Desh Ki Beti Nandini 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Desh Ki Beti Nandini 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 31st October 2013 Written Update

Gayatri D, Suryaman, Akansha, Rajvir and Abhay in conference room, Abhay starts off his presentation by explaining how Rajvir’s D block visit isn”t a fail either as publicity is publicity whether its positive or negative. Gayatri D interrupts saying she doesn’t want any negative publicity for her son. Abhay promises her only positive things will happen now, he explains how Rajvir’s D block visit has gathered attention in media and social networking sites, he further says 80% of the media have been covering his Visit and 60 % ofpeople in social media wants to know how did Rajvir reach D block while 60 & of people wants to know what did he do there. He says Rajvir has become the talk of the town leading Rajvit to connect with common man and that’s what they

wanted. Then he comes to his point regarding Panday family, photos showing Panday family working on the road are being shown. Abhay says they can rectify Rajvir’s fault regarding his visit to D block by connecting with Panday family, he introduces Mr Ashok Panday a common retired man who has been waiting to get his pension its been five years.

Meanwhile Panday Ji in pension office, the officer says his file is almost done but he needs a favour from Mr Panday. He says he wants Panday ji to talk to Ranjvir regarding a contract and get it for his son. Panday ji replies they don’t have any connection with Rajvir and asks him if they have, wouldn’t they go to Rajvir directly to get his pension? The officer gets hyper, asks him whether he is accusing him of not doing his work, tells him to do his work and he will get his pension when everything is done. Mishra Ji can’t take it anymore, yells at the officer being irresponsible and not doing his work despite being government officer.

Back to conference room at Raghuvanshi mansion, Abhay continues with his presentation. He says there is one person is Panday family who doesn’t have any problem but the person is the solution to each and every issues rising there, and its is NANDINI. Ranjvir who recognises Nandini is confused. Abhay further says nandini’s decision is whole D block’s decision and no one go against her. He concludes by saying if they win Nandini’s trust , they will gain the whole D block people’s trust.

In Nandini’s office, her boss gives her a file that contains information regarding PRP political events which Nandini will have to work for.

Back to Raghuvanshi mansion, Gayatri D asks what is D colony’s common problem ? to which Abhay replies ‘ Road ‘ and the issue has been temporary solved by Nandini. Gayatri D says they will get the road work done and will inform media that it has been done by Rajvir not Nandini. Abhay agrees , says he will go to D block along with Rajvir. Rajvir suddenly gets up saying thet he doesn’t want to go to D block as he isn’t in favour of experiencing again the incident happened there, saying this he goes away.

Nandini and his colleague ( the guy who calls her DIdi ) in cafeteria, he has brought a Chinese dish for her,she tastes it Nandini wants its recipe as she wanst to makes it for her sister Ritu.

Raghuvanshi mansion, Rajvir working out, Gayatri comes and gives him a long lecture on how he is broking his promise by not agreeing for D block visit. Rajvir replies that he doesn’t want to make falsi promises to people and he is not fit in these kind of political strategies. Gayatri takes him with her to the main hall where Ambika Raghuvanshi ( Rajvir’s Daadi ) is praying, she asks infront of them that since Rajvir has returned to Indian their family name is being laughed at. She further asks her MIL whether any member from their family has ever broke their promises? To which Ambika Ji answers No and tells Rajvir that he shoudnt have promised to his mother and since he did , he shouldn’t break it. Rajvir agrees to be involved in coming political events; Gayatri D shows a victorious smile.

Suryaman jI and Abhay preparing Rajvir for next day event, some party members are taking his photos continually while Surjaman ji is questioning him without giving him a chance to answer, Rajvir asks them to stop and asks them to give him time to respond. Both Suryaman ji and Abhay gives him tips on how to handle media and how to be in their desirable list, Suryaman ji tells rajvir that tomorrow he will have to explain his sudden exit from D block and ask him to tell that he exit because he went emotional seeing the condition in which they were living.

Later, Rajvir plays piano, then reads the report ( of Panday family and D colony) given by Abhay, meanwhile Nandini takes not of PRP party members including Rajvir. Abhay calls Rajvir and remember him about Nandini being the same girl who returned his watch back. Rajvir says that he coudnt recognize her otherwise he would have thanked her. A slow romantic BG plays as Rajvir and Nandini starts at each other’s photo.

Pre-cap : Abhay and Rajvir in D colony, Abha tells D colony people that Rajvir wanted to get the road work done by their own PRP party fund. Nandni says before you start the work I would like to ask Rajvir Ji a question , she asks him ‘ you are doing our road work but what do want in return from D block people” Abhay and Rajvir are taken back by her question.

Update Credit to: Roshani

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