MY DeSi GiRlzz~Ragsan n swalak (Chapter 1)

Hiii guyzzz fizoo back thanks alot guyz ur support means alot to hope u like my 1 chappy enjoy soo….


The story starts in a village where is about to rise n a small house is shown where 50s age man is shown who is sleeping calmly suddenly he got up with jerk n is sweating badly he sees here n there n stands up n rush to another room n finds its empty he wears his waist coat n pagri n takes his stick n goes out….

Scene shift

A girl back is shown who is sitting on the rock near the river n seeing sunrise(he small dark brownish orbs are shown sparkling) she rest her chin on her hands( her hand is shown with green bangles) she sigh seeing the beautiful scene n a cute smile appears on her lips(her baby pink lips are shown) she twinkles her eyes n clap her fingers infront of her eyes alert them to not to sleep

Voice:ehmm ehmm(cough)

She suddenly get alerted by the cough
N hit her head with her palm

Girl:Babaaaaa n she turns n her face revealed she is Ragini n the man is keshav her baba

Keshav comes n holds her ears

Kes:Lado this is 5 tym u go without telling me how many tyms should i have to tell u dnt go anywhere without telling me but u dont cares about me na u knw how much i got scared when i did not find u (angry)

Rag:uffu baba how many tyms should i have to tell u that i m grown up dont act like i m a small baby n u knw na i love to see sunrise(she smiles) n yes dnt get worry bcz when u r wid me for always i will never ever leave u (she hugs him) n dnt act like my khadoos baba u r my sweet baba na then (she look at keshav who hit her head)…….. (Uffu baba kitni bar hum apko btae k ham bare ho chuke hai ap bacho ki tarah hamari fikar mat kia kro or… Apko pata haina hamein suraj kaka ko dekhna pasand hai to phirr or jb tk ap hamare sath ho hum apko chor k kahi nai jeange or bure baba ki tarah mat danto ap hamare ache baba hona)

Kes:u r impossible laado n nxt tym if u go without telling me then i will bcm ur khadoos bad baba understood…. (Tumhara ham kuch nai karsakty laado or agar agli bar hamein bina btaeye gai na tum tu hum tumhre bure baba ban jaenge samji)

Rag:samj gae n nods like a child n smiles

Rag:lets go baba

Kes nods n they leaves

(Rags wears a green n brown village type ghagra choli n side braid with bindi n payal)

Scene shift

A girl is shown standing at a stage in red stylishhh suite n her hairs are left open some hair strands disturbing her face she tick them behind her ears (her big black eyes are shown) she smiles n waves hands in air ( her beautiful smile n pink lips are shown)
Her eyes twinkle in the spark of light she gives flying kiss in airs

All cheers n claps

Host:the best classical champion of the years goes tooooooo

‘ahhhhhhhhhh’ a girl got up with a jerk n sees towards a middle aged lsdy who is showing eyes to her

Girl:G mami(she smilez) and is revealed to b Swara

(Guyz i will use mami as ma)

Ma:look at this maharani still sleeping n dreaming who will do work haan… Y i should see ur manhoos face in the morning now my whole day will b spoiled( angry)

Swara smiles

Ma:now dnt show me ur manhoos smile n do all work sunrises n u queen still sleeping….. We did not eat in ur sleep ok go first clean whole house n go to work n come home on time dnt u dare to go to that patshala(skool) or another village got that(she shouts)

Swa smiles:ok mami i will do dnt worry

Ma:first go n bring breakfast i m hungry

She nods n goes
After sometime swara comes out wearing a yellow n brown village type dress similar to ragini n yelow bangles with bindi n payal n hair open

She goes to kitchen n starts preparing bf

Voice:shii shiii(some typ of voice)

She looks up n find kishan signing her something (kishan mami sons )


Kis:did u saw the dream today to

Swa widely smiles n nods

Kis:really what did u saw did u got the award

Swa sadly smiles:  no chotu today today also mami splits water on my dream but u knw i m looking very beautiful in red suite just like mem saabs types whixh rich people wears u knw(she smiles)……….. ( nai chotu aj b mami n pani phenk dia but tujhe pata hai ma un kapro mai bht achi lag rai the bade logo ki tarah)

