My DeSi GiRLZ ( RagSan and SwaLak) ~ chapter 5

The episode starts in Mumbai at MM, Everyone are seated in dining for breakfast except laksh who is assual late.

“Good Morning everyone”,comes laksh yawning. He is about to sit when Ap stops him.

“Don’t sit there”,Ap exclaimed gazing him.

Laksh who is half sleeping jerked by Ap voice and rubs his eyes before answering.

“Mom i think you are sleepy that’s y u r stopping me its my seat only”, says laksh smiling looking at Ap. Uttara chuckles but AP glares her and she keep quite while Sanky and Dp are shown sitting seriously.

“I am not sleepy laksh,but i think you have to wake up now completely that’s y forget what’s today”,replies Ap sternly to which laksh makes a confused face.

“Happy Birthday mom”, exclaimed Laksh loudly and hugs Ap tightly.

SanuttDp chuckles seeing his reaction.

“Today is not my birthday”, replies Ap glaring laksh after breaking the hug.

Laksh bites his tongue and goes to Dp and kisses his shiny blad head, “eeee” he makes a face but smiles.

“Happy anniversary Blad Dad and s*xy”, says laksh and gives Dp hands to Ap smiling.

“See i remember everything”,says laksh proudly to which SanUtt burst out laughing while Ap face palms herself and Dp glares laksh.

“What happened its not a joke that i can also remember things come on i am smarty yrr how can i forget todays date”says laksh and sits on his chair.

“Yeah thats y birthday right”, says uttara and giggles.

“Wo toh i was testing Blad Daddy memory only”,replies Laksh seeing Dp who glares him back.

Ap stands banging the table.

“Wo wo mo..i mean s*xy”,laksh stammers but Ap goes.

“Why did she go without eating”,asked Sanskar and about to get up but stops as he sees Ap coming towards dine.

Ap comes towards Laksh and gives him a file.

Laksh sheeplishly smiles,”kya mom its your anniversary how can i take gifts from you no i don’t want it you keep”,replies him.

“Laksh”,Ap glares and Laksh takes the file while Ap sits on her place and wait for Laksh to open.

“Well now with so much of love you give this to me then how can i deny”, says Laksh smilingly while DpSanUtt smirks.

“Yeah of course bhai open and see what’s special in it”, says uttara smirking.

“Yeah yeah see my only Useless Son hope u will like your s*xiest mom gift”,exclaimed Dp smiling.

“Haan lucky i am sure you will dance and sing after reading it”,says Sanskar controlling his laugh.

“Suchhiii”,asked Laksh excitedly.

“Muchiii”,shouted DpSanUtt together.

Ap coughs and trio stay silent.

Laksh excitedly opens the file,his eyes snapped out seeing the file and it fell down from his hands.

Dhum tananan tanana plays in BG focusing on his face.

“Maa Maa Maa”,laksh calls out AP in dramatic manner and looks at her.

“I hope you got to know whose anniversary is today”,replies Ap looking at Laksh.

“But maa”,laksh speaks but Ap cuts him off.

“No laksh it’s enough, this is your own contract paper’s which you signed three years ago from now you will focus on your career and will follow every rule of MM this is clearly mention so i am sparing you for last  time from tommorw i want you to be like your brother”, Ap says and Laksh face fells.

“Tarap tarap k is dil se aah nikalti rahi mjhko saza di pyar ki aisa kya gunah kiya k lut gayeee haaan lut gayeee ham teri muhabbat mai”, sings laksh sadly seeing the fork in his hand.

Ap shakes his head while other three giggles seeing him. Laksh glare him and makes a cry baby face.

“Laksh stop your drama and eat”,Ap says sternly to which laksh nods wiping his so called crocodile tears.

“Goshh lucky stop being a sassy hippo and eat as today is your last day of azaadi as you don’t know kal ho na ho”,replies sanskar in a mocking way. Laksh first keeps fork in his neck and glares him but suddenly he throws the knife and stands up.

Ap Dp uttSan stops their BF and looks at him amsued.

Laksh smiles widely and starts doing bhangra.

“Mahiya se shawa shawa”,laksh sings and dances.

“Lak..”,Ap was about to call but Dp stops.

“Today is his last day of enjoyment let him do his craziness”,says Dp feeling pity on his son.

“I guess shock directly damaged his brain thats y he is behaving weird”,says uttara and silently laughs seeing laksh crazy dance.

Sanskar who stands to stop him but laksh holds his hand and make him dance along with him too.

“Oye lucky are you gone mad leave me you idiot and why are you dancing”, asked sanskar straighning himself.

“Cuz today is not my last day”,says laksh and dances.

“Hein i am sure pops he is gone mad with the news”,says uttara.

