Hello there beautiful people! This is Nandini back with her lazy ass and with the 7th chapter of DESI GIRL. And a very happy belated shubho bijoya, diwali and bhai phota!
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The sunrays hit my face waking me up rather harshly from my slumber and I was greeted with the cold embrace of white marble floor. The events of last night replayed in my head and I sat up rather ungracefully on my “bed”. Well if a blanket, bed sheet and a pillow can be called a bed!
Slowly I reached out for my phone. It was 6:00 am in the morning. ONLY! 6:00 a.m. what the f**k on earth was I doing up so early? With that I prepared to go off to sleep again but my mind started warning me that it was high time that I was up. But why?
While i tried to find the answers to my questions the events of last night replayed in my head and I remembered Mr.Maheshwari’s request for his coffee at 7:00 am sharp. Well if threatening someone for his coffee could be called a request. He must be really fond of his coffee. Anyways! I should do my duty as his legally wedded WIFE!

Having said this I make my way to the bathroom. After all its my first day at my HOUSE.


Uggghhh!!!! Not again! I had again forgotten to draw the curtains last night and now the stupid sun rays were not letting me sleep in peace. Well nothing in my life happens peacefully. So this also should not be unusual. I bury my head in my blanket trying to escape from the sun’s rays and sleep when i have an itching sensation in my hand and that is when i realise that i am still in my god damn wedding clothes.

I look around the room to see that the blanket,bedsheet and pillow are neatly stacked on one corner of the couch. Hmmm…. neat and tidy wife. Tch tch….. poor thing! She is going to have a real hard time with me for it so happens that I am certainly not the neatest person on Earth.
Sounds are coming from the washroom so most certainly my pretty little wife is going to be there. Well let her atleast have her bath in peace because after that it is going to be too un peaceful for her. Hmmmm.
Ayways lets get back to sleep. But am i being too harsh on her? No no. She absolutely deserves this.

“ But she did not harm you. Her father did. Why should she pay up for his mistakes?” a little voice in my head says.
Aarrgghhhh!!!!! I hate these little voices in my head!
Me: because she is his daughter.

I argued back.
Little voice: yes. But she is so innocent and pure and most importantly so very CUTTEEEEE!!!! Sanskar Maheshwari how on earth could you be so harsh on such a cute girl?
Me: tch! Tch! She is not cute. Damn s*xy would be better. You know!
Little voice: shameless person. First of all you insult her and then you call her damn s*xy. Actually you know what? You do not have the right even to say her name till you apologise to her for your behaviour.

Me: she is my wife and i can call her anything i want to. And nothing is wrong in calling her damn s*xy. She is hot and beautiful. So beautiful that it took me all of my self control to stay away from her last night.
Little voice: again all these comments shameless man. You should actually reconsider calling yourself a gentleman.
Me: why are you getting so worked up? Its not as if i am hitting on you. What is your problem?
Little voice: are you serious man? You tortured the poor girl and –

Me: hello! Excuse me i never tortured her alright infact-
Little voice: you never tortured her! Absolutely you never tortured her Mr. Maheshwari. You were about to force yourself on her. Hadn’t i stopped you last night you would have created such a big blunder. You are a Maheshwari and Maheshwaris always keep their promises. You had promised to protect her and you only were about to become like the man you hate the most?
Its true! I had almost been about to commit a crime. How could you play with a woman’s respect Sanskar? How could you? What would you tell your mother? For God’s sake SANSKAR MAHESHWARI you were about to RAPE your own WIFE!! You were going to play with the respect of the woman you swore to respect and protect! You were about to break a promise! Hell Sanskar you went against what your mother taught you.
You are not fit to be called ANNAPURNA DURGAPRASAD MAHESHWARI’S SON!!!!!!
The knob of the washroom’s door turned and i turned around but not before catching a glimpse of my beautiful wife!
God she looked so beautiful in that royal blue coloured saree and wet hair falling on her shoulders and so innocent!

Arrgghhh!!!! Sanskar ! what is happening to you? You don’t love her! You CAN’T love her dammit!!!! And with that i buried my face deeper in my pillow to avoid looking at the disastrously beautiful woman whom i called my wife.
As i stepped out of the washroom i saw Mr. Maheshwari bury his head deeper into his pillow. He looked so cute and adorable! So cute just like a little baby boy!!!
But that was only while sleeping but when he wakes up from sleep so does the devil within him. God is so cruel!

Crap! Its 6:30 and i am blabbering to my self! Come on Swara do fast otherwise if this devil wakes up he will show you hell!!!

With that she putso on her sindoor and mangalsutra and hurries downstairs while her Mr. Maheshwari snuggles deeper into his pillow to stop himself from dreaming about his disastrously beautiful wife!!

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