rudra ‘s room:
Saumya was sitting and working on her laptop while our dumbbell Oberoi was doing push-ups. Saumya while doing her work was talking to Rudra too. “Today, bade bhaiya was too cute. He did too much efforts to apologize and impress didi i. I hope he never hurts her again” Rudra listening this sat up” Yes Sumo he has changed too much after Bhabhi ‘s kidnapping. I like this new bhaiya” They both smiled thinking about their bhaiya.
After sometime Saumya asked Rudra” Rudra have u thought about ur assignment, u have to choose a partner right” “ I have not thought about any partner yet”said Rudra. “ Even I have not thought about it yet. We even have to go outside Mumbai for it. I do not know whom to ask. I asked Hina but she had already paired up with someone else. I even asked every girl in my class but they have already paired with someone else or are deciding to ask someone else, now I am really worried” said Saumya. Rudra also told how Chubby had forgotten him. Then suddenly” Saumya, will you be my partner” asked Rudra. Saumya ‘s eyes widened listening Rudra. She was speechless for a moment, but after sometime composed herself and deciphered the meaning. Rudra could not understand Saumya ‘s reactions and looked on confused but his confusion was broken when Saumya replied “ Sure Rudra, it is a good idea” and left from the room.
Coming out of the room Saumya mentally hit herself for thinking it to be a proposal as she knew that her Dumbbell Oberoi could never understand what he said but she hoped that this team would work out for them.

Precap: Rikara meeting, Rumya on for the trip.

So it was a long long chap atleast for me. Sorry for the late update
Just to tell u all Om is still that Zulfikara , no change and Rumya are not married.
So now Rikara and Rumya’s love story is starting. Please be patient with me I do not know how it would work out between them. Their stories should be magical as I love them so have patience and forgive me if I  do not live up to your expectations. Shivika would also get time but lesser than usual till all of them get into Oberoi Mansion.
So do vote and tell ur opinion about Rikara and Rumya and how u want their story to move forward. Please give some suggestions.And a big sorry for the late update.
Love u all
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    Dear rishi
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    T C A S S ?

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