Kis: really di dnt worry one day surely u get the award(swara caresses his hairs)

Voice:award what is award

Swakis looks at that direction n finds laxmi(mami daughter) standing

Kis(murmurs): Loo agai maa ki chamchi

Lax: did u say anything n what r y doing here n y r u not making bf i think i should call maa otherwise u did not do any work

Kis:y did u come here(annoy)

Lax:y should i tell u n u(to swara) make pharathas for me

Swa:but laxmi there is no flour at home u can eat tomrw

Lax:what u said noo to me now w8 what will i do n is about to shout

Kis intrpt: oye chipkali she did not say no she said that there is bo flour in home

Lax:if flour is finished then she can go n bring it too go n bring (folding her arms)

Swa:but i dnt have money

Lax:thats not my problem i want to eat pharatha thats final otherwise u did not get food for whole day got that n leaves from there

Swara hurriedly serves tea n goes to give it to mami

Swa:mami here is ur tea

Ma:n where is laxmi bf

Swa looking down:mami she wants to eat pharatha but flour is finished

Ma:then y r u seeing me go n bring

Swa:i dnt have money mami

Ma:what but i give u money tomrw go n bring it from that

Swa:mami that money i gave it to chutki she needs to bring mami medicine thats y(smiling)

Ma:what r u mad how can u give ur money to anyone now go n bring it right now otherwise u knw very well(she said glaring)

Swa:mami vo….

Ma:goooo n come in 15 mins only

Swa hurriedly leaves kishan follows her

Scene shift

In mumbai a big mansion is shown where a middle aged man is shown reading news paper n drinking tea when someone comes n back hugs him n kiss at his cheeks

Voice:Gud morning papaa

Man:god morning uttu

The man is reveal to DP and the girl is uttara

Utt:papa how many times i have to tell u not to call me uttuu yrr call me uttara na now i m big n go to office also ( uttara wears a black jeans with black shirt n white coat)

Dp: i knw baccha but for me u r my small doll uttu na

Utt:uff its impossible to make u understand leave it where is mom

Dp:ur hitler mom goes to see ur small brother who did not come at puja

Utt giggles: ofcourse he must have came late night n my big mommy bro where is he??

Dp:must b somewhere scolding inocent people

Utt:uff dnt knw when there thinking will b changed God knws who is unlucky one will get lectures this time

Dp shrugged his shoulders

Dp:just wish he did not get hyper

Utt:yeah papa forget him he can never b change he n his society class n values huh

Dp:just like his mom

Utt:thats the bitter truth popps n both chukkles

Scene shift

A boy in classy white suit with blacks shades is shown shouting at gardner

Boy:r u mad or what u illetrate people cant u see i m coming bcz of u my expensive suits get spoiled who the hell said u to put this dirty water bucket here(he takes out of his shades n his brown shiny orbs are shown) he holds his glasses in his hands n says’ dnt u dare to show me ur face again if i saw u na then i will surely make u out of this town n yeah make sure ur children got education otherwise they will b like u illetrate only(his irritated face is shown n yup he is sanskar)

Gar: sorry saab i will clean it now but dnt make me leave plz(he pleads n tries to clean his suits

San:urghhh dnt u dare to touch me stay away from me n its final dnt come from tmrw he goes n murmurs ‘illetrate people’

Scene shift
A big room is shown with blue n white well design walls n well furnished furniture on bed a boy is shown sleeping covering his face someone pulls his blanket he again pulls it up

Boy sleepy: let me sleep get out” he again pulls blanket on his face… Again someone do this he again does the same then again now whole blanket was pulled by some1

Boy: broo plz give me my blanket back dnt act like hitler plz u knw i come late let me sleep

Voice:whom u called hitler LAKSH

(Ofcourse its our sleeping laksh only)

Lak:moo… N realize n gets up opening his both eyes widen

Voice:moo who

Lak smiles:no one mom its just u knw na slip of toungue n sees Ap who is glaring he smiles

Ap:when did u come last night

Lak:i m at home remember

Ap:Laksh she glares

Lak: actually i forgot the tym ask bhai(he said incntly smiling)

