Desi modern love – Swaragini (Episode 4)


So sorry guyzz …. I could not reply you all … I was little busy
So here we go
Swar: so shall we go to mandir
Ragini: yes swara
With they both headed to the car
Swara sat on droving seat
Ragini sat next to her
Ragini: swarA do u know driving?
Swara: haa kyeu(why)
Ragini: so here girls will also drive?
Swara: its not a big deal…, nowadays small kids also will drive
Ragini: kya chote bacche(what small kids) yeh tho kanha ji ki chamakdar hei. Hena swara… Otherwise how could small kids can do this
Swara suddenly put a brak to her car hearing her sister’s foolishness….
Ragini:kya hua?
Swara: nothing ragini… U are really brilliant… U know everythin(she said in a teasing ton)but our poor rago didnt understand it
Ragini: i know swara… Dadima always says that iam ver brilliant… Now u also understood it in a shirt span of time… Thats my brilluance
Swara simply nodded to her in a shocking way bcz she didnt know that her sister is innocent and little foolish…
Swara she need to make her sis little strong otherwise anyone can take her advantage afterall its city no ragu’s village
Swara: ragini i need to tell u something pls listen very carefully
Ragini: haa swara tell…
Swara:eagini this is city… Sometimes you will be alobe here so u have to take care of yourself… Dont believe anyone easily… Dont allow anyone to touch you
Raguni: what do you mean?
Swara: for eg when you are about to fall some may touch you and say they were just helping you…understood
Ragini: haa swara….
Likethat swara said many things to her and ragini listened everything as if she was sitting in a IAS coaching centre..
Ragini: swara u are really great… U know everything… Teach ne like this .. I will also vecome great like this….
Swara really liked her pagal sis
They reached mandir
Swara:one more thing ragini… Always show other’s that you are strong… So they will not make fun of you
Afterthat they were heading to mandir suddenly sumone came and hugged swara
It was none other than laksh…
Ragini didnt know they wre lovers so she pushed laksh from swara andstood in between them
Ans then she took a pib from her bag and showed it to laksh and said
Ragini: jow dare you touch my sis.., you know how strong iam
And then she started pinching him with her safety pin
Laksh: ouch! Swara what is she doing
Swara was standing their in complete shock… Bcz if her behaviour…
Swar:haa haa haa kya hua
Laksh: dont you hav eyes see what she is doing…
Swara: tagini leave him he is my friend
Ragini: tho kya hua… Who told him to touch you…
Swara: he is my best friend.,.
Ragini: dont believ him he is just taking advantage of you… Dont worry swara now your sherni sister came… Now i will save you..
Swara: (in mind): omg… All my advises backfired meee
Here ragini was pinching him all over his body…
Swara:ragini he is my lover
Ragini: lover?
Rag: so you guyzz will marry
Swar: mmmm
Rag in mind: hey kanha ji… What did i do… This is my honewale jiju and i…. Chiii
Sudenly ragini hold her ears and said :sorry jiju… Iam sorry jiju…
Swara and laksh together: JIJUUU
Ragini: haa jiju…
Laksh:call me lucky or laksh
Ragini: u r my sis to be husband so how can i call u luckyy no no jiju
Laksh: not jiju… Lucky
Ragini: jiju
Ragini:jiju jiju jiuuuuuu she shouted..
Laksh: lucky lucky luckyyyyyy he also shouted back
Everyone who were gathered ther watching them swara under stood the situation and
Swar: ragini go and peay i will cum
Ragini: but
Swara: goo
Swara took laksh and started walking suddenly ragini called her
Raginii: swara bye… Bye JIJUUUUUU and she ran into the mandir…
Laksh :i thought swara is world’s biggest pagal but i must say swara u are far far better ….
Ap and sanky reached mandir..
Sanky: badi momzzz u go i will wait outside
Ap:why do you hav any complants(shikayat) with bhagwan
Samky: nothing like that i will come
Ap: mm tk
Inside mandir
Ragin: kanha ji itna bada mandir.. She was seeing evertjing like a child
She stood infront of kanha ji and closed her eyes and started and started to pray but she couldnt bczzz she was observing all the things in mandir she was not at all interested to pray.. For the first time she is seeing such a big mandir so she was observing
Ragini: soiry kanha ju next time when i come i will definetly pray….
After that she was looking here and there while walking herblegs slipped and she was about to fall but some strong hand ms held her…
It was sanky… And one red shawl cme and coverd them… Bith didnt know from where ut came…. Screen freezes on sanky holding ragini by her waist and a red shawl fallin over them
Thank u
Precap: sanky to take ragini somwhere in his armsss and swalak scenes
Not proof read… Typing mistakes will be there

Credit to: Sanjana

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  11. pinkChocolate

    Oh my God!!??It was soooooo sooooo much cute???Ragini is like a pretty baby! I love this Ragini tooo much? Raglak scene was amazinggg?

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