Desi modern love – Swaragini (Episode 6)


Sorry if left any names… Ur comments are great motivation for me.. Today no ragsan scenes.. So i will b posting one more episode by today night… Which will b full of ragsan and swalak.. Nowadays iam posting 2 episodes a day if u all dont want pls tell me.., pls
ragini was about to enter the house before that sumi stopped her..
Sumi:dont enter my house with these dirty clothes go outside there is servant’s go there change your clothes and then enter
Ragini felt very much sad but she didnt show it.. Ragini silent to clean
Swara: mom what is ur problem.. When one day i was completly dirty u didnt say anything to me.. Then why to ragini?
Sumi: bcz shona u r my daughter
Swara: and ragini?
Sumi didnt speak anything
Swara: if u accept or not i dont cate but the truth is ragini is baba’s daughter and my sister.. She angrily went inside..
At night
Shekar came home early
Sumi: u came so early today
Shekar: aaj meri betti aagayi
Sumi: for swara u never came early
Shekar: swara is alwYs with us but ragini came after many years… Sumi was irked
Shekar: ragini beta
Ragini: ji
Shekar: gave a gift to her..
Ragini: what is this
Shekar: open and see
Ragini opened it was i phone 6s
Ragini didnt understand the value of i phone and all but she she was extremly happy as she got a phone… Swara was also happy
Sumi: but swara’s phone is iphone 6 then why for ragini
Shekar:so what mishti.. When she wants new pbe i will buy it na
Swara: haa maa.. I dont want new phone now..
Ragini: how dont know how to use this
Sqara: i will teach you..
Swaragini was busy in phone
Sumi dodnt like their closeness
At maheswari mansion
Sanky was thinking about ragini… Their all scenes unknowingly a smile came on his face…
At gm,
Swaragini were in their room..
Ragini was trying to sleep and swara was busy with laksh…
They were romancing pn phone…
But swara noticed that ragini was unable to sleep
Swara: ragini kya hua?
Ragini: kuch nahi
Swara: will you not share it with your sister
Ragini: swara i always used to sleep hugging dadima
Swara: so what.. You hug me and sleep
Ragini was very happy like a kid..
They both slept off
In morning
Swaragini was getting ready to college
Swara: ragini wear this and she gave her a modern outfit
Ragini: swara iam not comfortable in this..
Swara: but ragini in our college everyone is modern and no one wears suitss
Ragini: so what swara… We shoud wear only what we are confortable… It is not our looks what matters but its our purity of heart what natters
Swara: arre wah ragini… Sometimes you behaves like a matured ladki..
Swara: then i will give you one of my suits..
Ragini:but i have mydress with me
Swara: pls naa
Ragini: mmm ok
Swara wears whit jean and a baby pink top she was looking superbbb
Our ragu wears swara’s purple suit… She was gorgeous in that…
They came down for break fast
Sumi: ragini why r u wearing shona’s dress
Shona: so what… Whatever is mine it is ragini’also….
Sumi in mind: this rahini is crossing her limits… I should teach her a lesson…
In maheswari mansion both the boys were looking dashing they headed towards college
Here swaragini also headed towards college
Ragsan were siblings if the rockstar .. So they were not ragged..
Ragini: swara pls pinch me.. I cant believe that iam going to study in such a big college…
Swara: pls dont forget that you have to be strong…. Many will b there to make fun of
Ragini: i remebwr ur advice… Dont worry… Iam sherni…
Swara hugged ger tightly and she went to her class
Ragini was looking her classroom in surprise… She was just surprised to see such a big classroom with many facilities…
She doesnt where to sit so she thought to sit in the first bench…
When she was about to sit
One girl: dont sit here behenji
Like that no one was ready to accompany her infact everyone was making fun of her looks and her stupid talksss
At that time our sanky enters
Now all the eyes were on him
Our ragini was also staring at him lovingly…sanky also saw her
Sanky: ye pagal meri class mein hoon.. Kya fate hei mera..
Ragini was about to go but girls pushed her and she fell down…
Now the whole class were laughing at her … Ragini was very much insulted… A tear drop from her eyes…
Screen freezes on ragini’s sad face
Thank u

Precap: some college scenes

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    Awww cute as always?Ragini is so much much cute?

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  17. Dear anonymous i will make ragini definetly strong but not so fast… I just started the ff.. Just bear it till 2 or3 episodes yarr… Till tgat enjoy her cuteness and innocense

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