Desi modern love – Swaragini (Episode 9)


Thank you so much for ur comments… But really i didnt mean to do any emotional atyachar on anyone priya.. I was much disapointed thats ehy i wrote like that…
Episode starts
Days were passing like that but there was no change in sanky’s behaviour infact it becoming day by day harsh and also students always taunted her….now ragini is completly tired of listening all this…
In college,
Ragsan was sitting together
Ragini: sanky the sum which you are doing is wrong
Sanky: i know what is right and wrong dont teach… Muje tumbjaise pagal se help lekekki saroorat nahi hei…
Now ragini has lost all her patience
Ragini(in a shouting way): what is ur problem… Meri har bat me tume problem… Iam tired of this.. Did i ask you to sit me… U all are behaving like iam a alien..
Iam also a human like you all… I too have 2 legs and 2 handss…but one thing i have which you all dont… A king heart… Sanskar you even dont know what is kindness… You only know to show off your american style… Just bcz iam wearing traditional type dress you have problem with me but i dont care… Me jaise bhi hoo acchi hoo.. It really hurts when everyone is behaving…from everyone iiam getting taunts.. U all think just bcz of my dress i dont deserve to be anyone’s friend… Chii kitna kadya soch hei yeh.. I feel pity on ur thinking.. Tum lokon ka dil bohot chotta hei… Now i will tell you all something actually you all dont desreve to be my friedss and i MISS RAGINI GADODIA DONT KEEP FRIENDSHIP WITH SMALL HEART PEOPLE And iam proud that iam wearing indian dresses… Iam an indian… And for ur kind information.. I know how to protect myself.. I know how to keep myself happy si even if iam sitting alone iam happy in that… So pls be in ur limitsss.. Next time dont try to show me ur attitude..

Whole class was shocked to hear this from our innocent ragini
Our bechara sanky was completly shocked by seeing ragini’s this side
Sanky(in mind): pagal ladki ek dum jwalamuki ban gayi… Sanky beta next time be careful.. Sanky left from the seat silently…
After sanky went ragini cried vigourously(in mind): i didnt even think about speaking to him like that kanha ji… Now he will not accept my love or friendship.. Yeh maine kya kiya… Iam sorry sanskar.. I was completly tired of hearing all these taunts and ur rude behaviour… She was completly and left the college
At maheswari mansion
Sanky was completly thinking about ragini and her words… He felt guilt inside his heart.. Bcz of the way how he behaved to her..
So he thought of saying sorry to her….

Ragini was completly behaved but she feel any guilt of speaking like that …even the whole class listened that.. It doesnt matters for her.. But she was upset bcz she spoke to sanky like that… But all her thoughts were disturbed by knock of the door
Ragini opened it
It was swalak holding a cake
Ragini: cake? Kyeu? Someone birthday?
Swalak: this for you..
Ragini: meri liye kyeu?
Swalak: hamati behen ne itna bahaduri dikaya iske liye
Ragini: sacchhhi
Swalak: mucchhiii
Ragini cut the cake and fed both of them..
Trio had a hug
Swara: ragini tomorrow us college party .. What are you going to wear?
Laksh: meri behen ke liye maine kuch laya hei
SwarAg: kyA..,
Ragini: bhai pls show me
Laksh didnt give her and was teasing her

Raglak were fighting now
Ragini: kanha ji will take your eyes if you irritateyour sis(now again our innocent ragini is back)
Laksh: rago maa just mow we appreciated you for being strong pls dont start your foolish talks
Ragini: i said only truth.. It is not foolishness
Laksh: it is foolish ness
Laksh: haa te foolishness hei
Rag: nahi
Laksh: haa
Now ragini understood it is not easy to win so
Ragini: jeejaji
Laksh became completly irritated with this
Laksh: raggo nani i will not leave you
Now both are running
But our swara was silently opening ragini’ s gift
Both raglak saw this
Raglak: swara ki bacchi abd started throwing pillows on her
Now there was a complete pillow fight.. After some time trio was tired and sat on floor
Now all the cottons of pillow were falling down like a rain
Swara:look cotton rain.. Come lets take a selfie
Swaraglak took a selfie in which coottons were falling on them like snow
Episde ends with trio’s happy selfie with cooton rain

Precap: college party and ragu to dance

what was laksh gifting ragini? What dress?

Credit to: Sanjana

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