Desire for love (Part 13: Trust)

SO guys this is the 13th chap
Scene 1:
“ I know Shivaay you are trying to hide the truth as you are not ready for a child and if you don’t want it just tell me” Everyone was shocked seeing Tia claiming to be having Shivaay’s child but the most stunned one was Anika.
As Tia was saying all that she was smirking seeing Anika’s expression which she was not able to decipher that whether it was shocked, or of anger or of mistrust. Shivaay was stunned by all that he his anger was.raising by each passing moment as if he would slap Tia any moment. He clenched his fist in anger  and CHATAAAKK…
A slap landed on Tia’s cheeks and the fingers which were imprinted on her cheeks belonged to Anika. Anika stepped forward and said “ Bas ekdum chup , ek shabd aur bola to meri chamelis aur tumhara sar, tumhe kya Lagta hai ki tum bolti jaaogi aur hum chup rahenge, man Kar Raha hai ki dhakke maar ke tumko bahar nikalun “ “ How dare you blo*dy mist…” raising her hands to slap Anika but a hand stopped her and a voice roared “ How dare you to think about Anika like that” The hand which stopped her from slapping were of Pinky and the voice was of Shivaay. Both of them stepped before Anika like a shield. Pinky jerked her hand” Teri himmat kaise hui usse chhune ki, mujhe mere bete pe poora bharosa hai” “Pinky Mom believe me , I am saying the truth” “ Jethani ji aapki jutti badi hai ya meri? Iski himmat kaise hui mujhe mom bulane ki”
Seeing all the drama Shivaay was stunned he was shocked on the trust of the two ladies. “Pinky mom , I know this roadside Anika has filled your ears against me let me show her real place “ and stepped forward but Pinky twisted her hands “ Khabardar ek kadam bhi aage badhi” Shivaay went to Anika and held her hands. He knew this stress was not good for her and recalled the doctor’s words . Anika jerked her hand and was going to reply Tia but Shivaay covered her mouth and dragged her out of the hall. On moving away he looked back and saw his mother nodding assuring him.
As they left whole family came towards Tia
“What did you think that we all would trust you, then you are wrong Tia Kapoor, we trust Shivaay more than we trust ourselves” said Janvi
“Tia this was not expected from you “ said Dadi
“ Anything else is left or you will not go unless we kick you out of the house”  shouted Pinky in disgust.
Tia left all insulted.

Scene 2:
Shivika’s room
“Why did you bring me hear, aaj to main issue cheapde ki tai tai phiss karke rahungi “ and stood up but Shivaay again made her sit” Shaant Jhansi ki Rani Shaant, this much anger is not good for your health” and started taking out her medicines. “You are saying this tadibaaz Singh Oberoi” and started laughing. Shivaay smiled seeing her laugh and came with her medicines. Anika started making faces seeing them. “Shivaay see now I am fully recovered, I don’t need these medicines”
“Anika don’t show these tantrums and have them as you know what SSO can do” and did his famous hair flick. Without saying much Anika had them. After having them she started leaving but again Shivaay made her sit down and himself sat down on his knees before her“Anika thank you for trusting me back there.” Anika’s mouth was in perfect o listening thank you from his mouth but composed herself and said “ I always trust you Shivaay” “ But if all that was true , would you still stay beside me” asked Shivaay innocently. “ First of all I know my Billuji can’t do such things but if all that was true , I would still stay by your side” assured Anika by keeping her hands on his and gently rubbing her thumb on it. “And why will you do that?” asked Shivaay . “Because I am your wi…” but found lack of words and went away. Shivaay regretted his questions and his actions but he asked himself”Are you ready to accept Anika as your wife in front of the world?”

Scene 3:
Rumya had reached there in the morning and were already briefed about the assignment. It had already started snowing there , though the snowfall was less but still it was new for Rumya.
They were hell tired after the jouney and on top of that no room was available because of the full fledged tourism. Whole day they spent finding rooms but we’re unsuccessful. They only had two days to complete the assignment. After many attempts they finally reached a hotel which had a room. But only problem was that they only had one room. They talked to the manager but nothing could be done. Rudra looked upto Saumya and asked “ What should we do now” “ I think we should share the same room “ suggested Saumya . Rudra looked on shocked “ Are you sure Sumo, do you trust me” Saumya smiled and answered” I trust you Rudra” Rudra nodded and took the keys and they headed towards their room with their luggage.
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