Laksh goes to Ap and kisses her cheeks amusing everyone.

“Laksh”,calls out Ap.

Laksh starts laughing loudly.

Everyone hits their forehead seeing him behaving weird.

“Mommy you are forgetting something”,says laksh in a sing song voice narrowing his brows.

All looks at him confused.

“Lucky let’s leave and visit a doctor before this disese spreads everywhere”, says sanskar in serious tone.

Laksh happily goes and picks up the file and kiss sanskar cheeks before going to Ap.

“Don’t thank me later”,says laksh winking.

Sanskar looks at him shocked by his move.

“He really needs a doctor let me inform sid”,says sanskar and texted sid.

“Laksh what is this”,asked Ap.

“This is file mommy you don’t know”,replies laksh jokingly only to get a glare from AP.

“I know that but what should i do with it”,Asked Ap again. Laksh laughs first but stops and clears his throat.

“Do you read it?”,asked laksh widening his eyes.

Dp SanUtt are seeing and hearing him kneely.

“Laksh can you get straight to the point,and its obvious i read it thats y i give it to you”,replies Ap sipping her coffee.

Laksh gulps his bf,” yeah but you forget that it will be valid then only when you will fulfill my one wish, which you didn’t”,replies laksh smiling.

Sanskar who is drinking juice chocked listening to him while Dp Utt looks on shocked.

“But”,Ap is about to say something when laksh intrupted.

“So this contract is not valid that’s mean i have freedom still yippiiieeee”, shouts laksh excitedly.

“Seeing him working was one of my dream but this useless will never let this wish fulfil”,murmurs Dp.

“No i will fulfil your wish ask now”,replies Ap not wanting laksh to bcm a lazy brat again.

“Mommyyyyyy so are you ready for my one wish”,asked laksh raising his brow and rubbing his palm against each other.

“Yeah but i have condition,if u ask me about any other contract like this then you have to work from today only got it”,exclaimed Ap and laksh nods instantly.

“Now toh this idiot will surely ask about something idiotic”,murmurs sanky.

“Umm okay done, so my wish isss”,laksh says and pauses.

“Iss?”,asked Ap Dp SanUtt kneely seeing him.

“Is”, laksh says and stops again making all of them curious.

“Useless don’t keep suspenses say”,says  Dp annoyingly.

“Is a trip”, shoutes laksh excitedly.

“Tripp”, repeats Ap Dp SanUtt.

Ap sighs in relief.

“Kya bhai u could have ask something else”,says uttara sadly.

“Don’t be so relax its not my full wish,i want a trip of 3 weeks with bhai and Siddharth without any works and you all”,says laksh pointing towards Ap Dp and Uttara smiling.

“Whattt Me?”,shouted Sanske getting up.

“Yes you and you can’t deny big bro”,replies laksh.

“But”,Ap tries to intrupt but Laksh stops.

“No mom you promised and now you have to fulfil this any how”,says laksh.

“Anyways we r leaving a day after tommorw so complete your work in one day bhai and i am going for shopping cuz i need to look best as always”,replies Laksh and leaves from their.

Sanky pouts looking at Ap who smiles.

“Woooooow lucky u both having vacation”,says uttara smiling sadly.

Sanskar gets up and leaves for his office.

Scene shift

At village

Swara and kishan is shown playing with children and laughing

A car come and stops infront of them, A man of 50s came out wearing a kurta and dhoti with a red paghri on his head.

Seeing him everyone stops their work and stands in line. Swara ane children who is playing also stops.

Everyone come one by one and greet the person. Now its turn Swara turn to greet. Swara is about to go when kishan comes infront of her.

“Namaste sarpanj sa”,kishan greets smiling and the person is reveals as Veer singh Sarpanj of village.

Veer smirks seeing swara from top to bottom.

Swara comes and greets him. Veer looks at her. She felt uncomfortable and goes from their.

“Hey you”,veer calls out a man.

“Call her family to meet me at evening”,saya veer singh looking at swara.

The man nods and leaves.

Scene shift

“Di did you saw how is he seeing you i wish to break his all tooths”,says kishan making angry face.

“Leave na chotu why to spoil your mood, all knows hows he so forget about him let’s dow home before kaki beats us”, says swara and both begins to walk.

“Shhs shhhh”,comes a voice.

Both swakis stops and turns,sees ragini waving at them.

Swara looks here n there and goes to her kishan follows.

“Oye laddo what are you doing here if any one’s sees you”, asked swara to which ragini rolls her eyes.

“Shut up mona darling, i came here to confirm the news”, replies ragini.

“Which news di”,asked kishan.

