Desire for love (Part 9: Forgiven)

Hi guys this is Rishi18 back with 9th chap
Scene 1:
Anika gave him a glare  and turned away, Shivaay knew what was to be done. He winked at Rudra who was standing behind the pillar. Rudy pressed the play button and the song played Aji rooth Kar ab Kahan jaayiga……….. from the movie Aarzoo( I know it is from a old movie and I am not sure if u have heard and if not do listen to it, it is amazing).
Anika smiled listening the song but continued with her drama. Shivaay held her hand and turned her by twisting her hand back ( You know the shivika way???) She saw him eye to eye but remained stiff and pushed him and moved inside. Shivaay followed her and overtook her. This time Shivaay would not leave without being forgiven. He picked her up and took her inside. They were having a cute eyelock. He took her to the poolside and next what she saw flattered her.

Aloo poori was kept on a nearby stool. There was no chair kept there. Shivaay placed her on the raised platform beside the swimming pool and sat beside her. Anika who could not contain her excitement picked up the plate and started eating with her hands. After finishing the plate she just hugged Shivaay as tight as possible. This was the time she said the golden words which he had died to listen “You are forgiven Shivaay”. The long stretched anger and ignorance fled in air as Shivaay broke the hug and  stared her not believing his ears. She again repeated the words for him” You are really forgiven Shivaay.” Shivaay just hugged her not letting any air pass between them. Anika could feel his tears on her shoulder. She broke the hug and looked at Shivaay perplexed. “Never stop talking to me Anika again. Your silence hurts the most and these 3 days were the hardest days in my life. Your ignorance pierced my heart like thorns. Never stop talking with me, you can slap me, kick me, throw water on me, if u want break all these glasses or call me by any name including that Billu song but just ..jus “ not able to say anything hugged her again.

Anika brushed his hair” My silence hurts u so much Shivaay, then why do u always hurt me. You know Ur words broke me, I had started trusting u again but u broke that.” Saying this her tears also made way.” I am sorry Anika I never think before speaking. I believed that jerk Daksh and not trusting u but believe me my heart never accepted his lie. I am sorry Anika to break you and your trust again. I am so sorry Anika. I am so…….” He could not complete after that. “ ssshhh u need not say that again I already forgave u and just stop crying because SSO never cries and wiped off his tears. But he continued” U know I died thousand lives seeing u lying lifeless like that. Please never do that again” said Shivaay. Anika smiled seeing Shivaay so scared for her. She forwarded her pinky finger and entangled it with Shivaay’s “ PINKY PROMISE”. Shivaay smiled seeing that and tightened his hold on her finger.
Shivaay after wiping his tears said” Enough of this, come I have a gift for u” saying this he took her hand took her to the hall where Omru, Dadi and Saumya were standing. He brought her and made her stand in the middle. She looked at him with a questioning look but he royally ignored it asking her to wait.
He came after 5 minutes with a gift wrapped box in his hand. The box made Anika tear her eye. She just looked at it not blinking her eyes , even Dadi and Saumya were shocked.
It was the same box Shivaay gave Anika on her pagphera rasam. He gave the box to Anika. Anika took it in a robotic manner not knowing what new was filled in bag for her.
Precap: Shivaay’s gift shocks Anika and tears start flowing from her eyes…… Om goes to Bareilly.
So guess what is in the box and do tell me about ur guesses and the chap. I know this was shorter than the other chap but bear with it. So it’s time I am reaching the 10th chap which is the next one. Thank you for all the comments.

And last but not the least I love u all for the love?????

Signing off


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  2. Aafiya

    Superb.. Awesome… Finally SSO forgiven… Waiting for the next update eagerly..
    Post it as soon as possible.
    Take care

    1. Rishi18

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  3. Superb update??
    So at last SSO is forgiven
    Excited for the next part??
    Please post soon..

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      Thank u and will update soon dear

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    It is nice one dear

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  5. Hey dearie!!!! It was just fab?????
    Finally after a lot of struggles, shivaay earned the *forgiveness*
    I loved the couple’s conversation???,
    Especially the way he indirectly described his fears of losing her and the position which she beholds in his life!!!!
    What is there in the gift? ❓❓❓- can’t help thinking about it!!!?
    So just post the next? soon
    Eagerly waiting for that

    1. Rishi18

      Thank u so much Pakhi

  6. Alekhika20

    Fabulous update


    Very nice khitkitod update

  8. So you can get forgiven for forcefully marrying a girl and calling her a pr*stitute by making aloo puri and playing an old song??? Noted… Amazing world we live in today , right???

    T C A S S ?

  10. ItsmePrabha

    amazingly cute yet emotional…loved how shivaay told her his feelings…and about guessing the gift maybe they are divorce papers and he may ask her to tear them …a wild waiting for the next..

  11. Nice one

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