Desi modern love – Swaragini (Episode 11)

Sorry for the late updates i was little busy..
ZOYA….. Sorry for making you wait…….

DHARA, i think you misunderstood me .. I dont think wearing traditional dresses make a person behenji but its people’s thoughts.. If i have such thoughts then i would have made ragini wear modern dress then make her bold and strong but here i made her strong and bold with wearing traditional dress itself.. Even i wear mostly salwars
Sorry dhara if i hurt you.. You are really a friend to me .. I just said my view.. Thats it
Thank you regula readers and silent readers
Episode starts.,
Ragini was in sanky’s arms and the spotlights were on them
Ragini: sanky leave me.. Everyone is looking..
Sanky was completly lost in her beauty….
Sanky took her to the stage
Now the song zehanaseeb plays
Both were now standing so close…
Sanky kept his hands on her waist… Ragini was shivering due to his touch
Now they both were dancing so romantically.. Both were lost in each other…
Without sanky’s knowledge ragini was taking place in sanky’z heart…

Now the dance was over but ragsan’s eyelock was disturbed by the audience…
Sanky was about to say something to ragini but before that she went..
On swalak,
Laksh: swaru are you also thinking what i think
Swara: how can i know what you are thinking
Laksh: oooo meri buddhoo iam telling about ragsan
Swara: if its about them then we are thinking the same
Laksh: i think ragu loves sanky..
Swara:mmm i also have a doubt.. But what about sanky
Laksh: i think he has some feeling byt he is unaware about it.. Koi bath nahi.. When laksh is here .. Sanky will realise his feelings….
They stopped their convo when they saw ragini coming towards them….
Swalak:ragu you were just awesomeeeeee
Ragini: thank you thank you…
Sanky also came ragini just left the place silently as she was not comfortable with him after the dance…
Sanky was searchin fr her everywher…
Sanky: kaha hei yeh pagal…
Ragini was sitting outside the hall in a bench..
She was looking at yhe stars..
Sanky in mind): i was searching for you in the whole place and she is sitting here..
Sanky came and sat beside her
But ragu didnt know
Sanky: ragini(he called her name for the first time very sweetly)
Ragini didnt speak
Sanky: iam sorry.. Ragini…
Ragini: kis liye?
Sanky: for my rude behaviour
Ragini was happy from inside but she didin’t show it.. She kept her angry wala face…
Ragini: so you knew it was rude.. But still you didnt change
Sanky: haa i knew it i mean i fidnt knew it that time but now iam realising it and also apologising to you…
Ragini: is this any new trap for me
Sanky: no yaar.. I really mean it.. Pls forgive…
Ragini:hmmm i will think about it
Sanky: iam apologising to you abd u are showing your attitude.. Wah wahwah….
Ragi; you was also showing attitude to me till now.. Ball is in my court .. So i will also show you some attitude
Sanky: ragini pls dont start a fight yaar.. I mean always we are fighting.. Now its time to stop it.. Tiill when we will fight like this.. I know it was completly my mistake.. I really fell guilt for that.. If you didnt forgive me i will really in that guilt.. Pls forgive me
With this sankykneeled down infrint of ragini and showed a red and white cute teddy
The teddy says: IAM SORRY…!
And our sanky was keeping a cute face..
Screen freezes on sanky’s cute sorrywala face and teddy

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