Ap:what sanskar is wid u(shock)

Lak:yes bro is wid me y did he not tell u hawww(he acts incntly shock)

Ap:come downstairs right now

Lak:5 mins plzzzzzzz

Ap:comeeeee n goes

Laksh unwilling goes n comes out changing in white shirt n blue denim

He goes downstairs n stands nxt to utt n dp

Sanskar comes in

San:maa u called me

Ap:sanskar whats this what happened to ur suite

While dp uttlak giggles to c sanky in dirty clothes

Utt:whats this bhai u n dirty clothes what if someone sees u like this what will they thought what will society thought( she said act like shock)

Lak:yess bhai u should……

Ap:laksh uttara u both stay quite i m asking na

Sanky glares uttlak

San:actually maa that stupid illetrate gardner put dirty water in the middle of road i walked n got slipped thats y it felt on me(irritated)

Dp:that means today his day of lectures (he silently whispers to uttlak n trio chukkles)

Ap:forget that beta i will handle hin u go n change if someone comes then it not gud to c u like this u go n changed n come i have to talk to u

Sanky nods n after some tym comes wearing blue suiy wid yellow shirt

Ap, Dp and uttlak are sitting on dine sanky comes n sits opposite to laksh

Ap:sanskar i have to ask u something

San:ask maa (eating toast)

Ap:where were u last nite

Lak who is eating chocked whike Dputt look at doubt

Ap:laksh eat slowly

Lak:yes mom… Mom i was asking what about to go to bros office today

Dpsanutt look at him shocked while ap smiles

Ap:its gud atlast u got some brain u can go wid sanskar but wear some suite ok not in this formals ok

Lak smiles: ok n y r 3 looking at me like this

San:cuz i thinks its a dream

Utt:even i think the same BMB(big mommy bro)

Laksh chukkles wid dp while sanky glares utt who smiles

San:maa u r asking me about last nite

Ap:ooo yeah where did u go n y did u not tell me

San:maa i can never ever go widout telling u i m not lucky n glares laksh

Ap:its ok sanskar u can tell me laksh tell me u both are together last nite

Sanky glares lak who worriedly smiles

San:so thats the reason to go for office
Ap:sanskar when did u both return

San:maa laksh will tell u everything from detail right lucky from a to z

Lak:mom dnt listen to him he is the one who force me i m incnt


Lak smiles n nods n runs

San:luckyyyyyy n runs after him

DpAputt smiles seeing them

Scene shift

Swara is shown walking in road n thinking when kishan comes

Kis:didi r u sad

Swa smiles:no chote i m not sad i m just thinking how to say chutki for money

Kis:simple like u ask

Swa laughs

Swa:no chotu situation is diffrnt she needs money for kaki medicines na how can i ask to return money in one day she will feel bad na

Kia:ooo di let’s go n eat ganna(sugar cane) then we will think

Swa:gud idea n starts walking when she suddenly sees man n women whispering something in ear she smirks n goes towards them n screams


The man n women jerk n the man fell down swar laughs the man gets angry n shouts’swaraaaaa’ n runs after her.. She runs holding kishan hand n hide behind tree…. She sees the man goes to another direction

Scene shift

Ragini is shown eating ganna(sc) sitting at roof n sees small kids playing she smiles seeing them when one gmkid got hurt rags hurriedly goes n makes him stand

Rag:chotu whats whats this u hurt urself na u should take care of u now kaki will beat u for sure come with me i will clean it wid water

Chotu:sorry didi i did not see

Rag:ok let’s go

Rags goes near river n clean chotu wound with water n wipes it wid her pallu

Rag:now go n b careful dnt run ok

Choru nodsn runs

Rags smiles n takes her ganna  n goes to children

Rag:bacha party let’s go to temple

All cheers n goes wid rags

To b continued…


So guyz done wid my 1 chappy hope u all like it tysmmmm for ur support guyzz love u all n take care keep smiling ??? stay blessed n yupp nxt one is my scnd story update’Game’ n come back soon wid chappy  2wid fun till then tc n thanks ?

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