Desi modern love – Swaragini (Episode 3)


So guyzz ready with the 2ndepisode
Sumi was not happy with the arrival of ragini.. It was her first husband’s child moreover she thought everything which was till now swara’s will have to be shared
When ragini hugged and called her maa she didnt like it but she didn show it..
But ragini was very mich happy that she got a mom now she will also get a mother’s love
They reached gadodia mansion
Ragini: itna bada ghar
Ye tho palace hei

Shekar and swara was smiling seeing ragini’s amusement
They entered ragini was observing everything very carefully
Sumi: shona usse apni guest room dikavo
Swar:guest room kyeu
Shekar;haa mishti ragini meri beti hei then why guest room
Sumi was speechless for a moment
Swara: maa ragini meri behen hei. So sisters will stay im same room…u know na maa sisters room and all
Sumi didnt liked the idea of sharing room bcz she ddnt want swara to share anything….
Swara: come ragini i will show u our room
Sanky was shicked to see all oily foods gor breakfast
Sanky: sorry badi dad i wont eat all this… Dekho yeh kitna oily hei.,.i will become mottu in one week

Ap: no meri bacha… Just try it its very tasty
Sanky: ibadi momzz u also stop eating all this … This is why u are motti… Now i will hav to call u motti momzz
Sujata: chup kar! Dont speak lik this to elders… She is lik ur maa
Ap: its ok sujatha… Meri beta muje kuchh be call kare… I dont have any problem.. Afterall yeh meri raja bacha hei

Sanky: aap moti ho lekin bohot cute bhi ho…saying this he pulled ap’s cheeks…
Within this small time samky and ap became very good friends
Ragini shocked to see swara room
Ragini: swara! My house is just half of ur room.. U r very lucky
Sqara: ab tho yeh tumhari bhi hei
Ragini was observing the room very carefully all the paintings and all… She was standing there in the balcony. Sumi came
Sumi: ragini
Ragini: ji maa
Sumi: ragini u can call me choti maa nit maa
Ragini(was very sad but she didnt show it): ok maa i mean choti maa
Sumi: mm. Come hav ur breakfast
And she left…tears wre flowing from ragini’s eyes… She thought she got her mom back but here everything was happening just the opp

At breakfast table,
Ragini: yeh ghar nahi hei.. Yeh tho restaurant hei… This much varietis of food..,
Swara:ragini! She shaked her
Ragini: haa kya hua
SwAra : i should ask this question to u… Eat
Ragini;swara can u help me.. Iam in a confusion whoch dish should i choose
Swara burst out laughing
Swara:yeh hotel nahi ghar hai.. Have what u like
Ragini: everything is my fav
Swara: then hav all

Ragini: nahi mei motto ho jaonki
Shekar: shekar was enjoying his daughters funny talksss
After break fast swaragini were in their rooms… Swar was arranging raginis dress in cupboard… Ragin was sitting in bed compketly shock(in mind): bunglow, hotel jaise foods,3 servantsss,big room, spongy bed): i think yeh sab sapna hei…. Ragini aur teh sab impossible…
Swara: ragini u dont hav much dress. Tomorrow we will go for shopping…and also yeh dress tho behenji types hei.,. We will buy something new
Ragini: swara i wont weat chotte kapde and jeans and all…swara u also dont wear chotte kapde..
Swara was really enjoying her sisters silly talks and her company very much
Ragini: i wAnt to go mandir..will i take me
Swara: haa haa kyeu nahi

On the otherside
Ap asking sanky to come with her to mandir
I know u all wont lije this epi… Next onwards there will b ragsan scenes
If u dont like it pls frankly tell me… Iam not good in writing dialogues…

Precap: sanky holding ragini in his arms

Credit to: Sanjana

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