Desh Ki Beti Nandini 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Desh Ki Beti Nandini 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 29th October 2013 Written Update

Gayatri devi confronts abhay.. Its first public appearance of Rajveer will b the impression in people mind.. How could the perfect plan of abhay’s turn blunder. only one month time left rajeveer to be PM. The beginning of the whole plan turned like this..
(is it so easy???? guys??? lets all have a trial with the help of nandini creative team).

Abhay defends himself that.. there is no fault in his research and plan.. even the execution part was perfect. To make rajveer mingle with common people, there is no better plan than this.
Suryamaan ji interferes saying… its perfect plan. and starts to criticizing abhay saying… WITHOUT any imperfection our owner has become joke infront of public?? this is not kabaddi or kho kho game.. Its rajneeti .. (waaw

suryamaan ji atleast you have realized ). Lose the first round and score 2nd & 3rd rounds and win the game. One small mistake can ruin next 5 years..
Gayatri devi is so irritated.. orders to abhay “PRP’s only hope is rajveer. rajveers has to bcome star to common people”
suryaman tries to low abhay and says.. “rome wasn’t built in a day… arrangeemnts and plan should be the best.”

abhay interferes and with high tone “everything is perfect..”
with low tone “Maam , next time this mistake will not repeat. I will b back to you with new plan”
Gayatri devi ” You have to abhay, cz this time whole responsibility will be shared” and tunrs towards suryaman “now onwards please look after everything. Give me every minute report” then turns towards abhay “every step should b taken very carefully that too after suryamaan ji’s approval”
abhay is so displeased with gayatri devi’s words. Suryaman grins at abhay.
Gayatri devi asks abhay a proper explanation for the things happened.
Abhay turns speechless for gayatri devi’s ultimatimum.

New Entries
oPPOSItion political leader (sorry guyz didn’t follow last 3 episodes, so no idea whether he is shown frst time or not) @ his home watching in television the clip of rajveer’s frist public meet .. criticzing gayatri devi and rajveer and laughts loudly. Meantime New entry the oldman’s(please tell me his role name if any one knows) son enters into scene stepping down from back side of old man.. says “Papa”
Old man calls him “sushant beta”
Both son and father happy with the failure of rajveer in his first attempt of political campaign.
Sushant’s mother comes and shouts at him.. not to ttalk about his aunt like this and not to forget that rajveer is cousin. and you have blood relation.
(So opponents are not from outside infact frm gayatri devi’s family itself)..
The old man stops her “Sumitra” he signs all servants to leave the place. and gives a speech about Rishtey / relations. and also says… he has suggested gayatri devi many times that rajveer is so young to enter into politics.. Give him proper time to understand about politics and support me. But she didn’t listen to me. If she has listened now PRP would hav been ruling the country and I would hv become the CM. Now what happened and I didn’t lose anything.. I have left PRP along with my MLA”s and now have joined into Deen Kalyan party. and I have got respect as well Minister post.
Now due to rajveer , raghuvanshi khandaan has been fooled infront of camera. Meantime reports voice over about rajveer’s first public interaction .

@Nandini home
Ritu, PANdey ji and Nandini’s mother watching Tv and happy to see themselves in tv chanell. Nandini and siddharth watching at TV smiliningly. Nandini’s mother is disappointed that their interview has come only once that too for short time.
Pandey ji consoles her saying.. atleast once it has come… something is better than nothing.. Again a sweet home fight between ritu and mother about ritu’s wish of new hair cut. Siddharth leaves place as he has to prepare for interview.
Meantime someone knocks door calling Nandini… He comes inside and they start talking about repair work of colony bad roads..
Nandini says , ” I have called you here to talk about the mud lorry to repair the bad roads in our colony”
the colony person “I have cancelled the load”
Nandini mother says “when rajveer promised that he will look after our issue, why should we spend from our own pockets”
nadini tries to convince the colony man ” already we were cheated in this issue once.. Why should we trust rajveer words blindly and how can we know the purpose of his arrival to our colony. Why should we depend on others for our needs.
Pandey ji interfers ” Naindi is correct. we should rectify our destiny with our own hands”
Nandini says happily “tomorrow the mud loaded truck will come and we all together repair the road”
The colony man says so firmly that he has cancelled the truck. I am the secretary of the colony.
Nandini is so disappointed.

GD Mansion.
” Dadiji giving arti all members are beside her
Akanksha trying to call abhay..
Gd asks whether Abhay picked up call. Akanksha informs that abhay’s phone is switched off and says even she tried to call landline there also abhay didn’t pick the call.
GD says to inform suryamanji to meet immediately.

@ Nandini colony,
Mud loaded truck comes inside colony.. All colony members are there.
Secreteraty comes so hurrily and shouts at… why did u bring the mud when we have cancelled it.
All colony people starts to defend and nandini that all r ready for road repairing work. Finally secretary accepts… Nandini says, “now we shal start our work” and takes a tool . But no one comes to front.. Few ladies shown not so interested in nandini’s words and in the team work also.
Nandini says so pleasantly “Ok no issues.. I will start work.. who ever wants to take rest then can leave to home”
Our future leader… starts working alone knots her dupatta and all set get ready for the mission “Road Repair”. Its pandey ji turn to join Nandini. Slowly one by one joins into team.
An unknwn lady (face not shown) secretly taking pics of Nandini while working and with her family.

Precap: Suryaman informs GD that abhay is not available at home. Abhay said big big words, now he is not available. its better to choose a new advisor.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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