Desi modern love – Swaragini (Intro and Episode 1)

Ragini is a silent person.. She never speaks her heart out.. Ragu is staying in a village she had never been to city. Even she doesnt know how a city looks.. She is staying with her dadimaa….swara is staying with sumi and shekar in city.. Dadimaa and shekar have a fight after the death of janki bcz he want to marry sumi., so he left his village with pregnant sumi… Later when ragini became mature dadima tells her everything but she prefers to stay with her dadimaa..
For the first time she is coming to city to join in college… She doesnt know how to evenspeak english well…
To others she looks like just a foolish village girl…
She didnt even see shekar properly
Bcz he left her when she was a child…

About sanky
He is born amd bought up in america… Completly funloving carefree type… Son of ram prasad and dujatha. Rp left india for his business with suju. Afterthat he didnt return to india…sanky is coming with his parents to india for the first time but he knows hindi very well bcz sujatha always preffered speaking in hindi at home
Swalak are in love with each other
Sanskar and laksh are cousin brother
Ragsan is younger to swalak
Sanky is in love with kavitha but he is not serious about her but kavitha is a obessed lover of sanky… Sanky wants a girl who is fun loving. Talkative.. Jolly types.. He hates silent type girls..
one thing i Will clear in the beginning this is a ragsan ff.i will b giving more imp to them… And also this is just a simple normal love story…. If u guys want me to continue pls say

Precap: ragsan reaching kolkata

Credit to: Sanjana


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