My DeSi GiRLZ ( RagSan and SwaLak) ~ chapter 3


Heyaa guyzz fizoo back as i said my laptop which contain this story many parts has errors n i cant write but many people wants soo i m writing not like that which i already wrote but definately it will b diffr sorry for that now will add both parts lets start…… Thanks for immense support n silent readers as well….


The episode starts with swara reaching home with kishan with grocery and sees mami sitting angrily while laxmi is roaming here n there as laxmi spot swara she says’lo agai maharani maa’

Swakis comes n stands infront of her

Mami:how much time i said u to return

Swa(lower): 15 mins

Mami:n when did u come

Swa:after 1 hour

Mami:show me ur hand

Kis:maa diii…..

Mami:shut up kishan i did not talk to u n uuuu showwww(shw shouts)

Swara shows her hands


Laxmi smiles n goes n bring a wooden stick

Mami takes it angrily n start beating swara in her hand…… While swara close her eyes n starts laughing


This made mami more angry n she beats her more laxmi is enjoying where as kishan looking at her di helplessly n silently crying….. For 15 mins she continuously beats swara in her hand wid full force but she did not utter a single word or winced in pain nor the the single tear fall from her eyes………. She kept laughing…. Laughing to hide her pain which is stabbing inside her heart…… She is used of it her tears also betrayed her and is soaked from her eyes they never fall from her eyes n only her smile is left which she used to plaster from childhood to hide the unbearable pain deep inside her heart………. Atlast mami got tired after beating her mercilessly but she kept laughing she give up n throws the stick n sits on tarpai(made of wooden)

Swara stops her laughing n looks at her mami who is glaring her

Mami:go n do all works of home n make kheer n food for tonight also n if next tym u do anything then surely u wilk get worst punishment then this (she said glaring her)

Swa smiles: jii mami jiii n goes

Scene shift

Ragini is shown sitting n giving massage to his baba in his head



Rag:any tension(koi pareshani)

Kes:no when i have a daughter like u then how can i have any tention(nai toh jab hamare pas tumhare jasi guriya hai bhala pareshani hamare pas kese askati hai)

Rag:u knw na u cant hide anything from me (still massaging)…… (Apko pata hai ap hamse kch nai chupaskate hai to)

Keshav holds ragini hands n sits beside her n takes a sighhh

Kes:what u want to ask?

Rag smile n put her head on his lap

Rag:baba what r u hiding from me… I knw u r hiding something….. I saw u being restless at night n mostly lost in ur own world u r even did not let me to go from ur eyes….is their something which is bothering u”” she said looking up at her BaBa (baba ap hamse kuch chupa rahy hai.. Hamne apko pareshan hote ve dekha hai raaton ko or ap kai or khoe hote ho or ap hamein jane b nai dete kia koi bat hai jo apko pareshan kari hai)

Keshav smiles n caresses her hairs

Kes:do u trust ur baba

Rag nods

Kes:then stop asking this n just keep trusting me when the right tym comes i will tell u pakka” he said assuring her

Rag:pakka na

Keshav nods smiling n ragini hug him from stomach

Scene shift

SanLakSid are shown sitting in a car…. Sid is driving while sanky sits beside him n laksh at back staring outside thw window

Lak:what a beauty it is

Sid:who girl or nature

Lak:ofcourse its girl bro

San:he will never change

Lak:the one who changes is not lucky my dear frnds n smiles wid attitude n puts his shirt up with attitude

Sid:one day someone will come n will changed u from 360 degree Angle for sure my dear frnd n winks at him through rare mirror

San:yeah ofcourse i hope the person is of our standard

SidLak gave sanky’ r u serious ‘Look

San:now what

Sid:when u r wid us atleast

Lak:dnt talk about standard socities n blah blah

Sanky rolls his eyes n frowns:okk now concentrate on driving n u at girls

Lak:yr bro(by resting his head on his hands in back leaning manner) i was thinking lets go to club


Lak:y guyz

San:bcz we knw very well for which purpose u r saying us to go  soo just shut uppp

Lak:ok then where will we go

Sid:i knw guyz


Sid smirks n drovee off fast

Scene shift

Swa is shown washing utensils with humming a tune

Voice:shii shiiii

Swa without turning: now what chotu

Kia:maa n chipkali is gone out

Swa:then leave this n come

Swa:noo chotu mami will b angry n after that i have to make food also u r hungry na

Kishan looks down n tears starts flowing

Swara looks at him n hurriedly washes her hand which gave her pain but she is least bothered

Swa wiping his tears:what happned chotu(worried)

Kis:y cant i protect u from maa see how badly she beats u n ur hands are also swelled but still u r working n i cant do anything ‘he said sobbing

