Desi modern love – Swaragini (Episode 5)


So guyzz … Thank u for ur commentsAND SUGGESTIONS FOR SONG.. Especially priya,hera,joy for songss. Next episode i will finalise the song…. If it is long pls tell me .. I will make it short…
I know my dialgues are little bore but pls bare it yaar.. Iam not good in making dialgues…

Ragini fells for sanky in first sight itself she was thinking in her mind: they both are in heaven both in blue dress .they are surrounde by clouds… Many angels. Were… There…Both were dancing and lost in each other… Three gods(christ.. Kanha ji.. Allahu) all were clapping seeing their dance.. Unknowingly a smile came on her face
Sanky who didnt understand anything waved his hands infront of her…. Suddenly she remembered swara’s advice .. So in her dream all the angels vanished… Three gods were crying and bid bye to her… Sanky changed to devil(actually i meant hell god. I dont know what it is called)
Ragini: how dare you touch me
Sanky:ooo so u r blaming me who was trying to help you wah wah wahwah…
Ragini: help…. Standing in front of mandir and telling big big lie
Sanky: iam not lying infact you are putting blame on an innocent boy
Ragini: innocent? Phir se choote
If u lie kanha ji will cone in ur dreamzz and curse you
Sanky: WHAT! R u mad! Bakwass
Ragini: no no ian saying truth.. It had happend in my village.

Shanta bhai said a big lie infront of panchayat and later it was caught.. After sone days she became mad and everyone threw her out of the village …then.. (Ragu was about to continue but sanky interrupted)
Sanky: stop your fake story
Ragini: yeh choot nahi sach hei
Sanky: i dont want yo listen anything and he was about to go
Suddenly ragini thought
I should show him iam strong.. He should tell sorry
Ragini: who told u to go?
Sanky: i dont want ur permission to go..
Ragini: but now u need my permission to go

Sanky: acha… U r trying to stop sanskar maheswari.. Let me see it
By saying this he started to go suddenly ragini put her legs in between..and sanky fell from the steps.. But nothing happened
Everyone who were gatherd there laughed at him.. He felt very much insulted…
Ragini: iam my village’s sherni after some dayzz i will become city’s sherni… Bye saying this she took her small curly hairs and blew it in the air…
Sanky: now i will show u what i can do
He took her in her armss and walked. Ragini tried yo resist but of no use… He put her down in mud water.. Now she is completly drenched in mud water
Sanky gave a victorious smile…
Ragini took sone mud water in her hands and threw it on sanky…
Now his complete face is full of mud water… Sanky was about to come towards ragu but his legs slipped and he too fell on mud water.. Now bith were in mud water … Both started to throw mud on each other…
Many people were gathering

Swara and lksh were having golgappas and chatting…
Swara: laksh…. How nice the weather is… I love you laksh… Will u be there with me always.., she was completly in a romantic mood… But there was no response fro him..,.
Here our hero was busy in eating golgappasss
Swara: LAKSH she shouted
Laksh: haa haa
Swara:oh my god such an unromantic fellow he is… Actually i should say i hate you to him… And she walked way annoyingly
Laksh didnt understand what is happening
Laksh: i think being with that pAgal behen she also became pagal….
Ooo i should consult a psychatric doctor before i become pagal….
Laksh: swara…swarauuu…. My shona darling…. Pls dont go
Swara was walking through the road she didnt notice a truck coming near her suddenly somone pulled her backkk
It was laksh

Laksh: dont u hav eyes swara… R u looking at sky and walking( he shouted at her)
If anything happens to me what will happen to me hav u ever yhought of it…
Swara overwhelmed by his caring she gave him a tight hug … He too hugged her
Song plays…
Here ragsan was fighting in mudwater … Swalak was coming their by holding hands .. Both were shocked to see their siblings fighting like kids that too in mud water and many people are gathered over there
Swar:ragini… What are you doing are you in senses
Ragini: swara.. Do u kniw what happened and she was about to tell before that
Swara: enough meri maa… Pks aavo and she dragged her from there while walking she turned abd called
JIJAJI BYE… And she gave a cute smile
Laksh gave a angry look to her
Laksh: pagal ladki
Sanky: i think she ran from some mental asylum and came here
They both headed tio clean his cothes

Ragini also ckeaned her clothes
In car,
Ragu was thinking completely about sanky. How held ger before falling… Taking her in his armss.. Their mud fight… Ragini had already fallen for him but bcz of swara’s advice she didnt want to believe him completely…
Screen freezs on ragini’s dreaming face…..
So how was it?

Precap: harsh behaviour of sumi and swara’s unconditional love towards ragini

Credit to: Sanjana

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