Desi modern love – Swaragini (Episode 10)


Thank you all fir your comments… And guyzz ragini will definetly wear modern outfits but not now….
Episode starts
Swara: if all your fights are over then shall we open your gift ragu
Ragini: haa
– [ ] Swarag opened it and ragini was surprised to see.. She screamed in laksh’s ears bcz of joy
Laksh: ragu maa pls dont shout.. My earsss.. I need it yaar to hear your sisters bhakbhak
But swara was not happy
Laksh saw this and asked her to come out through balcony

This was the dress that laksh gave her..our tagu was completly busy in checking yhe dress
On swalak side
Laksh: kya hua swara? Swaru pls dont tell me that i didnt giv you gift.. Every week iam givong you gifts.. This time its only for my behen..
Swara: that is not the matter
Laksh: phir.. Dress acchii nahi hei
Swara: laksh bohot acchii hei..
But this is college party..everyone will be wearing modern outfits.. Even i will b wearing moder outfits..
So if wears this and come then everyone will again taunt her.. I cant hear mu sisters insult..
Laksh: i know swaru everyone over there will be wearing short dresses but do you think if i gift her such dress will she b happy? She might wear it for my sake will she be comfortable? This happiness and excitement which is seen in her eyes will nit b seen if i goft her that type dress
Swara: and you dont want your sister to be unhappy so you gave her this
With this laksh hugged swara…and swara smiled

College party
Ragini damn beautiful in that dress
Swara was wearing a purple short drss she was also beautiful..
Eventhough ahe was not wearing modern dress all the boys were mesmerised to see her
Boys: omg she is looking damn hot.. But stlii they all started taunting her
Students: behenji came again wearing those type of dress
Swara fumed in anger heating them taunting her sister
But laksh holded her hand and asked her to be calm bcz he want ragini to respond
Ragini: ohhho i think u guyzz were eagerly waiting fir.. Aab me aagai aur indezaar khatam
She gave a congident smile to them..
Niw she turned towards boys

Ragini: looking at ur faces i can easily understand you all have fallen for me..
With this she stood on top of a table and said
Ragini: attention plsssss.. Girls just look at ur dresses, see everyone is wearing same type of outfits just some designs and colours are different.. Excluding all these slight changes u all are wearing same kind of dress
But just look at me.. I am the only one who us wearing something different.. Iam only unique over here… Asn as u all konw UNIQUENESS GRABS ATTENTION

Swalak clapped hearing slowly all boys clapped
Girls were fuming in anger
Girl:so miss centre of attention … You have to do something different so the stage is all yours
Ragini: i accept your challenge
With she went towards the stage
Swalak were eagerly waiting for ragini
Niw all the lights ate off
At this time our hero is entering
Sanky: why is it complete darkness

The spotlight falls on ragini
She is facing back towards the audience as soon as the song
Ragini turned … Sanky opened his mouth in shock.. Suddenly laksh came and closed sanky’z mouth
Ragini was like a fire on stAge she was dancing so gracefully.. All the etes were at her…
A boy standing near sanky said

Biy: kitna hot hei yeh…
Suddenly sanky closed his eyes .. Tge other one who was left to sanky said:s*xy ladyyy
Sanky closed his eyes with hus other hand.. (It was a kind of jealousy )
Now sanky’s bith the hands were on tose 2 boys afterthat he turned towards the stage
Samky looking at ragini’s gracefull dance: OH MY GOD….IAM LOOSING MY CONTROL
Some girls changed the song to
RADHE TERI(studnt of d yr)

They thought after changing the song ragini woul struggke but they were wrong now more gracefully on that song.. She didnt even care that the song was changed.. She was completly drowned in her dance…. Now was dancing on the edge of stage suddenly her legs twisted and she was about to fall all the boys were ready to catch her but only one person caught her..
That was our sanky
Now ragini is in sanky’s arms..
All boys were so sad that they couldnt hold her
Ragsan was each other lovingly….
Mere haath mein tera,.. Song plays from fanah film…

They was having a very romantic eyelock……
Sanky freezs on ragsan’s eyelock…
So how was it?
Ragini will definetly wear modern


Credit to: Sanjana

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