Swara laughs n kishan stares at her confused

Kis(annoy):now y r u laughing at me

Swa cupping n wiping his face:bcz i dont knw that my chotu is that much big who wants to save me from his own mother n wants to do something for me

Kis: u r complementing or taunting me (ap tareef kri ho ya tana mari ho)

Swa(serious): aray how can i taunt u ofcourse it’s a compliment ( she said caressing his face)

Kis: ok ok dont butter me n sits here keep quite i wikk just come n goes

Swara sits down n after sometime kishan comes with ice water n cream

Kis:show me ur hand

Swa(teasingly):now u will also beat me n chukkles

Kishan glares her n she keeps quite

Kishan put cloth on cold water n slowly wipes swara hand which is red n have many small wounds n bruises mark….. He sees towards swara who us staring at him smiling by keeping her hand on her chin….. He painfully look at her smile n applies cream

Kis:show me ur scnd hand

Swa:its ok chotu no need……. 

Kis:i said na show (angry)

Swa:omg anger(baap re baap gussa) n shows her scnd hand

Kishan applies cream on 2 hand as well

Swara ia about to wash utensils when kishan intrupts

Kis:dont need to move sit here…. I will wash it by myself

Swa:nooo neeed chotu i will do it by myself

Kis:i said na i will do it u just sit n keep quite n glares her

Swara pouts sadly n watch him washing utensils by sitting

Scene shift

Ragini is shown buying vegetables

Rag:kaka how much for this

Kaka:beta its 20 rs kg

Ragini widening her eyes: 20 rs kg this much costly…. No no less it

Kaka:beta its fixed rate

Rag shaking her head: no i will buy it on 12 rs only

Kaka:no i will not give u in 12

N our super ragini starts her typical women nap-tol fight n atlast she wins

Kaka:beta take it on 14 rs but plz leave

Rag:ohh thank u kaka n buy the veggies n goes from their smiling while the saler shakes his head

Ragini is walking n on her way she sees ‘ GOLA VENDOR’

Rag grinning widely: GOLAAAA she acts like a child n runs at that direction

Rag:kaka one kala khatta Gola fast plzzzzzz

Ragini takes the Gola n eats like a child n after having it she wipes her face with pallu

Rag:how much kaka

Kaka:8 Rs

Rag(shocked): 8 rsss no kaka i will take it on 5 rs only

Kaka:noo beta now a days rates increses from now its 8 rs only

Rag folding her arms:no no i will give 5 only bcz i m ur regular customer na

Man shakes his head in negative n takes the money

Rags smiles widely n goes from their roaming like a child

Even though she is the daughter of sarpanj but everyone treats like her their own daughter n she behaves equally with them n respects all

Scene shift

SidSanLak are shown standing at a gate of big park which is beautiful n have beautiful greenery plants n kids playing at swings….

A curved smiles appears on trio faces

Laksh goes n hugs sid n kisses his cheeks in excitement

Sid:lucky i m not of ur type yr(serious)

San chukkles while laksh gives a fake smile

Lak:even u cant sid but seriously sid i loveeee u…… U bring us to the most precious place of our life which we cant forget

San:yeah right even u did not come here from last 12 years

Sid smiles n trio walks n sits at bench

TRIO sits on their fav bench n closes their eyes to feel the cool breeze which have many memories of their childhood without any worries a unknown curved appears on trio faces n they open their eyes n sees the kids playings

Lak sees kid n smiles: childhood is soo awsome na guyz we don’t have any worries any pressure we did not think about others we just do what we wants..

San looking at one kid helping other: yes laksh even then we did not think of our societies also that what they will think if they saw us playing with those who don’t belongs to us as….

Sid:yes even we did not care about their status also we just help care laugh play enjoy fun without any worries n thinking of anyone just like a free bird flying in air

Lak:yes n those were the bestest day in our lives

San:yes n smiles

Sid: u knw guyz when u both got busy in ur new lives then daily i came here n saw these kids playing n relive our childhood’he said still looking at kids admiring them’

SanLak looks at eachother n realizes how they rarely got time to meet their best friend or to talk n whenever they got any free time they usually got some work like that rarely they forget him forgetting HE is the one who support them in every decision in their lives Both sanlak looks at their best frnd cum brother SID n tightly give him a bone crushing hug by whispering a  ‘SORRY’

Sid confused: sorry for what

San:for not getting time for u in these years

Sid:ahhh forget it guyz

San:no way i cant how can i forget its u who convince  mom for my seperate business but still i dnt get tym for u i m not worth of ur friendship (he said feeling bad)

Sid:shut up sanky u r n u will n always will b n hugs him

Lak:ehmm ehmm (cough)


Lak:sorry too

Sid:now u for what

Lak makes a cute kid pout face n says’ bcz i got to busy in girls that i forgot my one n only sweet bro’

Sid laughs n hugs him too

San:what do u mean by one n only brother am i not ur brother???

