A deathly silence is all over the hall. the hall is so silent that perhaps we could all hear our own heart beats. the atmosphere was filled with tension as two of the most dangerous men of Maheshwari household locked their gazes in a deathly eye war of sorts. And this silence and war had to be brokrn by none other than the stand up comedian of the Maheshwari household- the great Ms. Kavita Roy.

Kavita: but uncle i don’t think there is really any need of this. I mean Swara is such a quiet girl.I don’t think she would not like such parties. Besides she would not even….

Before I could open my mouth to shut her’s up I heard the voice of a person who I would have never expected to speak up for me…

Sanskar: thank you for the observation Kavita but i think my wife knows her comfort zones. Besides she has a mouth to speak for herself and she does not need you of all people to be her personal lawyer.

Turning to me he said: ” Swara would you be comfortable with the idea of a wedding reception?”

Me: ummmm….. well I think that instead of a party if we could have a small family get together it would be a great. Besides i haven’t met your entire family( did I tell you guys that the Maheshwari family is realllllyyyyy big?). So I think….

Dp: I think it is a great idea. since she hasn’t met the entire Maheshwari clan it was really a good idea. Anyways it has been a long time since the whole family had been together. What do you think Sanskar?

Sanskar: well whatever the wife says father!

Dp(laughs): alright then. A family gathering it is!

With that we all were about to disperse to our own works( the men to the office and we women to the our usual place in the Maheshwari mansion- the kitchen of course) when my husband said: “Mom if it would not be a problem i would like to speak to Swara alone for a few minutes”

And my darling mother-in-law being the doting mother she is threw me into the hands of her the-very-reincarnation-of-the-devil son.

Sujata: Of course Sanskar. She is your wife. you can talk to her whenever you want. Swara would you go and see what he wants to say?

I look towards Mr. Maheshwari only to see his face sporting that same characteristic smirk. God!!!! does this man really not know how to smile???

Me: yes mom!

Only God can save me now or maybe not…..



As soon as they entered the room Sanskar closed the door behind them.

Sanskar: so you think you should get to know my entire family?

a long silence followed his question.

Sanskar: what? don’t stand like a dumb statue. say something? yes or no?

Swara: ye-ye-yes. I think as your LEGALLY WEDDED WIFE it is my right to meet your ENTIRE family Mr. Maheshwari.

Sanskar gave her a long look and then finally his face broke into a smile. A real, genuine SMILE.

Sanskar:thank you

Swara: what?

Sanskar: you really have priceless look on your face right now!!!

Swara: huh?

Sanskar: you are really a DESI GIRL.

With that Sanskar left behind a really shocked Swara to ponder on the recent happenings in her life…..


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