Desire for love (Part 12: Shock)

So guys , this is Rishi18  back with  chap 12
Scene 1:
After making Anika sleep Shivaay went to Dadi. He knew Dadi was angry on him but now as Anika had forgiven him , he hoped that Dadi had forgiven him.
As he knocked at Dadi’s room “Andar aja Billu”said Dadi. “Aapko Kaise pata ? “ “ Dadi San janti hai Billu aur agar tu Jan na Chahta hai ki Maine maaf Kara ya nhi, to Maine maaf Kara Diya hai tujhe”
Shivaay was stunned. He was shocked at how well his Dadi knew him and before he could say anything” Tune Jo Kara uses tune sabka Dil jeet liya hai. Aise hi Anika Ka dhyan rakhna” and Dadi smiled and blessed him . Shivaay nodded and was still amused at his Dadi’s mind reading skills. “ Dadi you are amazing “ saying this he left the room smiling heartily and now this smile suited and belonged to him.
Scene 2:
In the morning
Shivaay and Anika are going out for some work till they see Tia coming and in that shrill voice “ Kahan ja rhe ho Shivaay baby” seeing her Shivika’s smile faded away.
Anika turned her face sideways towards Shivaay and said” Aagayi lady Baba, jaayiye Shivaay baby” she was already smirking seeing Shivaay’s face. He had a irked expression and after listening Anika he had almost lost his mind.
He went towards Tia and greeted her. “ You are here, any work” asked Shivaay straight away.”Yes baby and now I am going to stay in Oberoi Mansion” said Tia “Why?” was the question Shivika asked together. Shivaay then whispered” Phail Gaya raita” Anika was shocked and shouted “Hey, watch your language” Then, Shivaay turned towards her “Hey that was my line” “And the first line was mine” pointed Anika. Like this they went on. Tia was getting more and more irritated with each passing moment. Not able to bear more she shouted” Shivaay baby, I am pregnant”

“Fhat the wuck “ both of them shouted at the top of their voices, looking towards Tia. “You are joking right Tia” asked Shivaay who was still shocked. “Do you think I will joke about this, baby” said Tia. Shivaay was shocked as well as confused” Tia think carefully what you are saying , as far as I remember, I didn’t..” before he could speak Tia interrupted with fake tears” Now don’t say you don’t remember sleeping with me” “ Exactly, I never slept with u or rather I never stayed with you at night” “ What are you saying Shivaay, you don’t remember that night, the best night in my life.”  Shivaay was shocked to limit. All the family members had gathered in the hall. The were shocked to speak anything. “ I don’t know what you are saying, I know nothing as such happened between us. Even if I ever passed out after drinking , I always remember each and every thing” said Shivaay trying to maintain his calm.  “ I know Shivaay you are trying to hide the truth as you are not ready for a child and if you don’t want it just tell me” Everyone was shocked seeing Tia claiming to be having Shivaay’s child but the most stunned one was Anika. The next thing she did shocked everyone.
Precap: Family’s trust, Tia chapter closed.
So this was a short one but what to do these exams.
I will try to update a longer one next time.
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