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Hii guyzzz SURPRISEEE!!!!!! back with another storyyyyyyyy with ragsan n swalak its cmpletly diffr from my last 2 stories n a unique one….. So this is the story of 2 girls who are sisters but unknwn with fact… Both lives in village n illetrate always want to study but due to old thinking never can both lives completely diffr from eo always fight but cares for eo too n feels connection and 2 rich well educated boys one is society boy who hates illetracy n 2 one is full of live

What will happen when they meet will the love blossom or their heart will broke??

Will ever their thinking will change??

Will ever the girls knw their true identity??

Will the girls love changed the boys completely or it will b a incomplete love story??

So guyzzz stay tuned to knw n yeah i will b very irregular cuz i m also handling my 2 ffs n after finishing one of them starts on swasan n raglak alsooo ????


RAGINI SHRIVASTAV: An illetrate girl lives in village D/O shekar sumi but unknwn with the fact who is her real parents live wid keshav shrivastav reel father/mother to her love him to the core n only child to him… Hate swara thakur but sometimes care for her too dnt knw but feels some connection…. Want to study but never can bcz of his father cant do…. A talktive girl girl who irritates whole village children only love by all n sometimes get love n care by opposite village too but its her only which she did not tell her baba…… Always dream for a rich n handsome better half n loves to sing

SWARA THAKUR: an illetrate girls lives in opposite village of ragini…. A chirpy bubbly girl D/o shekar n sister of ragini but are unknwn wid the fact… Lives with her mami and their 2 children…. Mami hates her but she always smile…. Whole village is after her…. She irritates old agez people n get scolding….. A sharp minded girl always want simple life n wants better half as simple n hates ragini both fight but helps too in a need… Secretly studies but when caught got beaten by mami…. Always dream to bcm classical dancer champion

Keshav shrivastav: only parents to ragini n sarpanj of village….. She loves ragini but dnt like girls education…. Hate veer singh the sarpanj of swara village….. Always get scared with the fact that one day ragini will left him always want her infront of him

Saloni thakur: wife of late pratap thakur n mami of swara a greedy n witch women has 1 daughter laxmi who supports her n son kishan who supports swara hate swara to the core n always want reson to beat her n wNt her to marry veer singh sarpanj who is old n rich


Shekar gadodia:s/o dendayal gadodia and husband of sharmistha and parents of sidharth gadodia and swaragini but hates girls thought them burden n curse of live but sometimes feel his daughter presence also….. Love sidharth alot can do anything for him n great buisness man n partner of maheshwaris n good frnd also

Sharmista gadodia: wife of shekar n mother of swaragini n sidharth….. Love sidharth n hates shekar for keeping away her daughters n misses them also trying hard to find them

Sidharth gadodia(arjun bijlani): son of sheksun n 1 year younger then swaragini and unknown with the fact of having sisters bestfrnd of sanlak..
Ladla of family…. A caring ideal person who wants everyone happy but naughty too a kind hearted person who silently loves someone

No dada dadi they died


durga parsad maheshwari: a great business tycoon n partner of shehkar a coconut personality loves his family n children alot but loves his daughter uttara more thinks daughter is the lucky charm of their lives…. Always support his daughter in pranks a jolly personality a kind hearted person

Annupurna maheshwari: wife of dp n mother of sanky laksh uttara a high class women who thinks of society first but love her childrens n family a strict n modern women wants everything perfect a working women she is mixed personality sometimes kind n some tym cold n hate illetracy n illetrate people never compromise anything if it comes to her family respect or society

Sanskar maheshwari: Elder son of Ap n Dp a narrow r broad minded n classy person… Copy of Ap always do what Ap wants… Wants to bcm great buisness man n want more fame then Dp n hate illetracy have intrest in music loves family alot but his brother more bcz he is sooo careless n always do everything in his class… Perfectionist….. Wants to do everything on his own n sometimes kind also…. Always do everthing on society bases n values a hard personality to knw

Laksh maheshwari: a lucky go person full naughty chirpy careless person who never cares for society do what his heart wants a big flirt his life evolve around girls n non serious person have his own class lukyzz class wants to bcm a fashion designer but loves his family n brother alot n bff of sidharth n as a brother rarely got irked wid illetracy

Uttara maheshwari: a bubbly modern n apple eye of maheshwari as well as gadodia helping hand of Dp in buisnesd loves her family alot always do pranks n irritates her mother n elder brother wid Dp… Never cares for society same as Dp…. A girl who always stands wid right…


Will ever sanskar n ap thinking change after meeting swaragini??

Will love blossom btwn ragsan n swalak or they will b seperate?

Will shehkar ever accept the truth??

Will swaragini ever knows the truth??
Will ever  sharmishta n sidharth find out about  swaragini??

Will swaragini b one??

Stay tuned guyzzzz “My Desi Girlz”

Hiii guyzz fizo back wid another story of ragsan n swalak its completely diffrent from other 2 stories its a unique base on society education n old thinking its basically a love story which includes all….A well educated man will ever love a illetrate girl or change his mind or the girl will change for her love????

Guyz i promise that i will b irregular cuz i knw it ??? coming soon wid proluge till then take care keep smiling do votes do cmnts ?


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