Desh Ki Beti Nandini 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 28th March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts where it ended Nandini saves RV they fell down… there eyelock… (BG song o.. re piya) Nandini realize everyone looking at them.. she gets up and goes… RV waiting For Nandini to turn back his selftalk Nandini turn back atleast this time… and Nandini turn her face back… RV happy and in excitement he says YES loudly everyone looks at him.. he feels embarrassed and announce lunch break

everyone having lunch RV Not eating Nandini sees that and brings food for him and ask him to have lunch… RV says his hands are dirty and he don’t even have sanitizer.. Nandini ask him to wash hands with water but RV denies… Nandini feed him with her hands… RV eats and ask Nandini to eat also Nandini says that she will eat later after him…Smile on RV’s face


and Abhay in car going somewhere… GD on phone takking to doctor and asking him about Ambika’s health and check up… Doctor says Ambika didn’t came for any check up… GD confuse… she ask driver that where did Ambika went that day… Driver take them to “D” block… at mishra house.. GD thinks why Ambika came at mishra ji’s house …

inside mishra house RV and Mishra ji talking about temple incident.. GD hearing there talk and she enter inside house RV shocked to see GD and Abhay… GD ask RV why Ambika and he lied to her and what he doing here.. RV says he is here to bring Nandini back to Raghuvanshi mansion… GD says how can he live at this place it doesn’t suits his status and ask him to come with her at home… RV says he will not go anywhere till Nandini comes with him… GD says he is wasting his time behind Nandini… and he should concentrate on elections… RV says that He loves Nandini… and nothing is important for him then her he will win back her trust and love

RV ask GD’s blessings but GD denies and leave from there… outside house Abhay ask GD that why she leaving without RV… he says RV become Romeo in love and they should keep RV and Nandini stay away from each other… GD confuse but Abhay says that he don’t want GD to loose… GD at pandey house she blame Nandini for Whatever RV doing… Nandini says that she never told RV to do all this in fact she asked RV to leave from here… GD still bad mouting Nandini… Pandey ji gets angry hearing GD’s words and says how can she talk Nandini like that.. he says that Nandini is there pride and he will not allow anyone to talk to her like that (good one pandey ji)

RV comes there And tells GD that whatever he doing is his own wish no one force him and Nandini and Pandey family not responsible for that… GD angry and RV ask her to leav … Abhay and GD leaves… RV says sorry to pandey family for GD’s behavior…

at Raghuvanshi mansion GD ask dadisa why she lied to her about RV and says RV is not Used to live life in such middle class way still she allowed him to go there… dadisa replies that She d’t want GD to interfere between Nandini and RV… and dadisa also says she should be happy that her son doing such nice work and she tells her how RV saveing temple.. GD ask eveyone not to talk about this matter to media…

at temple repairing work going on RV’s injury on hand paining Nandini seer that.. at Raghuvanshi mansion Uttara ask Rajas if she leaves house like Nandini will he will woo back her the way RV doing for Nandini .. Rajas replies that Nandini and RV are like Heer-Ranjha… Laila-Majnu etc… who can give there life for each other… and can she give her life for him… Uttara replies that she already gave her heart to him and don’t want to burden him by giving her life at mishra ji’s house mishra ji applying medicine on RV’s hand but medicine is over so mishra ji goes to chemist shop.. RV in pain Nandini comes and apply medicine RV doesn’t know its Nandini… when he sees he get surprised and big smile on RV’s face

Episode ends..

PRECAP :- At temple RV fighting with goons..

Update Credit to: Divya

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