“Aray yhi that your cheapster Sarpanj is back without his 3 wife who goes with him”,asked ragini curiously.

“Yes he is back and you know he is eyeing shona di also”,replies kishan making ragini worry.

“What?, swara but how i think swara you should go home and tell kaki about this,he is not good if he sees you also that means it’s not good why are you standing here chipkali go na”,says ragini in one go without taking brake.

A crept appears on swara lips seeing her worried face.

“Di i dont understand a single word you say atleast say slowy”,says kishan to which ragini frowns.

“Shut up chotu, you and shona go home now i am going back”, says ragini.

“Laddo i….”,swara is about to reply when her gaze fell on ragini hand which is red and have some marks. She worriedly holds her hand.

“Ragini what happened to your hand why are these marks and why is it red”,asked swara worriedly while ragini bites her tongue and nervously smiles.

“Nothing swara wo i feel while running behind children”,lies ragini smiling.

“Di its just like those marks which is on your hand when maa beat you with stick”,says kishan and keeps swara hand on ragini palm showing both of them have same marks.

Swara looks at ragini suspiciously.

“Ragini did kaka beat you?”.asked swara with concerned filled voice.

Ragini fakes smile at swara.

“No mona darling why would baba do that its just i fell i tell you na,now stop your investigation and go before anyone sees us”,says ragini smiling.

“Ek mint don’t go i am just coming”, says swara and goes.

“Where did she go now”,asked ragini to kishan who shrugged his shoulders in reply.

“Take this”,says swara forwarding a herbal mixture infront of her.

“What’s this”,asked ragini looking at her.

“It’s the same herbal you gave me at night i make them as ointment you apply them on your wound it will heal soon”, reply swara and holds ragini hand applying gently.

“And your hand”,asked ragini worriedly.

“I have this also”,replies swara smilingly.

Ragini takes swara hands and applies the ointment in her hand.

Jeevan yeh suroon se sajati
Rishte yeh suroon se banati
Bajti hai jab pyar ki dhun
Ek dhup chanchal hai ek chandni

Swaragini Swaragini Swaragini plays in bg.

Both smiles at each other.

“Take care”,both says and moves to their direction.

Scene shift

Ragini is walking on plains,she is eyeing her wounded hands and a tear falls from her eyes.


“Baba i am sorry”, says ragini to her father who seems upset with her.

Keshav did not reply her and seems to be angry cuz he don’t want ragini to know about swara being his second daughter and that he knows everything.

“Baba scold me but please talk with me dont stay silent baba plzz”, says ragini with shaky voice.

“It’s ok”,replies keshav sternly.

“Baba punish me but plz talk like before”, says ragini and a tear tripped down her cheeks hearing keshav stern voice.

“I said na it’s okay”, says kehsav looking at her calmly and goes outside.

Ragini cries and takes a stick.

“If baba wants punishment then i will give to me by myself only”,says ragini and closes her eyes and starts beating herself by stick on her hand.

Keshav who comes to take his stick saw ragini and he hurriedly goes to her and throws the stick.

“Laado pagal hogai hai chori”,shouted keshav and become teary eyes seeing her hand,he takes her hand and a tear falls on it.

“I am sorry baba”, says ragini crying.

Keshav saw her and hugs her.

“Don’t you dare to ever hurt you again,you will see me dead if you do this”,says keshav in cracky voice patting her head.

Keshav and ragini has a special bond,ragini not being his daughter also he loves her immensely which can’t be describe also. He knows that she is not her own blood but still he can die for her. Because ragini filled the small empty space in his and his wife life. His wife left him alone but that time he had ragini whom he raises with all good values and love. He is scared that what will happen if ragini leave him and goes to her real parents. He is scared as a father who don’t want to loose his child.

On the other hand, for ragini her baba is her life and everything. She can bear any pain but not the science of her baba. From childhood keshav gives her everything she wants and become her maa baba sister and brother and a good friend. She has everything in him. Like every girl she also dreamed of her prince charming her husband she is happy with the fact but sad because she had to leave keshav after marriage that’s why she want someone who will let her live with her baba. She had planned everthing but who knows what destiny plans.

Swara, well she is the girl who had no one besides her form childhood except kishan who supports her. She also had ragini to divert her mind. She always feel connected to ragini and so as ragini. From the day when both Swaragini started to acknowledge things they started to create a relationship with each other a hate relationship in which they fight they care they help they smile sometime silently cries. Both knows what the other feels but cantw describe. One side keshav who is for ragini always, started to give the fatherly love to swara also. Because ragini always talks about her she dont know why she herself talks about her enemy. Kehsav can feel swara pain as father and being father of ragini he also knows that it’s not only swara who hurts its swaragini who hurts together. Whenver he sees ragini meeting swara,he also stealthily meets her when ragini goes back and hurriedly reaches home before ragini do. Trio has a special and perfect relation which can’t be describe.


