Desh Ki Beti Nandini 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Desh Ki Beti Nandini 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 30th October 2013 Written Update

Colony residents fill the pits using mud. The mud was enough to get 50% work done. Secretary and other residents bash nandini for her idea and contributing money. They are concerned that they will have to contribute more money and time. Mishraji defend nandini. She apologizes now her mom bashes her. She asks some time and goes away from there on her chal meri scooty.
Suryman reports GD that abhay is no where to find and MIA, Aakansha in support of suryamaan bad mouth about abhay’s unprofessional attitude. GD is disappointed. SOme where Abhay is getting briefed about D block, nandini and her family. He hears lots of praises and + ve attitude about her.

The day has ended and nandini is no where close to come back to colony where all are waiting for more mud.

The bashers start bashing nandini, when she comes with a truck of mud. She gets it from comstruction site for free. Now the praising nandini and apology session starts.

Next day every one in nandini’s house busy with regular routine. Sidharth is on phone hears something and gets mad. He does not want to go for interview as there is no fair selection. His father suggests him to take start up job, he is furious, nandini supports her bro, encourages him, he still does not want to go. His father shows him the filled pit and tells get inspiration from his sister. Finally sidhaart agrees to go for interview.

Abhay comes to rajvir apologizes for D block plan failure and tells him to get ready for next presentation as hurdles in the life are mile stone. Rajvir likes his confidence
Nandini – sidhart on her scooty to intrview place. she gives him lecture about how he needs to be honest upfront etc. Some one going in the car throw water bottle on the road. nandini picks it goes to gentleman and politely asks him to keep city clean. Guy apologizes. ( haila If I do this banda mujhe paagal bolega)

GD wants to cancel meeting but on surybhan insists decides to shifts in the evening. Surymaan-akkansha want new strategy manager, but GD has faith in abhay, when she is saying about her trust on him, he walks in saying thank you and apologizes for being late. he also tells that he was busy researching some thing, that he wants to show, so let’s meet in conference room in 5 mnts and RV is joining too. Screen freezes on GD’s face

Abhay shows nandi’s putting mud to fill the gap slide and says if we want to win D block people then we need to win nandini’s trust

Update Credit to: md410

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