Desi modern love – Swaragini (Episode 8)


Hii guyzz.. Today to be very honest iam very dissapointed.. Iam getting very less comments… If it is like this iam going to end it bczz iam taking a lot of efforts and also lot of time… That is why it hurts… But a VERY BIG THANKS TO MY REGULAR READERS..,.
Episode starts,
In college,
Sanky came near ragini
Sanky: hey pagal move aside and sit.(he said in a ordering way)
Ragini: kya meri sita pe aagai aur mujh pe hi chillare..,, wah wahwah

If u want to sit with me you could have told already na…
Sanky: oo hello i. Dont want to sitt with you… I came here bcz of laksh
Ragini: BHAI
Sanky: haa… He told me to be with you orelse you will be in danger
Ragini: oooho bhai ki chamchiiiii
Sanky: kya… Chamchiiii… R u mad
Sanky see now you itself agreed.,and with this he sat with her…
They both sat together but did’nt speak anything
Ragini was in 9th cloud bcz her sanky was with her….
All girls were jeslous of ragini bcz their hero is with her…
Soon classe started… Ragini was very bored even she didnt know when her eyes closed… Now her head was on sanky’s shoulder…and she was sleeping peacefully as if she was in her bed…
Samky gelt some weight on jis shoulders and turned to see ragini
Sanky: seriously she is really mad…
Will anyone sleep like this peacefully in a class and that too whn professor is here and sanky was about to call her but he didn’t feel like to break her peaceful sleep
And he too was lost in her innocence…

After class
Sanky: ragini
Ragini:mmmm good morning swara
Sanky: ooo pagal this is not gud morning it is evening.,, and iam not swara iam.., sanky..
And for ur kind information u are sleeping in class room..
Ragini: haa i forgot sorry
Sanky: pks apne ghar chalo… Then only i can also leave… Bcz of ur bhai
Ragini: can we be frndz
Samky: i wont keep friend ship with crazy people … Sanky has his own style and classs…i dont want it to be spoiled being friend with you…. He said it in an almost insulting way
They both leave…. Ragini had tears in her eyes….

Precap: college party and ragini to dance…


Credit to: Sanjana

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  1. Oh cute epi…..but last part was so sad….n dont u dare to end this ff cutie…. I just love it n u l have lots of silent readers dear so pls…..

  2. Wow…awesome epi ….pls don’t bothered about comments and don’t end this ff ….. pls make it long…ur ff was awesome ….U r rocking …..pls update soon ….i am eagerly waiting for u next update …

  3. Cute episode.felt bad for ragini and don’t u dare to end this.

  4. I m loving it and pls don’t end it 🙁

  5. Plzzzzzz don’t stop I am one of ur silent reader I really luv this story plzzzz don’t stop it and in the next chapter wen she dances don’t make her embarrass herself everyone should be awe at watching her dance plzzzzzzz especially sanky plzzzzzzz make it for me update soon will be waiting

  6. It was so nice.plz dont end this ff.eagerly waiting next epi

  7. yaar i dont belive
    how can sanky rude to cute ragini

    shes full of innocence
    but i think without is knowledge
    sanky is developing soft corner for ragini

    plz dont end the ff
    at least write for them
    who comment

  8. dont stop this ff and dont forget about silent readers.
    ragini is so naive, make her so strong that she can face anyone or anything.

  9. cutie if you love us please don’t end it it is a lovely ff there are many silents readers please for us.

  10. Please don’t stop your ff it’s awesome

  11. Plz don’t stop ur ff it is really super yaar plz don’t stop plz I beg u

  12. Superb epi…no don’t stop this ff….it awesome dear….we all love it…plz don’t stop

  13. poor ragini

  14. Suhani plzz dont end it

  15. It was very fantastic..and pls don’t wry dear..u r an awesome writter

  16. Hey don’t end this.. It’s really cute to see innocent ragini..

  17. Arey yaar plz dint end dz ff……its really nice der r many silents readrs like me….seriously u ppl are blakmailing us by sayng am gng to end ff gng end ff….plz dont do emoitional atyaachaar plzz….

  18. Please never get a thought of ending it
    There are tons of silent readers and now comments also 🙂

  19. Awesome

  20. poor ragini…..plz dont end this….

  21. Nice one..

  22. Ur ff ws awesome
    i loved it
    nowadays im little busy thats y nt comment
    plz dnt end it

  23. Your ff is superb. Poor ragini. And ya don’t even think about ending this wonderful ff.??

  24. Don’t end your ff it’s really awesome

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