Desh Ki Beti Nandini 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Desh Ki Beti Nandini 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 9th October 2013 Written Update

Abhay gets out of the car and wants to know what is happening. Nandini briefs him about medical emergency to which he tells cops to let them go. He and Rajvir both watch her going. Later Rajvir asks abhay about problem and tells him the routine should not stop due to his arrival. Abhay explains that general public is used to all of this, so do not worry. You need to get home quickly.( No sir general public is not at all used to of this road blocking for VIPS. lekin hum logo ki sunta kaun hai?)
Back at part HQ, Gatri devi looking after the yuvraj’s welcome arrangements and orders to have everything ready in 30 mnts for the press conference, when her daughter tells her that grand mom is waiting to welcome him at home. mom says he needs to be here ( I am sure he will

go to see his granny. banda shakal se hi seedha lag raha hai unlike his mom)

Granny at her home excitingly taking care of things to welcome when servent comes and tells her something. The conversation is in mute ( I think she gets to know about PRP details)
Other side nandini gets Mishraji at hospital and tries to get him admitted so treatment can start. Nurse and ward boy argue with her about how police should be informed first, they tell her what is law, nandini being educated gal replies how medical emergency should be addressed, her father tells he would call the cops but nurse is adamant. Nandini runs from there.
gaytri devi discussing about declaring rajvir as party’s new face. She asks suryamn’s opinion who in straight words replies that politics is like cricket’s test match. One should make his base, gets to know surroundings then play, let Rajvir come, right then granny comes to tell she wants to talk to her in private( granny aa gayi gaytri ki vaat lagaane, ab toh rajvir pakka yaha nahi aayega)
Nandini goes to dean’s office, tells him what is going on. He goes with her.

Granny in firm tone tells gatryi that after so many years he is coming back why are you asking him to come to party office. She replies that he better takes up his responsibilities, fullfill his father’s dream, it is necessacity for him to come here, granny says do not drag your son in politics to complete your political ambitions. Gaytri tells if you want to meet her then better wait here in the office. Granny leaves saying she will wait at home.

Doctor scolds the nurse, orders to start treatment and thanks nandini. Nurse asks them to deposit Rs 5K. All contribute but short of 1500. nandini asks ritu to get her bag ( arr insentive ke 7000 mile na give them).
Rajvir’s car enters, all are waiting to welcome with his jai jai kaar. ABhay gets out and signal in NO. Gaytri devi is shocked, party members looked in side empty car. ( beta toh gayo daadi se milne)

Rajvir goes home to meet hos granny and gets warm traditional welcome by his granny, aunty and cousin. His granny tells how much she was waiting for this day and mom interrupts saying she too. He goes gets blessing from her, she simply walks away. His sister comes and tells that mom was waiting at party office and it was embarrassing for her when he did not show up. He goes saying he made mom angry, so would he pacify her.

POlice inquires about mishraji and tells they have to register case under 309 for attempt to suicide. Nandini and her father tells cop about his situation.
Doctor comes out to tell mishraji ( actually he looks like teddy, so let’s call him teddy uncle) is fine. ALl go to meet him, nandini takes his class saying there is no difference between hima nd his son as both did not think about his wife and mom respectively. Has he ever thought what would happen to his wife, if god forbidden something would have happen to him. Her father to say that he does not get pension yet, has 3 kids but he never think to go on this path. Teddy uncle says he does not has daughter like nandini to which nandini says what is he saying she is his daughter too and we all in our colony are family. His neighbors say yes we all are together in our sorrow. Nandini says agree, we all togther will fight, and fight a fight to win.

Tomorrow: Rajvir about to give gaytri a heart attack
Gaytri explain PRP’s meaning to rajvir, tells first CM of Delhi then chair of PM. He bluntly tells her he has no interest in party not in politics. Gaytri is shocked. ( haila ab aayega majaa)

Update Credit to: md410

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