Desi modern love – Swaragini (Episode 7)

Guyzz i will definetly make ragini strong but not so fast bcz i hav just started the ff… I want sanky to enjoy ragu’s cuteness… This msg us specially for u anonymius…
Ragini sat alone in last bench… No one accompanied her.. Infact everyone was making fun of her… Even sanky also joined them(i already mentioned he don’t like these rype girlss)
All girls were surroundind sanky…
Ragini was very much bored bcz she is alone and also she cant keep her mouth atleast for a min…
So she was playing paper rocketss and small boats
When snky’s pen falls , he leanedto take it at that time he saw our ragini
He was shocked to see her playing like kids.. Unknowingly a smile cme on his face…
Ragini also saw him she too smiled back suddenly sanky came into senses and he turned backkk
Ragini: isse kya hua… He was looking like sharuk khan while smilinggg
Dayss passed like this now swaragini became like they are one soul… Sumi’s hatredness increased…
In college people continued to taunt rago but was used to it… It was not a problem for her… She was still sitting alone… But niw there there also she found happiness… Flying paper rockets was her major fun… Day by day her love towards sanky increased… Laksh and ragini also share a very good bond…(small tom and jerry fights also)
Shaurya is in swara’s class…
Shaurya likes ragini but its not love… It is just lust for her…
One day
Shaurya: ragini
Ragini: haa.. Aap kaun
Shaurya:iam in ur di’s class
Ragini: accha so u r my di’s friend
Shayrya: best friend
Ragini: accha.. So we are also friends and she forwarded her hand
Shaurya (in mind): she is a no1 buddhoo
He was about to giv his hand before that some one took ragu’s hand back
Laksh: RAGINI! He shouted…
Tagini: kya hua… Why are u so angry like this…
Laksh: who told you to be friend with this batameez
Shaurya: mind ur words laksh …
Laksh: i very well know what iam speaking… U just look at girls with bad intensionsss… U don’t deserve to be anyone’s friendd
Shaurya: itna gussa… Aakir kaun hei ragini tumhari? Is she your
before hE could complete laksh slapped him hard
Laksh: dont you dare to say anything lije that… U want to know who is she for me right then listen
She is my ssister….
Ragini was over whelmed by his wordsss
Laksh: some relations are mor stronger than any blood relationsss i dont have any blood relation with her but heart relation is theres…
Jitna ragini swara ki behen hei utna hi woh meri bhi behen hei.. Understand… So dont you dare to come near my sister aur ha meri SWARA ki bhi pass mat aavo
Lucky took ragi with her
Swaraglak are sitting together
Laksh: show some brilliance… Try to understand good and bad people…
Ragini: how can i lnow that he has bad intensions
Swara: be little strong dear.. He didnt come near for friend ship but he just want to use girlsss
Ragini: sorry swara.. Niw i will take care of myself..
Ragini: bye the way jij…
Laksh: no jiju plsss
Ragini: u r right i should not call you jiju but i should call you BHAIiii.. U protected your sis…
Laksh became emotional and hugged her…
Ragini also hugged himm
Swara was happy to see them….
Shayrya: ragini gadodia… .. I will not leave you easily…
In mm,
Laksh: sankar, ragini is in ur class right?
Sanky: woh pagal meri class mei hoo
Laksh: woh bohot innocent hei… There are many in our college to take advantage of that… Swara and i cant be always with her in college but u can bcz u both are in same class
Sanky: my dear bro what are you trying to say..
Laksh: i want you to be friend with her and always be with her when we are not there..,
Sanky: kya … Uss pagal ki saTh… Inpossible..
Laksh: pls yaar its request..
Sanky: to impress meri honewali bhabi…? He asked in a teasing tone..
Laksh: no… I consider ragini as my sis thats why..
Sanky: i need to think…
Screen freezes on sanky tjinking about recent scenes of ragini

Precap: ragsan….. Just ragsan

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