Lak: u r but u r my one n only Karela Khadus bro na n winks at san

San glares:Lakshhhhhh u r goneeeee now

Lak while running:its lucky Mumma’s boy while sanky chases him in whole park

Sid laughs seeing them n says ” They are still kids” n shakes his head in negative

Scene shift

Swara is shown sitting n pouting

Swa:chotu how long nowww

Kis:just 5 mins di its ready

Swa: i sais u k i can do u leave it i m sitting like a newly bride chotuu (sadly)

Kis:noo neeed said kishan coming out of kitchen whith plate of sabzi n chapati

Swa:chotuu did u make it said swara widening her eyes

Kis:yes now open ur mouth he said while making a morsel n keeping it infront of swara

Swara smiles n eats it

Kis:how is it

Swara makes faces

Kis:di tell na(worriedly)

swara starts laughing seeing his face

Swa:aray choto its sooooo tasty


Swa:muchiiiii mu bachaaaa n kisses his forhead

Swa:btw how can u make it u dont knw cooking na

Kis shys:vo dii chutki tells me

Swa(teases): ohoooo chutki

Kis:Diiiiiioi he said annoyingly making faces

Swa:achaa bacho now u will make faces seeing me now i am not talking  wid u (fake anger)

Kis:ok sorry na diiii i will not make faces pakkka plz talk to me (verge of cry)

Swa laughs: ok ok now dont start crying like a girl

Kis makes a complaining face whike swara smiles n hugs him

Kis:di chutki comes n gives this money for u also

Swa:ohhh she give it too early i hope she dont need it to for kaki medicines

Kis:hmmm i ask but she said kaki is fine she dont need medicines now

Swa:that’s good now go n tell that nagini to come at river side at night 

Kishan nods n leaves while swara do the remaining work

Scene shift

Ragini is walking between the kheth(plains) when she spot one kid trying to steal the container of farmer

Rag:oyeeeeee she shouts

The kids sees her n runs while she runs after him atlast she caught him

Rag:what were u doing (glaring him)

Kid:vo vo didi


Kid with moist eyes: no one eats anything since night baba goes city n did not return dont knw where he is nor we have anything to eat at home

Rag feels bad

Rag:u r from opposite village right

Kid nods

Rag smiles n wipes his tears n gives him the groceries which she buy

Rag: i dont have money i just have these veggies go n tell u maa to make something for u quickly

Kids looks at her in tears

Rag:awww don’t cry bacha soon ur baba will come now go ur mother is also hungry na n whenever u need anything just come n tell me now go

Kid hugs her n then leaves saying ‘Thanks’ 

Ragini smiles n walks out from there while walking someone pulls her pallu she stumbles abit n sees kishan giggling she shakes her head n twisted his ears

Kis:ahhhh di leave na

Ragini leaves him

Rag:what r u doing here chotu u need to b at home na did Mona darling again land on some trouble

Kishan laughs

Kis:noo di ur soo called mona darling has sent me to tell u something secretely he lower his volume n whsipers in her ears

Kis:to meet her at night at rivers side

Rag whispers back: ok

Kishan smiles n about to leave when rag stops him

Rag:did ur mom do anything with her she asked being concerned

Kishan sadly looks at her n tells the incident n leaves from their

Rags feels bad for swara n her heart pained thinking about her she headed to her home thinking about her

Scene shift


Sanlak comes and sits on bench after getting tired of running

Sid gave them water n they got relaxed

Lak:ahhhh bhai u run soo fast

San smirks:ofcourse cuz i m young and smart strong


Sid:he means that u getting old

Laksh fakes smiles n says LoL suddenly his eyes went on something he smiles widely

Lak:bhai sid Lookkkk at that side he said pointinh toward direction

To b contined…..

Guyzz finally i wrote ur MDG i hope u r satisfied with this chappy n gud news i got this chappy few parts from laptop but bad news my max 4 parts hot deleted as well for which i m tensed now cuz its really complicated for me to re-write it especially when i rarely forget the story but i will try my best to giveu chapters as u hopes n sorrry for the Long delay i thought to give heal my wounds update before leaving but i got this so thought for it now i m going on 10 days break will b back soooon till then take care keep smiling n stay blessed love u supporters n hope fari anti u r happy now all the best for exams n kia advanced ‘Happy birthday DoLL’ n do forgot to vote n cmnt n yup the above VM is a bribe hehehehe a apology do watch this video link or search ragsan vm by fizoo

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