Hey guys! This Nandini back with the sixth chapter of DESI GIRL after a loooonnggg time. Sorry for that. But cant help it since I am the world’s most laziest author ever. Soooo… to compensate for that I have tried to write a long and sensible chapter. Please do let me know through your comments you liked, loved, hated or worse despised it. Hope you guys like it!
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MARRIED. Is what my current status is. Four hours ago I turned SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI from SWARA GADODIA. In just a few weeks my life turned upside down. First mom’s last message or dying message. Then Mr. Maheshwari’s accident and finally my WEDDING. Oops sorry…. OUR wedding.
It seems so funny that everything changed within just four hours. Funny and depressing. Marriage day is one of the most special days in a girl’s life but in my life anything cannot take place normally, happily. So it is really not shocking that this marriage was just another marriage deal for my so called HUSBAND.

The door of HIS room opened to reveal the prince charming himself SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.
Wait.wait.wait. did I just call him prince charming? Huh. I guess I did. Oh God! Stupid Shona! No one admires or specifically drools over their enemy. Well, yes in this case he is my ENEMY because he refused the fact that i am HOT. I mean how someone can deny the fact that I am HOT! More specifically he denied the fact that SWARA BOSE is hot!
Huh! I am NOT hot. I mean seriously I am not hot. God! even a blind man knows that Swara Bose and hotness are synonymous. And to top all of it this stupid person who is called “the most eligible bachelor in town” told me, me- Swara Bose that Iam not hotter than his girlfriend. I mean seriously.
Anyways cannot help it if the guy has poor taste. His bad. Certainly not mine.
Sanskar: So finally you have become Mrs. Maheshwari.
Swara: Yes. It seems so.
Sanskar: So you plan on being a good wife to me?
Swara: Sure Mr. Maheshwari. I will try being one to you.
Sanskar: Oh good! So Mrs. Maheshwari do you know what is the first duty of a good wife?
Swara: To keep her husband happy?
Sanskar: Oh very good! And do you know what makes me happy the most?

Swara: NO.
Sanskar: That is okay. No problem. I will enlighten you. So as I was saying to make me happy you will have to strip all of your clothes right NOW!!
Swara: WHAT???????
Sanskar: Oh my God! What are you being so surprised for? This is what you exactly married me for right?
Anger at its peak Sanskar took hold of her shoulders and held them so hard that Swara winced in pain.
Swara: Ahh!! Mr. Maheshwari! It is paining! Please leave me. Please.
Sanskar: Leave you? Why should i leave you? After all you are my legally wedded WIFE!
Swara: Please leave me. I request you.

Sanskar: Why? What happened now? You are supposed to be a good wife to me. The best life partner. Then? Be it. Be a good wife. Satisfy me.
With that Sanskar brought his lips dangerously close to hers. So close that she could feel his breath on her face and strangely it was somewhat comforting even though the situation was certainly not a comforting one.
But then suddenly something struck his mind and he backed away from her. With fear all written over her sweaty face when Swara finally opened her eyes she saw her husband standing a few feet away from her. Glaring at her with pure hatred in his eyes.
Sanskar: Now listen to me carefully SWARA GADODIA I married you only to destroy your father SHEKHAR GADODIA. I lost the most special person in my life due to your father and you are your father’s most prized possession. So now you have to pay for what your father did to me. You have to endure all the pain I went through. UNDERSTAND!!!

Swara: Mr. Maheshwari please listen to me once. Please. It is not what you-
Sanskar: It is exactly what I think. Now be the good wife to me and go and sleep without disturbing me. ON THE FLOOR! Get that! And remember you breathe a word of what happened to anyone outside and you will know what pain is. Get that? Now get lost!
Feeling helpless and tears stinging her eyelids Swara slowly made her way towards the washroom. Just as she was about to enter Sanskar called her.

Sanskar: Mrs. Maheshwari I want my coffee at 7:00 a.m sharp. Get that.

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