Desi modern love – Swaragini (Episode 2)


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Dadima made ragini sit in the train both were crying vigourosly bcz its the first time that she is staying
away from eachother…. Dadimaa gave her a bagwan idol Nd said that this will help her in all her tough sutuation and also do not loose it… After that they hugged each other and ragini left

Scene 2
Sanky reached maheswari mansion he was sgocked to see ghis type of traditional house… Ap qelcomed them with all their rituals
Sanky was amased to see the ladies of the house
Sanky: attention please ladies
Ap: kya hua beta
Sanky:badi momzzz i wanna ask u something
Ap: badi momz?
Sanky: yes badi momzzz. I will not call u badima and all… Sanky has his own style….
Ap:teeke beta… U can call me in any way.., acha tumara doubt kya hai
Sanky: why r u guyz wearin so heavy sarees and heavy jewllery on home? By seeing these heavy sareez and jewellery i itself feel so much tiredness then how can u all wear it whole day…
Ap: beta this is our tradition.. We are wearing it daily. So we are used to it…
Sanky: what DAILY? Omg
Ap: omg?
Uttara: ha oh my god
Ap: accha… Whatever it is come in and have ur lunch
Sanky (in mind): hpw will i stay with all these showcase type prople.. And also in such a big house… What if i get lost here .,,,,omg
Sanky met laksh they hugged each othe
Sanky was happy bcz atleat there is one who is like him… Soon they became friendzzz

Ragini reached kolkata… She was amazed to see everyone especially tge ladies.
For her she is jeans and top and short dresses for the first time… She didn even see tv and all so everything wear new to her
Ragini closed her eyes when she saw a ladli in very short dress
Ragini: what are they wearing such small dress….kanna ji muje inlokom ke saath nahi rehnaaaa chiiiiichiii
Suddenly someone called her ragini beta……it was shekar
Shekar was very much happy to c her but ragini was not so happy bcz for her he cheated her mom and morever he didnt even come to see her in these years
Shekar came and hugged her and kissed her forehead…. But she wS not touched by all this
SwarA wS extremely happy that she got a sisas she likes having siblingsss but one person is not happy with raginis arrival…,,, who is that?

Precap: ragsan first meeting

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Credit to: Sanjana

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