Kaki is shown going back home after buying some groceries when some men’s come and surround her.

“Aye move aside i want to go”,says her kaki angrily.

“Sarpanj saab has call you in their home,come with us”, says one of men.

Hearing sarpanj she smiles widely.

“Sarpanj calls me”,she asked again and the man nods.

“Seems like he wants something from me,Hayeee what if he asked me for marriage”,thinks her kaki and shyly smiles.

She goes with them.

She reaches the haveli and looks on with her greedy gaze.

“Sir is inside he is waiting for you”,says a man and she goes taking pallu in her head.

“Sarpanj saa you called me”,asked her mami nervously to sarpanj who is seated in a chair.

“Yeah sit”, says sarpanj and points towards the seat opp to him.

Kaki smiles sitting.

“I want to marry”, the sarpanj directly says.

Kaki eyes widen and she blushes.

“But sarpanj jii i have two kids”,replies her kaki shyly.

“Ayee buddhiya i don’t want to marry you, i want to marry your servant or relative that girl whoever She is”, says the sarpanj.

Kaki face fells.

“Who that kalmuhi swara”,asked her mami angrily.

“Yes swara”,replies the sarpanj with a smirk.

“No she can’t marry you”,replies her kaki getting up.

“Patience lady”, says the sarpanj and takes out a bundle of money.

Seeing the money kaki eyes lits up with greedy.

“Think the relationship is done”,says her kaki snatching the money and eyeing it.

Sarpanj smirks and so as kaki.

Scene shift

“What”,shouted sid when he hears what sanky says.

“Yeah like all of a sudden we are going on a trip because of my super smart bro”,replies sanky annoyingly.

“Sanky”,replies sid sadly.

” i give the same reaction but it’s not gonna work on that idiot anyways mom want us to fulfil his demand otherwise he will remain a lazy head”,says sanky sipping his coffee.

“Actually sanky i came to tell you that only i am leaving for a business meeting tomorrow for 1 week”, exclaimed sid sadly.

“Whatttttt”,shouted laksh who just come there.

“Same reaction”,replies sanky looking at laksh and sid make puppy face.

“Nahiiii say say that you are lying”,says laksh throwing his shopping bags.

“It’s the bitter truth lucky sorry bro next time”, replies sid sadly.

“Sid can’t you cancel it”,asked sanky hopefully cuz he don’t have strength to bear his brother antics for 3 weeks.

” i wish i could”,replies sid.

“What next time sid,i got 3 weeks of independence only and you are saying of next time, how could you do this to me sid who could you”, says laksh with fake cry.

“Stop your drama lucky”, says sanky sternly.

Laksh pouts.

“Why can’t we cancel it and go some other time lucky”, says sanky hoping for Laksh to agree.

“Nooo”laksh shakes his head.

“We will make a plan like after 1 week sid can join us what say till then we can have bro bro time what say?”,asked laksh excitedly.

“Sounds cool”,says sid chuckling, while sanky nods instantly.

“Okay so see what i brough for me”, says laksh and takes out the clothes to show them off.

“Please try to come earlier cuz it’s impossible for me to bear his drama for whole week”,whispers sanskar to sid who giggles in return.

“Hey stop your phus phusi and concentrate on my shopping”,says laksh sternly.

SidSan nods and pouts seeing our laksh shopping. They face palms themselves seeing his shoppings and continues blabbering. Is he really a boy??,they doubt as he is showing off his things like sassy modern girls. They chuckles on their own thought. Seems like laksh is all set for the trip where as sanky is quite feeling nervous for unknown reason. Let’s see what’s this trip has stored in their lives. An excited laksh and a nervous sanky gonna meet their desi girl soon. ?

Precap~ Maybe meet.

Hoga dhamaal ya hoga dhamka jab sheher k chore milege hamari desi girls se??? Wanna know so stay tuned for next update.

Phewwww*punch me ?? gosh i updated My Desi girl also its seriously like a shock for me??? Well thanks to you all for the reason of my constant update. Thank you sooo much for your support and thanks to my silent readers also. Well tell honestly howz this was cuz i seriously felt it baoring cuz i don’t have any ideas of this after losting it from lappy i rarely wanna write this but i write it only for you all cuz you want it…. So plzz be honest and tell me howz it and tell me if i can improve it. And once again thank u sooo much to you all i love youuu soooo much take care keep smiling and stay blessed.

Next one is Games which you will get after one or two days cuz i am lill busy….. Aloo you will get your games soon haan don’t worry ?

Fizo ❤

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