Desh Ki Beti Nandini 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Desh Ki Beti Nandini 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 7th February 2014 Written Update

-Everyone taunts nandini except for rajveer for cooking middle class food,GD tells nandini to give up but rajveer supports her.

-Rajveer tells nandini to serve food and nandini is happy,dadisa is happy with this.

-Nandini seves food and rajveer praises nandini,so does nandinis sis in law,GD is unhappy with this,dadisa orders nandini to cook food for her from now onwards

-GD is determined on not letting nandini win.Chachi and uttara bhabhi is super hungry and finding ways to have dinner,chachi suggest to eat at five star but uttara bhabhi doesnt agree as photos will be taken.

-Bhabhi suggest to have cookies but finds it empty,uttara apologies and chachi tells her to bring food from the fridge,she takes out nandinis food,chachi tells uttara to

see whether the food is good or bad and then put nandini down.

-Uttara and Chachi eats and indirectly praises nandinis food.Nxt morning,nandini comes in the kitchen to find it messy and wonders,while uttara and chachi comes in and taunt nandini about breakfast,and tells nandini to call the chef but nandini tels he has gone out.

-uttara and chachi ask nandini what happen and nandini tells them about yesterdays
food,Uttara and chachi tells nandini kitchen is under your control,she tells maybe the servant must have eaten ,nandini denies and tells them after the servant ate she put in the fridge,uttara and chachi shocked

-Nandini leaves while uttara and chachi vomit,nandini sees this and smiles,In the room nandini talks on the phone for a music teacher and rajveer asks her,she replies the teacher is for him,GD comes and is upset,rajveer thanks nandini and GD fumes.

-Nandini tells rajveer to go to teachers house and learn but GD refuses and nandini gives her lecture which Gd dislikes,rajveer supports nandini and nandini tells him to get ready.Nandini tells Rajveer she will play chess as she has learn how to defeat,GD gives evil look

-Nandini and GD playy chess,and GD tells i never lose in this game,nandini taunts her to start the game as she always love playing games,GD tells her you are very confident,The game starts and GD defeats nandini the first round,Nandini tells GD she has won in sending rajveer to music classes,but GD says rajveer will lose.

-GD tells nandini you will leaves this mansion forever soon.GD and Nandini taunt each other on who will win the challenge through chess,the game is interupted by a servant who calls nandini for some kitchen work,GD taunts nandini and nandini tells the game isnt over yet and leaves.GD says u dont know who are you playing with and screen stops at GD’s face

Precap: GD tells uttara and chachi create problems for nandini to lose,Uttara and chachi agrees,while nandini is worried on having less money.

Update Credit to: jacinta 91

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