Desh Ki Beti Nandini 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Desh Ki Beti Nandini 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 8th October 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Gayathri Devi’s (GD) speech @ GD’s Bunglaw – Outside Campus.
GD continues her speech about the Party, their Principles & fundamental goal which is that getting votes from whole country and it has start from Delhi itself. Nandini leaves from the palce. GD announces about a person who has been appointed as Advisor of her Party. Meantime new person enters into scene. GD introduces the new guy as Abhay and he is the Advisor of Young Brigade Party of GD. Abhay’s speech about Time and his working style.

Scene shifts to Outside of Nandini’s Home –
Nadini’s father and a neighbour Mishra jis discussion about Pension office people and how irresponsible they work. Their topic diverts to Mishraji’s

son “Uday”, who is living in America. Mishraji gets upset with his irresponsible who doesnt even enquire about parents. Meantime Nandini arrives home and greets both of them. Mishra ji appreaciates Nadnini as a responsible daughter and her father is so lucky to have her.

Scnes changes to GD’s Bunglaw – Conference hall: (GD Bunglaw – CH)
GD & Party are watching a video clip containing GENERAL Public views & comments about Gayathri Raghuvanshi and her Party. Public express a negative view. GD and her daughter (Name I could not understand properly) gets irritated seeing the video clip. GD’s daughter asks abhay to stop the clip as its demotivating the party people. Abhay denies to do so.

Scene to outside of Nandini’s house
Mishraji , Nandini and Nandini’s father. Mishraji suddenly starts to talk so depressingly about life and leaves the place. Nandini express doubt to her father as Mishraji’s behavior is something different today.

Scene shifts to GD bunglaw – CH
Abhay stops the clipping , explains about the research he has done till now for the Party . Wrong strategies will not work on Common man. Its better to mingle with them to gain trust from common man.

Scne changes to Nandini’s home
Nandini’s Mother, sister (Ritu) and brother (Siddharth) ‘s entry.
Nandini’s mother shouting on Ritu for spoiling her new jeans making holes here and there. Ritu shows the Jeans to Nandini and says its latest fashion . Nandini appreciates Ritu and convinces her mother as to recognize Ritu’s talent. Nandini gives her salary and incentive to her mother. All will be happy. Siddhart gets upset and says to his father once he gets job then he will not allow Nandini to do much hard work. Nandini’s mother says Incentive will be spent for refrigerator down payment and all plan for outside food as per Ritu’s request..
Nandini & Family somewhere on roadside ordered food and waiting for. There is a Radio announcement about India’s most eligible bachelor Rajveer Raghuvnshi..

Flight lands. All reporters are eagerly waiting for RAJVEER .
There the Rajveer’s (RV) entry… Once RV Reaches outside all Reports surround him for interview flashing their cameras. RV thanks all the reporters and about to leave place denying to answerthem so politely. Abhay enters the place introduces himself to RV. RV’s car heads home.

In the Car
Discussion between RV & Abhay about how bad the Indian roads . RV devalues growth in india. RV uses hand sanitizer to clean his hands and asks driver to keep more tissues in car.

Scene shifts to Outside
where, Nandini and Family ordered gulab jamoon and she takes it with hand and enjoys to eat it. Nandini’s father gets a call from Mishraji. He ends up call and says “Mishraji took poison” . Nndini gets shocked.

Nandini and Siddarth on two wheeler. Nandini’s father & mother in car with Mishraji and his wife. Mishraji’s condition is very critical and he is gasping for breath. Nandini’s Father remembers the flash back of that day morning about Mishraji’s depressed talk about Life. They are rushing towards Hospital.
Nandini and rest held up in Traffic as road was blocked for RV’s car to pass the way. Mishraji situation is detroiorating minute by minute . Nandini is almost clueless still she doesn’t give up. Nandini and Siddharth runs to a lady traffic police who is controlling public and requests the police to leave them as a patient is being taken to Hospital and his condition is so serious. Traffic Police says to wait for 5 more minutes. Nandini pleads them to leave as it’s a person life and death problem.

(Then the Promo scene. ) Nandini says to police “Please understand, patient condition is serious every minute is so valuable to him. If a politician is delayed for 5 minutes nothing will happen. ”
RV’s car enters the road.

Public becomes so impatient. They try to break barricades. In this protest of public Nandini gets pushed away. Nandini straightly falls on road infront of RV’s car.
RV’s car will be stopped with a sudden jerk. Show ends on Nandini’s Shocked and frightened face.

Precap : Abhay Enquires the Police What exactly happening over there. Nandini comes to front and explains the situation to abhay. Abhay orders the police to leave Nandini and rest.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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