Desh Ki Beti Nandini 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Desh Ki Beti Nandini 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 3rd February 2014 Written Update

Episode begins with Nandini showing the admit card of music competition to RV. RV smiles n is surprised that she enrolled on his behalf. She asks him to participate. He denies saying he cant let his mother down n he needs to focus on politics. She tries to argue but shushes her n says thanks. She asks him to play for her, just once… he does so. She records it on his phone n shows it to him. She says see how happy you are while playing, music is ur soul. Don’t let it go away from u. she boosts his confidence. He smiles n agrees to take part in competition. But says Par Maa…

They both go to ask for GD’s permission regarding the contest. GD is reading chanakya neeti in her room. RV shows his admit card n says Nandini enrolled.. GD says you cant say no to ur

wife, but you’ll say no to me? She taunts Nandini. RV denies saying its his wish too. GD agrees. RV hugs her n leaves for practising!
GD- Nandini talk after that. GD says- RV will fail, becuz without preparation one can never win. Nandini says one who is born to do a task will succeed even without practise. GD challenges that if RV fails she would ask him to detach himself from music. Nandini too says if RV won, she should never detach him from music. Both agree..
Nandini arranges Piano on the terrace n prepares a schedule for his practise. RV comes. She recites his schedule n RV smiles admiring her. He thanks her for what she has done. His mobile buzzes n she snatches it saying you will only focus on practise, put ur mobi on silent mode. He says yes teacher. Just then There’s a call from GD for RV.

Nandini goes to meet GD in lawn… says RV is busy practising. GD taunts her. Abhay reaches there after she leaves. He informs GD about the competition being worldwide one. GD is happy that RV will fail. Abhay says.. if RV practises this way he will win! GD devises plan to keep away from practise. She says she’s feverish n caught cold.. n smiles evilly. Abhay nods.
Nxt day. RV, Nandini leave rehearsing n go to see GD who’s sick. RV tries to call a doc. But GD stops him. Says I’m fine! Go practise! Dadi comes n gets to know about the competition. RV says its Nandini who enrolled him. Dadi is happy, asks him to practise. He denies saying he’ll practise when she’s fine. Nandini agrees…

Precap: Nandini says Maa is sad that u cant practise when she’s ill but wants you to practise.. right? GD nods. Nandini says ok you will practise here before your Mum n gets the piano. GD is stunned!

Update Credit to: Priyam

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