Desh Ki Beti Nandini 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 27th March 2014 Written Update

Mishra ji promises to repair the temple so that the authorities don’t destroy it. He gets five days time. Everyone thanks mishra ji for his concern about the temple and claps for him. Mishra ji says all this is possible only because of one person who convinced and pushed him to take up this responsiblity. Nandini asks who is it. Mishra ji says who else..than our hero Rajveer!! RV imforms that he didnt come forward so that media doesnt make a breaking news about him staying here.. He asks for everyone’s help and affirms that he can do the work.. as he studied in architect..everyone agrees and goes to start the preparations. Nandini tells RV not to promise something big to the villagers jsut to impress her as if he fails, they will be hurt.. And it doesnt mean that

he knows great things about architechture if he studied till college level. RV assures her that he will be able to do it..and asks her to support him as same as during the music competition. Nandini leaves.

Abhay is looking for a file and can’t find it. He sees the project pandey file and feels guilty what he did with nandini. Dadisa is rushing to go meet RV..but GD stops her.. She asks her where is she going. Dadisa lies saying that she has an appointment to the doctor as she needs to do some tests during her old days. Dadisa leaves..but GD finds it weird and confusing. RV is cutting onions..and his eyes had tears,. Someone knocks at the door and he is happy to find his dadi. She hugs RV and is shocked to see him not taking care of himself. She asks him to come back to raghuvanshi mansion. RV assures her that he will only come back with nandini. Dadisa asks if nandini’s anger got calm down. RV says little by little. Now that she knows that RV is living with an old man’s blessings as well, she has nothing to worry about. She gives gajar ka halwa to RV..She leaves. RV waves bye to dadisa. He brings the gajar ka halwa to nandini but she refused to take it as she means nothing to him. RV tries to explain that he is really sorry for his mistake and…that he loves her..nandini closes the door on his face and warns her family not to open the door or else she will leave the house. RV is sad.

Pandey ji breaks a coconut and everyone is ready to start working. Nandini keeps an eye on what RV is doing and tries to fulfill his every single needs anonymously. RV was placing blocks when something was about to fall on him. Nandini notices it and saves RV.. She falls on him and they look lovingly at each other.

Episode ends!!

Update Credit to: PerfectLove

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